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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I am not Trixie the Destroyer.
Give me treats!

Howl-&-Scream began as the human's Pegan festival of Samhain. It was later named All Hallows Eve which got changed to Halloween and now, more recently Howl-&-Scream for the noise the small humans make when they run down the street from house to house.

During Samhain, humans would guide the spirits of the those that died during the year to the Sunlit Lands where they would grow younger and eventually be reborn into the world. They did this by burning candles and by leaving offering of food on their doorstops to help their spirits in their journey.

It wasn't long though before some humans, scavengers that they are, got the idea of dressing up like ghosts and other spirits to steal the food left out by the pagans.

Eventually this got more or less formalized into children getting dressed up and going door to door to collect candy in the more modern western world including Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and in some parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Candles were place in the carved out pumpkins. The faces carved into the pumpkins were supposed to ward off evil spirits, while the light guided the spirits of the recently departed to their destination.

The concept of witches and their familier black cats did not become a part of the celebration of Howl-&-Scream until the religion of the Crucified God got involved. All Pagens were suddenly branded "witches" and cats because of their supposed association with the Godess Freya were included in this because the Religon of the Crucified God named Freya - who was a fertility godess - as a demon.

While it is nice to believe we live in more enlightened times then our forebearers, there are still many humans who believe that Black Cats in particular should be harmed today. They think this is funny.

Humans have a very weird definition of the word "funny" if they think causing pain to living creatures is humorous in any way.

As a result and to protect me from these strange members of human kind, I am not allowed out of the house on Howl-&-Scream. I did however press my case to get some Temptations first thing this morning, and will be asking for lots of treats during the rest of the day.

Some of my earlier writings related to this are Cat as Diety and Once you try black...

Note to Captain Jack and Dante: No, that's just what the little humans want you to believe. They are really the evil spirits. Who else is doing all the tricks?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beckoning Cat


This is a "Maneki Neko" or Japanese Beckoning cat.

Many Japanese business people wouldn't think of having a restaurant, store, bar, etc. without the presence of a beckoning cat. Maneki Neko's always have at least one raised forepaw but otherwise they can take many forms. A cat wearing a bib and a bell are typical sights in Chinese restaurants. The cat is waving to us, asking us to come into the shop or asking good fortune to visit the establishment.

The origins of Maneki Neko date back several centuries. The source of its power are explained with many tales. The most prevalent tale involves a poor temple in the woods: A traveler takes shelter under a nearby tree during a storm. A cat appears and beckons the traveler to follow it to avoid the storm in the temple. As soon as the traveler follows the cat, the tree and the spot he had been in are struck by lightning. Because the cat has saved him and brought him to the temple, the traveler and his family become patrons of the temple and bring it fame and wealth.

Others believe a similar tale involving a store or inn. There is also a story about a cat saving its owner from a snake--even when beheaded! Another cat loses its head when its owner catches it stealing gold coins. However, we learn that the cat was taking the coins to an ill and destitute fishmonger who had befriended the cat and needed money until its recovery. He is saved by the cat's coins. Therefore, some believe, Maneki Neko should carry coins or have coins dangling from their bibs to ensure wealth.

More prosaic origins may be tied to an agricultural belief that cats kept pests away from crops or satinworms and thus aided prosperity of the family. Other sources hint that the raised paw might be a coded phallic symbol because the cats are first found around the time when common but more graphic phallic good luck symbols were banned from inns and gambling houses by western-influenced Japanese governments.

There are many variations on the Maneki Neko and you may see the left paw or the right paw raised. Generally speaking, it is believed that the left paw beckons for people (customers) while the right attracts money or good fortune.

Some, however, believe the opposite!

vine line

Last night I conducted gravity fee experiments from the top of the Fridge. Bean was not really happy with this, as a number of items that were up there ended up on the floor. It was all in the interest of science, you understand.

I have determined that there are no gravity fee zones surrounding the Fridge unless it is right under where the radio is.

I did not push the radio off because it is too big and heavy for me to move.

I did however push something in front of the radio and then off the top of the fridge in the area where the radio would have fallen, but it too hit the floor, so I'm fairly certain that area has gravity as well.

