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Thursday, November 1, 2007

T13 - Hurricane

Thirteen things to do during Hurricane

The weather radar shows that Tropical Storm Noel is going out into Atlantic ocean. Evidently it doesn't even want any of Daisy's lizard stew as it will not be stopping by her house either.

I have lived through several hurricanes now, including Hurricane Charlie. Here are 13 things to do if Hurricane comes to visit:

1. Catnap
2. Check the storm tracking on the computer.
3. Eat a snack.
4. Watch lights flicker and go out.
5. Catnap
6. Watch human trip over things as she tries to light candles, find flashlight in dark.
7. Listen to wind howl and moan. Check to make sure roof is still on. It it's not, evacuate to under the bed.
8. Find an unshuttered window so you can look outside and watch the rain outside fall sideways.
9. See if the neighbors are doing anything weird, like tying themselves to the front of their trucks.*
10. Catnap
11. Try to get human to open can of food for you so you can have dinner. Humans are so useless once power goes out.
12. Check to make sure no water is coming in house. If it is, evacuate to top shelf of closet.
13. Catnap

* I was living in North Fort Myers when Hurricane Charlie came. One of the neighbors in the apartments put his linemen harness on, and chained himself to the front of his pick up truck. He stand there through the storm, getting picked up by the wind and tossed around going "Yahoo! Yahoo!" Humans are VERY weird.

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Gemini said...

Oh you are right--humans are so weird. Cheysuli says that man is a reason they invented the Darwin Awards...

Tybalt said...

You sure sound like an expert! I'll have to remember those rules.

Kimo & Sabi said... might want a few packages of freeze-dried lizzards fer emergency food.

Gretchen said...

I'm glad you are not going to get a visit from Noel. He sounds very distructive.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We keep saying beans is weerd, now yoo haf proof.

Lux said...

Those are good things for me to know in case a hurricane ever comes through the desert here - you never know!

Team Tabby said...

Diamond, we need those hurricane tips....Noel is headed straight north and will hit Canada's east coast Sat. afternoon....where we live! It should be a sub-tropical storm by then, but will pack winds of 100Km/hr. (about 65 mph) could go higher. Heavy rain too. We're told it will last about 12 hrs. In 2003 we lost power for 3 weeks due to hurricane Juan, but no damage to us, thankfully.

Moe & Mindy