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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Artwork and Shows

Going on the belief that even the smallest cat is a masterpiece, and that I was made by a Grand Master, Zoolatry has made me into an artwork!

Diamond's Lair
Diamond's Eyes

Last night I get new food - Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice crunch. Bean had give me Market Selects before she started pooring the new stuff into my feeder and at that point I suddenly just ignored the wet and started vacumming up the new stuff. Very good. I also get Mini-mice and feather butt mice. I almost forgive Bean for being being stupid.

But then she put Frontline in my furs and that did it. I hate that. Spent evening under bed. Best place to cat nap, they can't get at you with flashy box there.

Since she go to Pet Supermarket, she find out that the store on South Cleveland is doing vacinations on Sun., October 14 from 2:00 to 3:30 PM. Best not to go there, it will be packed. Unless you need vacine. You can find out more at

I also want to mention there are two cat shows in Florida in October, both on the 20th and 21st. The CFA and Cats Exclusive, Inc., is holding one in Fort Lauderdale at the War Memorial Auditorium. You can call Ray Cherrington at 904-269-5871 for more information. The auditorium is on 800 NE 8th St, and the show hours are from 9 am to 4 pm.

TICA and Florida Sun Cats presents a show in Green cover Springs at the Clay County Fairgrounds, 2497 State Rd. 16 West. Same hours as the other show. Call Laura Heineck at 706-374-4216 for more information.

I am not sending Bean to either. Last show she go to, she nearly come home with a kitten! I wanted toys, not brudder!

(And before anyone jump down my throat about how terrible cat shows are, go visit Cats Exclusive website and learn something. If they so terrible, I do not think no kill shelter would be sponsoring one.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Worn Out Wednesday

Tuesday is trash day. Bean come home from work and bin is laying on side by curb where trash man throw. "You could have brought it back up the house," she say to me.

I sit down regally in the driveway. "No." I say.

For one thing, trash bin 16 times bigger than I am. For another thing, I not a golden retriever to fetch and carry for her. And for last thing, my porch is flooded and I not get my paws all wet.

She starts pulling it up the driveway. "Must I do everything around here?"

"Yes." She is slave, that what slave for.

So then she come in and change furs and feed me. Fancy Feast, Chicken in Gravy. I like things with Gravy, I like to lick all the grave up first. Then I eat about half the chicken. She doing things in bedroom so I go find out what is going on in there. I am aghast!

Plush Brothers

Plush brothers have taken over my sleeping chair! Okay, I have not slept on chair in many months, every since sleeping carpet vanish, but that beside point. What happens if I want to sleep there again. One or two plush brothers I can push off, but ALL of them? I simply cannot believe this!

She doing her chores and I follow her from room to room to room, keeping eye on her. "Why are you following me?" she ask. I jump up on counter. She decides maybe I want crunch food and gets bag. Not much in there. Since she going to Pet Supermarket I point out I only have TWO feather-butt mouses left with feathers still in their butts and she should get me more. But I don't eat crunch foods, just keep watching her with unblinking gaze. "What?" she demands. "Oh, you're waiting for greenies!"

I swear, I get stupidest human in whole herd for slave. Not that I had any choice in matter, that just how it work out.

Day not total waste though. I go over to and sign up for Sweepstakes to win culinary adventure with celebrity chef Cat Cora, or one of over 1,800 other great prizes. I do not know if this is chef that makes Meow Mix Market Selects, but if it is, I must have talk with her. We can only get three varieties here and I want at least one for each day of week, and at least four fish ones. And no beef ones. I do not eat beef.

I also like their new website. It has fun and interesting facts on it. One of them is cats pulling Freya Goddess chariot, but they forget to mention that because of this, cats were almost hunted to extinction by humans before we had to use our power of bubonic plague to save the species. I blog about this before. It is because of this period of genocide and because of the one that come when Christians decide Black Cats are servants of Satan, that there are really not true black cats left. Almost all of use have white gene and therefore we have some white on us. Which then makes us Tuxedo Cats, does it not? So I go sign up for Tuxedo Gang Hideway.

So this lots of work for good cat-cat for one day. On top of that when she get done with her chores including the cleaning of the litter box, we play with mousies for a while. Then I REALLY worn out. So I must take nap.