Purrrrrhaps I will check from the top of the bookcase next.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Curio Cats


Bean has all theselittle figurines she call "curio cats" all over the house. Some of them I guess are very expense and some of these are not. These two fit into the not catagory as he say she get them at the "Goodwill Shelter". She say they remind her of two cats that used to be in her life. One was named Eclipse that she had back when she was in high school. She was a domestic longhaired cat that she bring home from shelter. The other was named Goodwill (after the shelter?) because she was a cat that someone had moved and left at the apartments she moved into when she first moved to Florida. She describe her as a "group project" because everyone sort of look after her even though no one was owned by her.

Anyway, does long haired cats count as mini-panthers? or only short-haired cats? It was because he miss Eclipse that she go to shelter and get Phantom which is cat that owned my Bean before I did. She really wanted black long hair cat, but they not have any long-haired and Phantom begging to get out of jail, so she bail her out. She live with Bean many, many, many years. Unfortunately, she not break her of some of her bad habits, like running around chasing baseball males. It get so much harder to train humans as they get older and set in their ways.

Next weekend is 7th Annual Fall Pet Fest in Fort Myers. I will not go to this, but I will send Bean to take pictures. I am mildly concerned because there will pet adoptions there, but so far she has been good and not come home with unwanted brofur or sisfur for me when she go to these events. They will also have pet contest with prizes, doggie fashon show, flyball and agility demonstrations, pet photos, games, music, food, vendor marketplace, raffle, silent auction and more. I do not wish to be in contest, but having picture taken might be fun. Knowing Bean, she will like to look at all the vendor tables and find some fashions for me, which I probably won't be happy with. A nice neck scarf I do not mind, but a jacket is a bit much. Although one of the contests is "What not to wear" so maybe she will catch a clue? (Probably not, knowing Bean, she will probably catch a cold.)

We do dress up again yesterday and I finally have to threaten her with my powers of bubonic plague to get her to leave me alone. I did forgive her later though, and go sit on her and kneed her. It very important to kneed your humans, as this keeps them healthy. You should do this at least once a day. I did not sleep with her though, as she have restless night on Saturday and started out again on Sunday, so I go sleep on the sectional. This way, I get good night's rest.

Note: I know that some of you have problems leaving comments at Xanga. I do not know why this is, as it always work fine for me. Maybe it not like Mac or something. Anyway, I have been repurrrting my blogs over at Blogger so you may read my blogs there and leave comments there if you wish. It is just that I have many more pictures and videos on my Xanga site then I will have there.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

As Always...

Ray Old Shepherd Dog will play dress up for hours on end. He will always sit still and he will never ask for any treats. It's very unnatural.

Here he is being a Buccaneers Fan. They did not win either today, Jaguars beat them. (I do not have to mention Dolphins lost again, do I?)

I'm a Lil' Devil


Friday, October 26, 2007


I was going to write about Tigers for Friday Ark, but several of my furrriends left comments about being on Mouse Patrol from 2 until 4 am in the morning. Usually Mouse Patrol, or Rat Patrol, really, lasts until 6 am but I catch most of my rats between 2 and 4.

Florida is very much a swampy place and in Cape Coral especially we have many, many canals (more per square foot then Venice, Italy), and as a result of all that water, we get lots of wildlife. Racoons, possums, and Armadillos are usually the bigger mammals, we also get snakes and the occassional alligator, owls, hawks, eagles and vultures, squirrels, chipmonks and rabbits and of course rats.

The Rats I commonly hunt and catch are known as Roof Rats although we also call them Canal Rats and River Rats, Black Rats, Ship Rats, or Fruit or Citrus Rats. This is the most common rat although we also have Norway Rats and house or field mice. I have never encountered a single Norway Rat here.

Roof rats are usually gray to slightly brown in color. Adults are typically 8 inches long, with a 9 inch long tail. The tail is long, dark, and scaley. Roof rats prefer warmer, more tropical climates than Norways. Roof Rats get their name because they spend about 90% of their time above ground. The live in trees, run on power lines, the tops of fences, and they really love to live in the attics of houses.

Females have 4-6 litters per year, with 6-8 young per litter. They are fully weaned within a month, and sexually mature in as little as two months. They don't live very long in the wild, seldom more than a year (especially when I am around). Roof Rats are nocturnal and we often hear them on the roof or up in the house eves at night. We also get them in the house, as they come in where the plumbing pipes come in. Bean do not like having them in the house, so I must do my patrol to make sure they stay outside where they belong.

