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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sick Human

Bean get sick yesterday and have to go to vet today. I think "Better her than me," but then I think that mean.

Bean does lots of things for Meow. She get food and make sure I have plenty to eat and she gets treats for meow too. She gives meow fresh water, although sometimes I'd rather it sit around a while. I do not like water fresh from the tap, it taste funny.

She get catnip for meow and toys. She play with meow, with catnip and toys. She pets meow and grooms meow and takes stickers and things from my fur when they get stuck in there. She put special things in my fur so I do not get fleas and other pests in it and flies to not bit meow.

She clean my catbox for meow and put in fresh litter and take out dirty poop. She open and close door and let meow outside and bring meow in, although not always when I want, but usually does a pretty good job of it.

When there are bigger animals in the area that threaten meow, she keeps me safe. She read to meow and she let meow watch TV and she help meow with internet and blogging.

So she is good bean and take really good care of Meow. So then I feel bad that she is sick because I think maybe I not taking such good care of her.

When I get sick, I go to Cat Hospital. It special vet, just for cats, no dogs or rabbits or other animals. I like this because when I not feeling good, the big dogs in the vets office can be scarey.

When she get sick, to goes to see Human vet that she call "IMA". Today though she say he have to go to "Clinic" because IMA is "booked", whatever that mean. (I listen in to conversation when she call into work.) But she get medicine to take and comes home.

I nap with her. I also give her good kneeding, because this is good for human's health. And her head hurt her, so I put my nose in her ear and purr, as this makes it feel better. I sleep on her too, so she knows I care about her and want her to get better.

All Cats who read this, take special care of your humans today. Give them good kneeding so they do not get sick. Soon my bean will be well. I will take especial good care of her until she is feeling better.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bookish Cats

Bean go to bookstore run by cats this weekend. It called One for the Books on Del Prado Blvd. I suppose I could walk there, but it would be really long walk.

Abby used to run bookstore. She was tailess cat with lots of tales. He!He! Now her protogee, an orange marmalade tabby many-toed Hemming-cat runs store. I forget cat's name.

This is best bookstore in Florida. It carries and old books on cat and dog beans and on many other subjects as well. Old books - called used books because some one read them before - are much less expensive than new books. I don't see what diffrence it makes, as the words and pictures are still there even though someone else read them first.

It also carries rare and antiquated books and they are book-finders for Beans that are looking for hard to get books. They import from overseas as well. Bean has come home with many good books from this store.

This week we get Complete Book of the Cat which was published in 1984. It is a little out of date but it has some very good sections on colors and markings of cats, plus grooming and showing of cats. We also get book "Why Paint Cats?" which goes back to my post on Painted Cats.

There is picture in it of Puuuuuurrrrrsian getting painted and it is just sitting there, calmly offering paw for painting. So is real Sarah, not photo-shopped.

It says there is also a massage technique used by Japanese Noh Theater to get cats ready to be painted. Cats that work in theater will not wear masks, so they're costumes must be painted on.

It is interesting book, but I will talke more about painting of cats later.

What Bean said was of interest at the store is the number of books on the training of cats. Cats meanwhile, have never needed books to train humans. We do very good job of training humans without help of books. Which only shows, cats are superior species.

Bean wants go back to bookstore for two more books The Silent Mieow and a book on Kliban Calendar Cats. These are both used books, but she says she will have to wait until after Wednesday, which is payday for her. She still has not purchased me Catser-plus and she did promise.

We also not take pictures yet, and she promise that too. She did set up website for me, but now I need to find time to work on it. Hard to do between sleeping, eating, sleeping, hunting and sleeping.

One for the Books
3810 Del Prado Blvd S,
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Phone: (239)540-2665
Fax: (239)540-2307

This is store that also did adoptions of Hemming-cats last summer. It is good that they are so feline minded!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Humans and Kittens

If I live to be 20 and use up all of my nine lives, I will still not understand humans.

Last night, Bean says we are going to take pictures. She promise not to use flash, it hurts my eyes. So okay, we take pictures for website and for Pikapet cat contest. She take picture of Meow on chair. Then she decide light in room is not good enough for pictures.

"We'll have to go in the other room," she says.

So okay, Diamond Cat goes into other room and waits. And waits. And waits. And waits. Where is human? I go back in bedroom. Human is reading book. So much for taking pictures! Maybe she meant we do them in other room another day, but that not what she says.

What can Cat do?