Diamond sleeping

This is my impression of the way human sleeps. See how I have my head on pillow. She even puts her paws like that. I have seen her sleep many times. That is now how good cat-cat sleeps however.

Good Cat-Cat sleeping

This is how good cat-cat sleeps with feet up in air and tummy exposed! (See our new golden retriever fleecie. I hope it gets cold soon so I can cuddle up in new fleecie!)

It also seems there was some trouble with the flashy box. It take pictures okay, but it having problem with the video. She trying to take video of me exercising with mousies, but it keep getting stuck or something. I dunno. She said she having bad technology day anyway. Guess things not good with work computer. Oh well. Anyway, I not get video up, you will just have to wait!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Midnight Monday

Nip Me

I was sitting on nip mat this morning hoping that Bean would give me some nip. I am a real nip head sometimes. She know when I sit on nip mat, I want nip. However, she was getting ready to go to work and said she would nip me later. So now I unhappy panther until tonight when she come home.

In other news, the me-me went over really well on Pikapet. Many of the pets are doing it and everyone run around tagging other pets. So that is good because it gets to the pets to talking. Not many were doing updates. Petsplaces, on the other hand, delete my post. I guess they do not want pets talking. May disrupt things there. This now 4th post Petsplaces delete. I am now boycotting Petsplaces again, probably for another long time, not that they care. If I didn't like profile so much I would leave totally.

For those that worry bout me going outside, because I live as a wild kitty for a while, I very street smart. I know not to go by street when cars are on it and I will stop and not cross street if I see cars coming. Bean says I am the only cat she ever see, know how to cross street. I am also very careful with the other animals and generally don't confront unless it's like an amorous tom that just will not take the hint that I do not make kittens and leave me alone. Some of them, so pushy!

I get nip mat and nip from All kitties should get their Beans to buy them the good Canadian nip from and get them a nip-mat too. They are very reasonably priced and do quick shipping. I highly recommend.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

7-things Sunday Me-me

I get this Me-me from Forty Paws who just put out general tag and here are the guidelines.

The guidelines for this tag:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
4. Let those 7 people know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

The challenge is to keep it interesting without making the reader think “Um, too much information…”

1. My left eye is droppy because I take claw in cat fight that leave big rip, all the way down to my nose. Bean has to clean my eye cause it get gunkle all the time, the tear duct doesn't work right. I also have scar down my face and on my nose from same cat fight.

2. My favorite treats are Feline Greenies. I will knock Bean down to get at Greenies if I have to.

3. I'd rather go outside to use the litter box. I can dig and dig and dig that way. Not enough stuff to dig in the indoor litter box. Bean says I should start excavating business.

4. I like to watch TV. Bean not much of TV person, so I will go next door to neighbor's house and watch TV with him. I do not like auto racing shows though, much too noisy.

5. I like to sit on Bean and have her read to me. Book we read now has cat named Mmrrr in it. I like stories with cats in them.

6. I like to go visit the indoor kitties down the street and the doggie next door, but I do not like them coming here. I do not like having other animals in my territories. I do like going to walk along the cannel with the other outdoor cats though. Sometimes we go get fish treats when people bring their boats in from fishing.

7. I have followed Bean to work twice and I've walked all the way to the top of the street to the Dog Bakery. That is VERY long walk. Bean says maybe she will get me stroller and take me to art and craft fair this winter, which is too much walking for me.

I now tag Sarah, Trixie and Misty on Pikapet, Snipper Dude, Big Dog Bruno and Lots of Pets on Petsplaces and Murphy on Petster for this Me-me.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wet Weekend!

It seems it is going to be raining all weekend, so there is not much sense in going outside, I going to get all wet.

However, I win puppet for Bean from Pikapet and it come yesterday so we have puppet to play with today.

Labradore Puppet

We play with it last night too. It smell like plush brothers, but it MOve! It try to lick me! It also try to smell me! Very strange! Plush brothers don't usually move around unless you push them. However, they are best kind of fur syblings to have because the do not steal your food, use your litterbox, or take over the lap when you are not looking.

Puppet also come with special toy for me:




Go away, my box. Stop flashing camera in my eyes.

This almost makes up for the fact that Bean will not let me play with paper she is using to wrap present up for sister. She not like her sister, so I don't know why she buy her present, even if it is her birthday. I think she should buy me treats instead. Especially after I win her nice puppet.