The weather is turning cooler now, so they will try to come inside more to keep warm. This is not a good idea, and I suggest they try staying warm some other way. I am very good at catching and killing these rats. I use the pounce move to break their backs and then I sometimes practice some of my other killing moves on them. I do not torture them. Because I am a big strong cat, I kill them very quickly, then I play with them for a while.


Roof Rats do not cause as much damage as Norway Rats because they do not gnaw on things as much, but they can still be damaging to homes and properties. Their bites can be painful and also carry diseases, including rabies and rat-bite fever (streptobacillus moniliformis).

As always, humans get a bit funny about anything with fur, so there is a humor site dedicated to Roof Rats at

If you need any advise ridding your homes of these pests, please let me know as I am very effecient at killing them. They are also very tastey, I have eaten them often. No seasoning - or cooking - required.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons to sleep in today!


1. It is raining outside and I have an aversion to water.
2. You hog bed all night, I wish to hog it all day.
3. It's the only way I can get breakfast in bed.
4. No Moo-Juice, no Moooooove.
5. I need my beauty sleep.
6. I am starting my afternoon siesta early.
7. I do not believe in getting up until it's light outside.
8. We are having cold snap and I wish to try out the new fleecie you buy me.
9. I went to bed late and you keep me up half the night anyway.
10. I had mouse patrol from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.
11. Just because you have to go to work, does not mean I have to suffer.
12. I am testing the bed to make sure it's comfy.
13. Being an adorable, cute and cuddly Cat is REALLY hard work!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Wednesday

I was going to do White Cat Wednesday, but human did not scan papers I need for it. So I am doing What Wednesday instead.

FAQ #2: What Kind of Cat am I?

I am a Domestic Shorthaired cat. The Domestic Shorthair is the same basic cat that first associated with humans thousands of years ago, making us the oldest "breed" of cat although we are not really any breed at all. The name Domestic Shorthair refers to any cat that is not a "purebred" cat. Yet all "purebred" cats originiated from the Domestic Shorthair. (Making us best breed to be!)

The Domestic Shorthair is also known as the Mixed Housecat or the Domestic Cat. In addition to having a wide and almost endless variety of physical characteristics, the Domestic Cat can have almost any personality type. Someone who's looking for a pet cat can pretty much find a cat that is "perfect" for him or her. Additionally, the Domestic cat can be found anywhere. These are the cats that one can rescue from an animal shelter or even adopt through a "free kittens" advertisement in the newspaper. As long as they are properly taken care of, the Domestic cat doesn't generally suffer from the same ailments that many purebred cats do.

The Domestic Shorthair (and Medium and Longhair) can include any cat that comes from two parents that are either unknown, or unpedigreed. This leads to great variety. However, for show purposes (Yes, we CAN be shown), there are ten different color divisions. They are: Solid, Solid and White, Tabby, Tabby and White, Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell and White, Shaded, Shaded and White, Pointed and Pointed and White. Because there are no breed standards, these cats, when being judged, are judged upon the distinctive appearance of the cat, as well as the cat's personality. (I am a solid color cat.)

As the name would imply, the Domestic Shorthair, Mediumhair or Longhair may have short, medium or long fur. The Domestic Cat doesn't really have a size requirement, although most Domestic Cats are of medium size. (I am a big cat, as big as a Maine Coon female - 12 pounds - but not as fluffy!)

Vine Line

Great news! Agility competition is no longer for the dogs! Iams now offers feline agility competition at CFA cat shows. Find out more at CFA-Iams Cat Championship.

Vine Line

I get my free sample of Feline Greenies in mail today. You can get your free sample Here.

Vine Line

PantherDeadly Crossroads

A Naples Daily News special report on the state of the Florida panther. Check out a collection of photos and videos highlighting the endangered animal.

I am sorry Panther 151 losed both sets of kittens this year. That is very sad for poor Panther mother. but wait until you see Panther kittens 236, 237 and 238! They are so adorable!

Vine Line

Also, someone stealed our trash can. It is beige, about waist high on human and rectangle shaped, have wheels on it and have my address stensiled on side. If anyone see it, could you please return it to my house?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am nocturnal. Most cats are. By definition, these means we sleep during the daytime and are active at night. However, because we live with humans, we often get used to their time schedules.