If Bean tries to tell you that she try to take Diamond's picture and Diamond did not co-operate, do not believe her. I tell you truth and now you know better.

I would like to take pictures this afternoon. Make note of this Bean. And do not try to sneak off to this spring training. You go every year and you never learn to jump any higher. You want to learn to jump, Diamond will stick her claws in you, you'll jump really high then.

On a side note, I know that one must try to be tolerant of kittens. They do not know what they do sometimes and sometimes they try to fit in and they don't. It the same with human-kittens. Diamond does not know if she should tolerate them though or correct them when they are wrong. If she does not correct them how will they learn? Same with Cat-Kittens. But then you correct them and they get upset and mad and do not want to play anymore. It is a puzzle.

For example, Kitten put down that Necco is Egyptian Mau. Diamond look in Cat Encyclopia and think Necco is Tabby and White Domestic Shorthair. Diamond is Solid Domestic Shorthair. Nothing wrong with being Domestic Shorthair. Oldest breed of Cat in the whole world.

Egyptian Mau is more oriental looking, like Abyssinian and has either all solid coat or comes in spotted tabby pattern with no white. So does Diamond put this on Necco page and probably hurt feelings of Kitten, or does Diamond let it go? Diamond thinks she might start writing post about breeds for breed forum, which will be instructional and maybe kitten will take the hint.

Then again, Kittens can be unusually block-headed. Then again, if you are not nice to kittens they could blow up city.

Kittens blow up city

Diamond thinks she shall eat some salmon treats while she ponders this situation.

Friday, February 23, 2007

February 27 is Spay Day

Bean pick me up this morning and says "There's nothing better than an armful of tabby in the morning."

"Then why you pick me up?" I whine.

"Unless it's an armful of black cat."

Oh sure. It beautiful day out, she say. Go catch birds, she say. This after she put human germs all over my nice clean fur.

I would catch Bean, but then who would open cat food can for me? Terrible to have to rely on human for door and can opening. I think Cats were better off before we tame humans.

Anyway, she wants I should remind everyone February 27 is Spay Day USA, and Humane Society of the United States is partnering with local groups to get tens of thousands of Cat and dog beans spayed and neutered.

This year, the HSUS is thrilled to offer fun and easy ways to get involved with Spay Day USA events throughout the country. Last year, 29,000 cats, dogs, and other animals were reported spayed or neutered at these events. To find out how you can get involved visit

I am spay. So is human. More humans should be spay so there not be so many of them in the world to annoy sleeping Cat in the morning.

Funny Pictures

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Once you try black...

There are many myths regarding Black Cats, but most of the ones in America are bad. A Black Cat crosses your path and you will have bad luck. Trust me, if I cross your path you will no worse luck than if a tabby crossed your path and in most cases, you would have better luck because you would get to meet Meow. And there is only one of Meow in the whole world so if you do not meet Meow, then that is your problem and your world will be a much sadder place.

Witches use Black Cats. My bean is not a witch. If she was a witch, she could use magic to wisk me up into the air to catch birds. This does not happen. I must climb trees. Therefore she is no witch.

Black Cats are the devil's creatures. Now that is just plain silly. You see angelic expression on my face and you would know I am no devil. This one come about, I think, from Christians, who think that anyone who not worship their own God must be worshipping devil.

Got news for you. Cats got their own God...Godess really. Oagans-Bast, who we call Bast, was mostly widely known in Egypt in the Twenty-Second Dynasty and was the official deity of Egypt. The Black Cat, not the Siamese, as many think, was the cat sacred to Bast and having a black cat in your home was sure to bring the blessings of the Godess there, granting you riches and prosperity. If nothing else, the cats ate the rodents that were eating your grain, so you probably were a bit more richer and prosperous. Hah!

In England it was believed that if you had black cat in the house, the young ladies of the house would not lack for suitors. Of course if they did, they would not lack for love, because you would have black cat to love you. We love very well.

Black Cat loved Charles I of England and was fiercely loyal and protective of his royal person. When the cat fell ill and died, Charles luck ran out. He was arrested for high treason and ultimately he was put to death.

Black kittens fetched high prices in the Yorkshires, as it was believed a black cat would bring fisherman home safely from the seas. Much catnapping occurred, as cats were stolen to be sold to highest bidder, usually the family of the fisherman. Black Cats also prevented disasters at seas, unless you threw one overboard, then you were just begging for trouble. (This is a good reason to share your life with a black cat if you live in Florida and own a boat!)