I also win this nice bag with me on it for Bean from Pikapet:

Tote Bag

It hard work looking cute enough to win contests to win points to win auction to win prizes, so I think I deserve special treats for all this winning I do.

She has to go out in wet to go to post office and box office (is that where they sell boxes?) so hopefully she will stop at Pet Supermarket and bring me back something special for being such a good cat-cat.

Otherwise, I have just been hanging 'round Bean and supervising her work. Don't want her slacking off when she has things she need to do, like clean litter box.

I hope you all have good weekend. Don't get wet!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

T-13: Treats

Thirteen reasons to give me treats

13. I am cute and I am cuddly.

12. I do not smell as bad as the dog.

11. I wake you up in morning so you will get to work on time.

10. I kneed you when you not feel good and I kneed you when you do.

9. I am better than reality TV because I do not have commercial breaks.

8. Anything you feed me will not make you fat.

7. I will not break down on Daniels Parkway and leave your stranded for hour until triple-A gets there.

6. You will spend less on me in my lifetime than you will spend on your kids in one year.

5. I am honest, trustworthy and loyal.

4. I wil protect you from anything that is not bigger than I am, and sometimes from things that are bigger than I am.

3. I did not poop on the carpet.

2. I will always listen when you want to talk.

1. I may not like those toys you buy me, but nothing says "I love you" more than a treat.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tale Lashings...

Well needless to say, Bean felt the need to dress meow up for the festive occassion of Meow Like a Pirate Day. You may find more pictures of Meow dressed like a pirate in my Dress Up gallery. Being part pirate herself, she is of course very familier with Talk Like a Pirate Day, which she will sometimes do at other times during the year as well.

I take bribes

Cape Coral, where we live, has a history of pirating in the surrounding island waters, with Black Ceasar being active in the Pine Island, Marco Island, Elliot Key and Sanibel Island area back in the earlie 1800's. Bean already celebrate Pirate Night on her blog earlier this year. They also have annual Pirate festival which run for weekend sometime in February or March every year.

While most felines have an aversion to water, they do make great sailors. They are better for sea voyages than dogs, because they do not need to be walked. Felines have traveled the globe on ships, both current and in history and of course, there were those cats that became pirates as well.

Here is a brief run down of some of the more famous feline Pirates:

Blueboy - A Tonkanese that was known as the scourage of the carribean, rats would rather sink on a ship than jump onto Blueboy's. He so loved to play with his food. When he wasn't ratting, he was busy making kittens. Most cats in Carribean Islands can trace their roots back to this profilic Tom Cat.

Blackie Bart - This feline perhaps the most successful pirate of all time, with the capture of over 400 rats and over 50 pounds of loot.

Annie Boney - She stole a sloop and was just as apt as fighting rats as any tom. She especially liked to attach fishing vessels and steal their catches.

Merry Red - A friend of Annie Boney, she once fought a duel with a Tom that threatened her mate.

Calico Jacque - The queen was known more for her brightly colored coat and her numerous kittens than she was as a pirate. She got more of a reputation hanging around Merry Red and Annie Boney than she did on her own.

Basic Feline to Pirate Translator:

FelinePirateWhat it means
Meow!Avast!Stop and give attention. It can be used in a sense of surprise, "Whoa! Get a load of that!" which today makes it more of a "Check it out" or "No way!" or "Get off!"
Meow!Aye!"Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did."
Meow!Aye aye!"I'll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over."
Meow!Arrr!This one is often confused with arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. "Arrr!" can mean, variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this beer," "My team is going to win it all," "I saw that television show, it sucked!" and "That was a clever remark you or I just made." And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

Coming up next...Drink Blood like a Vampire night!

Undead Kitty

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meow like a Pirate Day

Tomorrow is Meow like a Pirate Day. I find this out on Cat Blogsphere which is place where you can go and have your blog re-purrr-ted so that other cats all over the world can read it. I'm afraid this means that Bean will want to dress me up tonight though so she can have pictures. Maybe I hide in my little tent, so she cannot do this. I hate it when she want to dress me up.