Still, I tend to get up around 2 or 2:30 in the morning every day. Even when I am outside all day, I tend to catnap a lot on the porch, and so I'm still ready to get up in middle of the night.

If you think about it, it make sense for us to be nocturnal because we use stalk and ambush style of hunting and this is most effective in low light situations when we can hide. But even when I not hunting, I get up because I want to have a snack and to use the litter box.

Then I like to sit in the window and look outside. This is time of night when everything gets going outside. It is an interesting to sit there and watch these soap operas that humans find so facinating. I find out who is messing with who, and which males cats want to make kittens and which female cats want to make kittens and which cats do not like each other. We have lots of cats that live mainly outside so this is when the are most active.

Normally this would not be a problem but Bean like to sleep with bedroom door closed because it make it cooler with the Air Machine. It used to be should could not sleep with me, but I brainwash her and now she can not fall asleep without me in the bed with here. So when I want to get up, I have to wake her up to let me out of bedroom.

Anyway, my Bean have her purrrthday last Wednesday. We do not make big deal of it because she servent and I would not want her to get any ideas above her station. My purrrthday is next month, we will have big dinner for it and I will get many presents. But for her purrrthday we do not do much.

I wake her up 2:00 AM. We just finished reading "Dragons of the Dwarven Depths" (Weis & Hickman return to the Dragonlance series that they cut their writing teeth on 20 years ago) night before and somehow my badgering of her translated into a Dragon-Cat banging on the gates of Thorbardin in her dream.

I kind of like the idea of Dragon-cat! I make her draw a Dragon-cat for me!


"You forget whiskers," I tell her. So she puts in whiskers. "Maybe I could have blood dripping off claws and could breath fire," I suggest. "No," she says.


Any case, when I wake her up for her purrrthday she could not go back to sleep. She have noisy bone disease which the humans call arthritis. So I guess her bones hurt her, even when they not making noises like when she walk, so sometimes it hard for her to sleep. She take pill, but still could not fall back asleep.

Finally she give up trying, and decided to clean up the bookshelves and take a bunch of books over to One for the Books. This good idea as she can us more books with cats in them. Dragon book was okay, but it do not have any cats in it, not even Dragon-cats. She need to get us new Harry Potter book too. I want to know how story end.

No matter what you think it is not mean of me to wake her up though. She get up then and use her litter box too, so it good thing I wake her up. No telling what kind of mess she'd make otherwise.

Mickey give me this award:


Thank you Mickey! I love your blog too!

I was going to give it to Black Cat, but Ramses already give her one. So I would like to give it to Spying Cat, =^..^=ICat and Pepper, Queen of Cheetahs.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Bean says these are her Howl-n-Scream decorations:

Dolphin Helmet

Dolphin mini-helmets

"0-7, dead last, AFC- East. Current streak - 10 straight loses dating back to last year. Really? What could be more horrible?"

"Cockroach?" I suggest.

"Those aren't horrible, just creepy." There is difference?

"Tony Olivier?" He old baseball male. She say she always afraid to ask for his autograph.

"No, that's different." How different?

I wonder if this mean I do not have to get dressed up for Howl-&-Sream but she say no, that is coming up, very soon.

I think I go hide under bed now.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Restriction Bean does these tackes things at her office, and usually she is very busy with these tackes in the spring when she spends lots of extra time at the office. Not NOW.

But because of some peoples she say should be publically flogged for waiting until very last minute to bring their tackes things in, she must spend extra time at the office this weekend, which is less time for me.

So she goes to office and I go outside yesterday and decide I should investigate storm drain to see if there are an Vishus Deers hiding down there, or, if not that, to see if I can find any mice or rats or bugs. So that what I do.

When she comes home, I see her pull car in, so I come out of storm drain. There is this man that lives down the road that has a chair with wheels on it, and I look and see him in street, coming back from store. He goes very slow, so I trot out on the street ahead of him.

Bean yell at me, get out of street, but I look at her and I look at him and why should I get out of street if it okay if he in it? and then I look back and suddenly out of no where a car is there and IT SCARED ME!

Well, I guess it scared her more because she say I nearly give her heart attack. So she not happy.