In many parts of Europe, a black cat crossing your path meant very good fortune. (Of course, you have the good fortune of making the acquaintance of the Black Cat.) If one walked into your house or home, you were truly blessed. (Of course, black cat ate rats and mice, making it a safe and happy home.)

Not all superstitions regarding cat were least not to the cat. In Sumatra, villages that needed rain would throw black cat into the river and make it swim until almost exhausted before allowing it out of water. Then they would chase cat while throwing water on cat and themselves. This was supposed to bring rain. I don't know if it do that, but it certainly waste water, and bring blood when black cat scratch people that are treating it this way.

If you can find a white hair on an all black cat the white hair would bring you luck. This is kind of easy on me, as I have a couple of white spots. In Scottland, a strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity. Especially if cat move in, then you will have the great honor of sharing your living space with a wonderful and talented feline-bean.

If a black cat sneezes near a bride on her wedding day, she will have a happily married life. You might want to keep the cat too, and feed him well. Putting him or her in an empty cradle will grant a couple their wish for children.

Bast was also a Godess of love and fertility and black cats and fertility myths run through several cultures including Scandiavia, where it was a symbol of fertility, and in Hindu, where it was a symbol for childbirth.

Dreaming of different kinds of cat often mean different things, but dreaming of black cats is considered just plain lucky.

There is many more good myths about black cats. In Japan, for example, it is believed a black cat can lead you to treasure.

Black cats became unpopular in the middle ages with the whole witchcraft thing. Thank you Catholic church. Some bird-loving bishop not like cats or something. This ill-feeling toward black cats continues to modern days. While it is unfortunate that black cats are often maligned during the Halloween Season as being spooky, it doesn't bother me. After all, it makes coming up with a Halloween Costume very easy.

(Of course, Human-Beans got the whole idea of Halloween screwed up in the first place, but what can you do? They are just pitiful Humans. Just as they got the whole black cat crossing your path thing mixed up.)

Anyway, my point is, do not believe all the modern day hype about black cats. Black cats are the best cats. You could do much, much worse than having a black cat share your life with you. If you are looking for a cat, consider adopting a black one from your local shelter. You will get a lovely and loving, engaging companion who will bring you rain when you need it, grant you happy marriage, many children, lead you to treasure and keep your boat safe in a storm, for we are the sacred cats of Bast and you just can't go wrong with a Godess behind you!

If they not have any black cats...well, then you can get a tabby. I like tabbies. They are nice cats too.

Phantom Cat

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Traveling Cat

Let's get one thing straight before we start. I do not like to travel. I do not like cars and even my one trip to see the vet every year is a very tramatic experience for me.

Moving...I know now that was a good thing because we are happier now, but at the time, I wasn't really happy about that either. But I wanted to be with Bean, so I tried to tolerate it with a minimum amount of crapping and screaming.

But some pets have to travel places with their beans. There is a discussion on Pikapet about animals on airlines and how they are put in bag compartment to travel, which is not the best place to be. Now I find out that trains are out as an option to airlines.

Animals are not allowed on Amtrak trains unless they are service animals.

At one time, pets traveled by train in sleeping cars, parlor or baggage cars. Owners could visit their pets at station stops with the conductor's permission.

In 1977, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service issued new rules for transporting pets on trains. They included requirements for heating and air conditioning, and possibly providing water.

Amtrak determined that it would need to spend $13.8 million on baggage car and station changes to satisfy the new regulations, so it prohibited pets, according to the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

Pet carriage is a good idea, if it could be done legally, according to NARP. But at least one chance for that has come and gone.

According to NARP:

"In the early 1990s, Amtrak was looking at allowing pet carriage on the Auto Train when it got new bilevel equipment. The idea was to use an area in the lower level of certain coaches that had been designed as a baggage room, but which was accessible from within that coach and could conceivably have access to the water and ventilation system of that coach. That project was not carried through, and in the meantime the baggage room on that particular variety of coach has been converted to a separately ventilated smoking room on almost all Amtrak trains with such bilevel equipment."

There was an airline called Companion Air that ran in 2003 but is not right now active. I find them on the web at They seem to think they will start up again if there is interest for this service.

If you are thinking of relocating to another country with your human, there is some information ont his available at, which is an Animal Transport Service.

This is really all I have to say on the subject of travel. If I really must go somewhere, I prefer to walk.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Painted Cats

These pictures are from a book called Famous Painted Cats. I'm not sure why anyone would want to paint a cat, but humans can be very strange creatures.

