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Friday, November 30, 2007

FloofyHead Friday: Teary Tiger

Floofy Head Friday Header

I decide to do something different for Friday. Since we have such a large cast of characters in this house, and since I did not want Mike the Mysterious to be the only Floofyhead around, I decided to start Floofyhead Friday and introduce you to some the Floofyheads in our house. There are a quite a few and by the time I get done with the ones we have now, I'm sure my Bean will have dragged several more home.

I had finded a blog called Stuffedster for floofyheads (or plush brothers as I usually call them) but they have not updated since 2006, so it's probably a dead project. If anyone else wants to jump in with their own Floofyheads, feel free.

So for my first Floofyhead Friday, I want to introduce you to Teary Tiger. It is pronounced like in "tearing of paper" rip or destroy. He was named for Terry, who was one of the players on our hockey team. He always demolish the other players.

Teary come to live with us about a year ago from the Greenwall Shelter. He is one of the "new" breed of floofyheads that look real. In fact, then I first see Teary sitting on my Bean's bed, I though he WAS real. So of course I growled at this new cat that came into my territories. He did not growl back though, and though I watch him intently for about 15 minutes, he not move. So he decided he wasn't threatening and did not wish to try to make kittens with me or anything like that.

After a while I sort of get used to him, but it took me a long while - several months - before I get comfortable enough to sleep with him. I still do not like sleeping with him a lot, because he's not really stable - he is a little top heavy - and tends to roll over on me.

Occupation: Bed Bug specialist
Most Proud of: Getting to stay on the bed after the rest of the floofyheads get exiled to chair
Likes: Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Bengals, Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AHL hockey team), Eye of the Tiger (song)
Favorite Celebrities: Tiger Woods, Southpaw, Ace
Favorite Movie: Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
Dislikes: Having to get up in the morning, Ray Old Shepard Dog
Dreams of: Going to a Lakeland Flying Tigers baseball game.

One thing you will notice about my floofyhead friends is that many of them are male (or plush brothers). I do not know why this is, it just is.

Note: Bean was supposed to make banner for my blog. She DID make the Floofy Head one. I was surprised I get that much out of her. Instead of sitting down, front of computer last night, she put on DVD instead. I was just about to take cat nap when I see her put DVD in, so I come galloping into the room to watch too. We watch Narnia. "See," I tell her. "All the Cats are the good side and all the wolfies are on the bad side."

"Yes, but you already knew I was one of the bad guys," she tell me.

I suppose this is true. She fancy herself big villain.

As for banner for blog, she says she will make this weekend. I say "Before or after yard sale and trip to see Santa Claws?" She not answer this.


Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

Hi Diamond, It is nice to meet your fluffhead friends. We really like Teary the Tiger but he does look real and kinda scairedy. We are glad he turned out to be nice.

jan said...

We try very hard to kill Floofyheads. A few shakes and the stuffing comes out. We don't like competition.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Teary the Tiger looks like fun! You are lucky to have fluffheads around.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

That is a very beautiful fluffhead. I would be scairt of it at first too, it looks very real.

I read the link you left about going outside! My Mum is too much of a scairty cat to let me go outside, she is very anal - oops, did I say that?

HRH Yao-Lin said...

hehe you are so funny. I like to bunnykick all stuffed animals. And live ones for that matter.

By the way, I just read your post about how you used to try and escape and how you pissed on the human's bed.

Respect to you! Excellent work my friend! x

Tybalt said...

He is indeed a fierce looking floofyhead! I wouldn't have trusted him, either.

Chairman Mao said...

Teary the Tigur is a real kool lookin fluffhead! He looks a lot kooler than that Meezer fluffyhead who sits on my momma's piano. Brainball likes him so that makes me jelus. I think the fluffyhead Meezer is tryin to REPLACE me or somethin!!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Mickey said...

Ooooo,Teary makes a good snuggle buddy :)

Parker said...

I like Teary! We cheer for the same teams!

Mosaic Cats said...

You had better neuter your Fluffheads!
We learned on Thurs that there really ARE Carolina Panthers. Not just playing football, but on four paws! They are not black, but look like mountain lions. We learned this from ML's hair stylist, who knows of many dogs and kitties who have been killed.
And last night ML dreamed of one.
We hope this is not significant in any way.