So today I on restriction and cannot go outside or use the computer, although I will sneak using the computer. I do not see why I should be on restriction today for something that happen yesterday and that is all over and done with. I was bad yesterday, yes. Today I was not bad, so I should not be on restriction.

Besides, I hear all sorts of animals on the roof and need to go check them out, not be stuck inside.

I do not get humans, because they do understand that what ever happen yesterday was done and over with yesterday and have nothing to do with today. They need to get their heads sorted out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wondering Wednesday

There was an article on Petcentric about Dogs and Cats getting lost and how humans who find apparent strays should not just assume that they are strays and should take steps to reunite them with their humans. This is all well and good, but with Cats, if they do not like where they are living, they will leave.

Cats are largely independent creatures and will not say in conditions they do not like. One of these conditions is overcrowding.

There are always stories of the old lady that lives in a house with 87 cats and I often read something, usually once a year, about one of these so called "Cat Ladies". There was a video recently about the lady in Moscow with 130 cats in her apartment. She say she want to help them but does having that many cats live in such crowded conditions really help them?

So I have been thinking, what is an acceptable number of pets? What constitutes a pet collector or a pet hoarder?

I do not think that there is a hard and fast number. If you take good care of your animals, they are all healthy and their is room enough for all of them to have their own area, then I would say you could have easily have more pets then someone you lives in tiny apartment in city, is not home often and cannot afford to take proper care of more than one.

A family that is home more often then not will obviously have time to devote to more animals.

The other question involves level of care. Is food and water enough? Shouldn't a certain level of interaction be involved. Is a cat that is given food and water, lives in a house and ever goes outside, a pet if the cat never receives any petting or spends quality time with a human?

My Bean knows of a situation where a pair of humans have a colony of feral cats in their attic. They feel that because they feed and water the cats, and that the cats are inside, away from things that can harm them that they are helping them. But the cats do not receive regular health care from a professional (notice how nicely I sidestep that V word?) and they are not fixed, so they can produce kittens, which is how the whole colony got started. First they took in a pair, then the pair had kittens and then the kittens had kittens...

These, to me, are not pets and you are not really helping the animals. They live in fear of the humans and of the woofies that also live in the house and they will not come by the woofies or the humans. Also they fight amongst themselves, and often kittens are killed by the adult cats because the room is limited.

This is a problem but these humans will not ask for help and local agencies will not step in as a it is a private residence.

On a similar note, there are the Infantis who own a Birman and a Main Coon, a Chausie, two cougars and a Siberian lynx. The cougars and the lynx live outside have enclosed cages and are allowed out of the cages and into the family's enclosed porch to play and interact with the humans. The two domestic cats and the Chausie all live inside the house. I think in this case, these animals are more pets than in the previous case.

What are your thoughts on this matter. What is an acceptable number of pets, and what is an acceptable level of care.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Columbus Day

Today is quazi-holiday for humans call Columbus Day which have something to do with the finding of the Americas by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus (on a grant from Spain). There is an argument over whether is Christopher Columbus actually find it first or if Viking find it first. If you ask me, I think vikings are much more interesting, but what-ever...

I find the whole discussion silly because as far as I know, Americas were never lost. Cats have always been here.

Domestic Cats come to Americas with human explorers aboard their ships. No self respecting human explorer would leave port without a cat on his ship because, you know, who else would run crew?

However, Americas have many species of wild cats including bobcats and lynxes, cougars, marguays and jaguars. So Cats actually discover the Americas.

Domestic Cats proved to be great explorers through, starting out in Egypt 5,000 years ago. They can now be found just about anywhere Huamns are - except maybe antartica and the moon. Cats are not good historians through, so we don't really know what the names of the first domestic cats in the Americas were. It's not really that important to use. We only care that we are here, now. And that there is food and places for cat naps. Those are the important things for cats.

There was much food on the ships of exploring humans in the form of rats, which is why Cats like to go on the ships in the first place. Plus, you know, humans fish and we get fish heads - eat 'em up yum! So Cats and ships are good match. Cats could also predict storms and good ship captains would watch their Cats and put into port when Cat tell them storm coming. Of course, little hard to put into port when you in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Since 1971, Columbus Day has been commemorated in the U.S. on the second Monday in October, the same day as Thanksgiving in neighboring Canada. It is generally observedby schools, some banks, the bond market, the U.S. Postal Service, federal offices, and most state government offices; however, most businesses and stock exchanges remain open.

