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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

I read in Cat Fancy Magazine where November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

Launched in November of 2005 by Veterinary Pet Insurance, it's goal has been to raise the awareness about cancer in pets.

Cancer is not only a leading cause of death in humans in the United States, but it is also the leading cause of death in Cats.

According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, Cats are 13 times more likely to develop cancer than humans. Cats develop many of the same types of cancers that affect humans, such as mammary cancers, lymphoma, leukemia and skin cancers.

If detected early, cancer often can be more treatable than other geriatric diseases such as renal disease, diabites and cardiac disease.

The key to fighting cancer is early diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Warning Signs:

Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow.

Sores that do not heal.

Weight Loss.

Loss of appetite.

Bleeding or discharge from any body opening.

Offensive Odor.

Difficulty eating or swallowing.

Hesitation to excersise or loss of stamina.

Persistant lameness or stiffness.

Difficulty in breathing, urinating or defecating.

These are just some common signs and if you notice any of them, you should have your human take you to a vet for consultation. This list is not comprehensive and the symptoms are not exculusive for cancer. For more information visit the Veterinary Cancer Society at

1 comment:

Gemini said...

Any time there is unexplained weight loss you should consider cancer as the culprit... there are other things but that's what vets are for!