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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Worn Out Wednesday

Tuesday is trash day. Bean come home from work and bin is laying on side by curb where trash man throw. "You could have brought it back up the house," she say to me.

I sit down regally in the driveway. "No." I say.

For one thing, trash bin 16 times bigger than I am. For another thing, I not a golden retriever to fetch and carry for her. And for last thing, my porch is flooded and I not get my paws all wet.

She starts pulling it up the driveway. "Must I do everything around here?"

"Yes." She is slave, that what slave for.

So then she come in and change furs and feed me. Fancy Feast, Chicken in Gravy. I like things with Gravy, I like to lick all the grave up first. Then I eat about half the chicken. She doing things in bedroom so I go find out what is going on in there. I am aghast!

Plush Brothers

Plush brothers have taken over my sleeping chair! Okay, I have not slept on chair in many months, every since sleeping carpet vanish, but that beside point. What happens if I want to sleep there again. One or two plush brothers I can push off, but ALL of them? I simply cannot believe this!

She doing her chores and I follow her from room to room to room, keeping eye on her. "Why are you following me?" she ask. I jump up on counter. She decides maybe I want crunch food and gets bag. Not much in there. Since she going to Pet Supermarket I point out I only have TWO feather-butt mouses left with feathers still in their butts and she should get me more. But I don't eat crunch foods, just keep watching her with unblinking gaze. "What?" she demands. "Oh, you're waiting for greenies!"

I swear, I get stupidest human in whole herd for slave. Not that I had any choice in matter, that just how it work out.

Day not total waste though. I go over to and sign up for Sweepstakes to win culinary adventure with celebrity chef Cat Cora, or one of over 1,800 other great prizes. I do not know if this is chef that makes Meow Mix Market Selects, but if it is, I must have talk with her. We can only get three varieties here and I want at least one for each day of week, and at least four fish ones. And no beef ones. I do not eat beef.

I also like their new website. It has fun and interesting facts on it. One of them is cats pulling Freya Goddess chariot, but they forget to mention that because of this, cats were almost hunted to extinction by humans before we had to use our power of bubonic plague to save the species. I blog about this before. It is because of this period of genocide and because of the one that come when Christians decide Black Cats are servants of Satan, that there are really not true black cats left. Almost all of use have white gene and therefore we have some white on us. Which then makes us Tuxedo Cats, does it not? So I go sign up for Tuxedo Gang Hideway.

So this lots of work for good cat-cat for one day. On top of that when she get done with her chores including the cleaning of the litter box, we play with mousies for a while. Then I REALLY worn out. So I must take nap.

Diamond sleeping

This is my impression of the way human sleeps. See how I have my head on pillow. She even puts her paws like that. I have seen her sleep many times. That is now how good cat-cat sleeps however.

Good Cat-Cat sleeping

This is how good cat-cat sleeps with feet up in air and tummy exposed! (See our new golden retriever fleecie. I hope it gets cold soon so I can cuddle up in new fleecie!)

It also seems there was some trouble with the flashy box. It take pictures okay, but it having problem with the video. She trying to take video of me exercising with mousies, but it keep getting stuck or something. I dunno. She said she having bad technology day anyway. Guess things not good with work computer. Oh well. Anyway, I not get video up, you will just have to wait!

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