Columbus Day is not celebrated in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota supports the Viking theory. However, some city offices in Minneapolis were closed in 2006, as well as libraries across the Twin Cities. In the state of South Dakota, the day is officially a state holiday known as "Native American Day", not Columbus Day. Columbus Day is not a legal holiday in Nevada, but it is a day of observance. Schools and state, city and county government offices are open for business on Columbus Day.

All Cats will celebrate this holiday with a Cat Nap today. That is about how exciting the whole thing is. So I think puuurrrrhaps I will start mine now.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ark Friday - Polar Bears

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) are a very distant cousin to Cats. I know that sounds funny, but it true. All Bears, Cats and Dogs beans decended from the same animal millions of years ago.

Raccoons were part of that group too, and the raccoons diverged from the bears about 30 millions years ago, so it was even longer than that when we were all related. The current six diffent species of bears originated some 4 million years ago.

Polar Bears are very special type of bear that live in the Artic where it is always cold. Their skin is black but it's fur is hollow and translucent so it appears white. It provides the bear with camouflage, as it lives in areas that are always white with snow and it also helps to insulate the bear against the cold.

Much like Cats, Bears are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. The live mainly on seals, walruses and whales, but they will eat anything it can kill, and that includes humans (and Cats!) They can be very agressive to humans when they share the same range.

Males weight twice as much as a Siberian Tiger, up to 1,320 pounds, and can measure almost 7 gizzies in length (what humans would think of as 10 feet).

These bears like the water a lot and are excellent swimmers and as a result are classed as marine mammals, even though they often roam on the land as well.

Polar Bears are listed as vulnerable by the World Conservation Union, which is one of the three sub-catagories of threatened status. (Humans must greatly complicate things with catagories and sub-catagories.) It is easier to say that their population is declining and as a result they are protected by law from human hunting.

You can find out much more at about Polar Bears at Polar Bears International website. There are webcams there where you can watch Polar Bears and a gift shop to buy things with images of Polar Bears on them.

The Polar Bears in these pictures were taken at the Buffalo Zoo by my Bean. At least, she think it was Buffalo Zoo, as it does not look like displays at either the Cleveland or the Miami Zoos, and Buffalo was the only other one she's been to recently.

Polar Bears do not live in Florida except at zoos, which have developed special habitats for them to help keep them cool in the very hot sun of Florida. They could not survive here without the special habitats the zoos offer.

Vine Line

Panther ticketAnother kind of Animal, the 2007-08 version of the Florida Panthers hockey team make they debute last night. The Panthers did not prove to be very good at pouncing on the puck. They lose 33 of 56 opportunities to pounce on the puck, including all 14 opportunties they face in the first period. They also had a solving the Rangers puck stopper, who stopped 27 pucks and only let 2 get by. As a result my Panthers did not win and were beaten 5-2 by the New York Rangers.

So, I am not really a happy kitty today.

The Panthers will take travel back to Florida today from New York and they will also practice at pouncing on the puck, in the hopes that they will have better luck Friday against the New Jersey Devils. I am going to be a little devil for Howl-a-ween (Howl & Scream?) but I am not going to cheer for that New Jersey team. I know that my Panthers will do much better on Saturday night, even if I have to go show them how to pounce on the puck myself.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen reasons to hide under the bed

1. I can take a catnap without you taking a picture of me.
2. I'm organizing my dust bunny collection.
3. All my toys are under there and you can't have any.
4. The Vacum Monster in the Closet can't get at me there.
5. It never rains under the bed.
6. You don't see the lightning and the sound of the thunder is muffled, so I there's nothing to fear.
7. I'm working on taming the colony of feral socks I found under there.
8. You know all that stuff you've lost recently? I know where it is.
9. You can't disturb my catnap by suddenly wanting to pet and fuss all over me.
10. I can look as cute as I want to with no fear of suddenly being picked up.
11. It's much cooler there in the summer, and much warmer there in the winter.
12. You can't fit under the bed with me.
13. I'm not going to accidently get stepped on as long as I'm hiding there.

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