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Nov. 7, 2007


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Matinee

I get to watch moovees this weekend!

I watch Spiderman. That Tobey McGuire, he is a cutie. He can give me skritchs anytime!

I did not watch Underworld. I cat nap through that. Bean liked that one because she is the one who chases parked cars and howls at the moon. Spiderman was fun though and it was nice to be able to watch moovees with Bean instead of going to neighbors. She makes good moovee watching chair.

So now I make up song:

Spider Cat, Spider Cat.
Does whatever a spider can't.
One by one I eats them all!
Eight legged Arachnida gonna fall.
Look out! Here comes the spider cat!

That was Friday. Yesterday we watch Transformers, today we are going to watch Harry Potter IV. There is a story to go along with the moovee watching, but I will tell that one Tattle Tail Tuesday because's a tail of rampant stupidity. Tuesday is also my Purrrrthday!

I also gets lots of Turkey and gravy this weekend. I did not like the stuffing, and would not eat. She would not give me turkey carcass either to finish off, but wrap up in plastic bag and put in new raccoon proof trash bin she buy to replace the one that gotted stealed. Something about once she bake it the bones get too soft and it's not good for me to eat. I did not like the cranberries either. I tried some last year and did not even sniff them this year. She did give me some cheese though off the pizza we had on Friday while watching the moovees. As you can see, I end up a very stuffed kitty cat from all this food!

My new sisfur Savannah has been watching over me while I sleep, so share my nip mouse with here. Bean thinks that is very sweet. Whatever!

I hope you all had nice Fangsgiving and a happy Fangsgiving weekend!


Gemini said...

It's hard to stay awake through movies. I find that I fall right to sleep on Momma's lap.

Mickey said...

Yup,that belly looks full! I have to restrain Mom.She wants to rub it! Hahahaha!!
I like the spider cat song. Mom HATES spiders .I only play with them,she dosen't like that.She has to stomp on them,hahaha!

MoMo said...

Lucky you, with all that food! I got some chicken after my grandma's birthday dinner, so I shouldn't complain.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

SPIDERS! hehehe... we love spiders. and snakes, and squirrels and lizards!

Wow you do look very full and content. Movie time is always great. It's raining today, maybe we will get to watch a movie!

Happy Early Birthday! Purrs and Purrs and Purrs and Chin Rubs and HeadBumpies!

We found the tail again. It's under the kitchen table now hahaha....

Eric and Flynn said...

Yep yoo sirtinly look like a stuffed kitty to us.
We like watching mooveez wiv the Beans too.

jan said...

Your other website is sensational, but this one is a lot friendler.

Gattina said...

Geez, you really had good things to eat and I am sure my cats wouldn't like gravy either. Even I don't like it. They are jalous of you because they had no Thanksgiving their ancestors stayed in Europe mice hunting and didn't go with the pilgrims on the Mayflower. Therefore they have to wait for the turkey until Christmas !