When she was little her grandmother have Chihuahua dog which always try to bite her and so she not like Chihuahua's much now. Later when she get older she find out dog not like her because she used to dress it up in doll clothes. That would expain it. I think her parents should have told her that was wrong though and not let her do it. But they think it cute. How stupid. I would hope she would know better but....Oh well.

In other exciting news, I get Bean to buy me Xanga premium so I can get rid of advertisements on my blog and so that I can have special module so I can add links and and stuff. Also, picture of Bean's old Bulldog - Samson - get featured as one of Xanga's photos of the day. That was nice and unexpected.

I also get Blogger account so that I can reply to the cats that blog on Blogger. I will not blog there, but I put my links to my blog and to my profile pags so that my cat furrrriends can find me. I hope that some of the felines that sign up for Xanga so they can leave me messages will do same thing, so I can find their blogs.

The little tail grabbers are gone but they leave me artwork, which I put up in Artworks album at Xanga. They leave me more colorings, but Bean has been hogging scanner. Puuurrrhaps I will get to put them up tonight. The trade off was that I would put the colorings on my blog if they would not try to include me in their arts projects. That way I not get glitter glue all over my furs!

Anyway, get ready to Meow like a Pirate tomorrow!

Monday, September 17, 2007


We have tornado yesterday but it not come here. Just the big lightning storm come here. The Tornado go up the river and then turned on Skyline Drive and went down there. 12 families - including some with pets - lost their homes because their condos got wrecked.

It flipped over four cars including a large work truck and knocked power out all over the city.

We did not loose power for very long. The lighting storm was bad enough though. Normally it do not bother me so much, but it was very close to house and there was lightnings all over. Bean had gone to laundrymat to wash her furs when it come and it was afraid she would get hurt. But she come home and was okay.

I like it better then Bean is here for the big storms so that I can protect here. Nasty tornado not get us when I around to chase it off!

I hope all the dogs and their peoples that lost their homes find places to stay.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


What do humans dream about, I wonder. Mine sleeps very restlessly. She twitches around and sometimes she vocalizes when she dreams. I wonder sometimes what she is dreaming about. I think she should be dreaming about giving me treats, but I don't think that's what it is. I don't see her paws making motions like she's opening the treat package. Gggggrrrrr....

I dream about being a Panther and stalking my prey through the jungle. I am a mighty hunter in the dark rain forrest and i catch monkeys to eat. I am the silent hunter and all the monkeys keep looking over their shoulders wondering when another of their kind will disappear and become my next meal.

I wonder what monkey taste like.

Sometimes I dream I am a lioness out on the savanah. I see this on TV. I dream I bring down a gazelle and I call to my mate, Snarff, and he comes and we eat the gazelle and then we roar and roar and all who hear us fear us.

I wonder what gazelle taste like.

I dream I am Tiger, and I lounge the temples in India and I am worshipped as a goddess and all the world is food for me. I am the biggest and most vicious Tiger ever seen and all come from all over to see me and bring me offerings of goat and sheep to appease me.

I wonder that goat taste like.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

4:45 AM

So Bean find me sleeping in bathroom at 2 AM and feel sorry for me and take me into bedroom. At 4:45 I get hungry, so I go kneed on human to wake her up to let me out of bedroom. She does not seem really happy with this.

She stumbles into kitchen with me. I ask for treats but she will not give me any because "I woke her up". How rude. I hungry! So I settle for dry food.

Then I ask to go outside. She say no to that too. I mean, what seems to be problem here? Why so crabby, so early in morning? Is that a way to start the day?

She goes back to bed, crabby tabby that she is. I mean....really! She get up on wrong side of mattress or what?

I tell you, good help is so hard to find these days.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


It has become fall in the bathroom. First the show curtain rod thing fall down and go boom. I was NOT climbing on it. I was not trying to jump on it or anything like that. I was in the other room when it fall down.

Then human fall in the shower and go boom. I have nothing to do with that also. I did not push. I do not think it safe to be in shower, or to use that "soap" stuff or even to stand on 2 feets in stead of 4 feets. Humans are very unsafe creatures. Happily she was not seriously injured, although parts of her coat matched mine for a few days.

Then picture fall of wall in bathroom and go boom. I have nothing to that with that either. I cannot reach picture and besides, I was outside when it happened. Glass all over. Very unsafe. Bean clean up.

I hope fall just stays in bathroom and does not migrate to the rest of the house.