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Nov. 7, 2007


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am nocturnal. Most cats are. By definition, these means we sleep during the daytime and are active at night. However, because we live with humans, we often get used to their time schedules.

Still, I tend to get up around 2 or 2:30 in the morning every day. Even when I am outside all day, I tend to catnap a lot on the porch, and so I'm still ready to get up in middle of the night.

If you think about it, it make sense for us to be nocturnal because we use stalk and ambush style of hunting and this is most effective in low light situations when we can hide. But even when I not hunting, I get up because I want to have a snack and to use the litter box.

Then I like to sit in the window and look outside. This is time of night when everything gets going outside. It is an interesting to sit there and watch these soap operas that humans find so facinating. I find out who is messing with who, and which males cats want to make kittens and which female cats want to make kittens and which cats do not like each other. We have lots of cats that live mainly outside so this is when the are most active.

Normally this would not be a problem but Bean like to sleep with bedroom door closed because it make it cooler with the Air Machine. It used to be should could not sleep with me, but I brainwash her and now she can not fall asleep without me in the bed with here. So when I want to get up, I have to wake her up to let me out of bedroom.

Anyway, my Bean have her purrrthday last Wednesday. We do not make big deal of it because she servent and I would not want her to get any ideas above her station. My purrrthday is next month, we will have big dinner for it and I will get many presents. But for her purrrthday we do not do much.

I wake her up 2:00 AM. We just finished reading "Dragons of the Dwarven Depths" (Weis & Hickman return to the Dragonlance series that they cut their writing teeth on 20 years ago) night before and somehow my badgering of her translated into a Dragon-Cat banging on the gates of Thorbardin in her dream.

I kind of like the idea of Dragon-cat! I make her draw a Dragon-cat for me!


"You forget whiskers," I tell her. So she puts in whiskers. "Maybe I could have blood dripping off claws and could breath fire," I suggest. "No," she says.


Any case, when I wake her up for her purrrthday she could not go back to sleep. She have noisy bone disease which the humans call arthritis. So I guess her bones hurt her, even when they not making noises like when she walk, so sometimes it hard for her to sleep. She take pill, but still could not fall back asleep.

Finally she give up trying, and decided to clean up the bookshelves and take a bunch of books over to One for the Books. This good idea as she can us more books with cats in them. Dragon book was okay, but it do not have any cats in it, not even Dragon-cats. She need to get us new Harry Potter book too. I want to know how story end.

No matter what you think it is not mean of me to wake her up though. She get up then and use her litter box too, so it good thing I wake her up. No telling what kind of mess she'd make otherwise.

Mickey give me this award:


Thank you Mickey! I love your blog too!

I was going to give it to Black Cat, but Ramses already give her one. So I would like to give it to Spying Cat, =^..^=ICat and Pepper, Queen of Cheetahs.

1 comment:

Gemini said...

That is a great dragon cat drawing Diamond! I am impressed.