According to the book, some people pay as much as $15,000 for their cat to be painted, and the cats have to repainted every three months as their hair grows out. So...some people are wasting $60,000 to keep their cat painted.

This is just silly! Cats are such beautiful creatures that they don't need paint jobs to look outstanding! (Unlike some humans.)

No one has every painted me, and all I can say is...I am very happy for this. I would not want to be painted, no I would not.

I just think the money they spend on painting their cats would be better going to help homeless cats and kittens.

The Moon & the Stars
Scottish Cats
Pretty Colors
Domestic Wild Kitties
Clown Kitty
Fish Kitty
Black & White Babies

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cat Candy

I read about this in another Cat's blog but never have any...until today. Bean bring home from Pet Supermarket. It comes in a little tin and is called Pit'r Pat. DELICIOUS!!!!! I could eat whole box. I could eat more than whole box! It says "Freshens Breath". Bean says it smells terrible and doesn't know how it freshens breath but...

Made with real liver, comes in fun fish shapes.

Maybe Snarff, if you can't have Fancy Feast anymore you can have Cat Candy treats after grooming? I'm sure a few treats can't hurt you.

Find them online here.

There is also dog candy too, but I'm sure it's not as good.

I also get toys - feather sparkler and kitten mitten, and Nutro-Max Cat Salmon Flavored Treats.


And I get a comb. Not that I need to be combed, but I like to be combed. It feels good!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Stinky the rental cat bit my bean while she was playing with him. Sometimes I bite her too, but not hard enough to break the hide! She has tough hide anyway. I can't believe he did that!

Then agan, she is stupid and probably put her hand in front of his mouth. She like to pick up Stinky and Stinky do not like to be picked up. But she is the only one that Stinky will let pick him up. Very funny.

Stinky was an abandoned kitten that the girls found and took in and now he works with rental-bean Jessica at the rental office. He is very fat. Bean says they should put him on special food diet, but they say that costs too much money. Bean feeds me best food - Fancy Feast and Purina One - but I get lots of excersize too, so I do not get fat. I think Stinky works too much and does not get enough play time, that is his problem.

Bean says we will work on a website for me this afternoon. I guess that is if she does not freeze to death. It is very, very cold out.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dogs are Weird

Cape Dog Bakery will be hosting a Hawaiian Luau and Fashion Show for Canines tomorrow, despite it likely being the coldest day of the year.

Designer Monica Nanae Shigenaga, who owns cocojor Hawaii with specializes in Hawaiian doggie apparel and products is the special guest of honor for this event. Her doggie shirts run from baby-sized to 3XL. The designer also offers the Cocojor Zen Spa collection line, which offers all-natural spa products such as shampoo and conditioner made with fragences based on three different Hawaiian flower essences.

It's compaired to aromatherapy for pooches.

Activities planned include the Aloha shirt contest for dogs and humans as well as a pet/owner lookalike competition and a Barkini contest - open to dogs - which invites lady dogs to sport bikinis and the males to model in their Speedos.

Cocojor can be found on the Web at:

Husky Sunbathing

Needless to say I will be staying far, far away from Cape Dog Bakery tomorrow. And you'll never catch THIS cat in a bikini.

Cold Storage

My Bean writes:


This time, it was in the storage closet. Well, I did say I'd wish she'd stop leaving them where I walk. I have no idea how long it was there, but I'm quite certain I looked in that closet several times before I noticed it.

"How long has that been there?" She was curled up on a blanket on a chair. Except for the fact that her ear swivled, you'd have thought she was asleep. But that was all the response I got.

With it being as cold as it has, it could have been there for several days, but my guess is that it was a relatively fresh kill. I can't believe I'm THAT dense that I could have walked past it for several days, and not noticed it.

Later, she gets up to get something to drink. I snatch the water bowl away, clean it out and refill it.

"So when did you kill that one?" I ask again now that I have her attention.


She eyes me, then she eyes the water dish. "Merp?" she says hopefully.

Obviously, she does not wish to talk about this one.

"What were you doing? Storing it for a rainy day?" I consider the water falling outside. "Well, you certainly picked a good one."

Still, I tell her what a brave and wonderful cat I think she is. Later on, of course. Her ego is overblown as it is.

Needless to say she found better ways to reward herself.

I still think the rats in the area have got to be pretty stupid to come into a house that so must reek of cat.