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Nov. 7, 2007


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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tail talk Tuesday


When I am sitting with my tail curled around me, like in the above picture, it means I am content, but that I do not wish to be bothered. It does not mean my feets are cold, although a tail is usefull for warming feets as well. Sometimes the humans miss that. They think if I'm sitting there looking pretty, I'm fair game for petting. I'm not. I just wish to sit by you but not be touched.

Since I am sitting on warm laundry in this picture, my feets would not be cold anyway, would they?

Our tails say much about our moods. When I am angry, I lash my tail back and forth. The human of course, knows what that means. She will then attempt to placate me with treats or toys, but such distractions do not always work, if I am very angry. I will usually then go under the bed, where she cannot go, because I do not wish to be bothered further.

However, sometimes I swish my tail about, which does not mean the same thing. I swish my tail about when I am intrigued by something, perhaps a bird, or something on the TV or the hands on the clock. I also swish my tail when I'm trying to make up my mind about inside or outside.

I usually try to warn the human though before I get to tail lashing. I will hold the tip of my tail up, and that means that I am a little ticked off and to leave me lone. If she continues to bother me I tip will start going back and forth, which is usually a warning before I will pounce on her paw and take a nip out of her. She really should pay more attention, don't you think?

Most humans know that if my tail is straight up, and all poofed out, that I'm in an agressive mood. This is usually accompanied by all my furs being poofed out too, and is generally reserved for other Cats or for maurading dogs or thunderstorms that come into my territories.

When my tail is held up though, with a bit of a curve in it, and is not all poofed out, it means I am happy to see the human. This is my way of saying hello. All that talking I'm doing is not saying hello, it's telling you how may day went and is also a request that dinner be served promptly. Usually if I'm scolding my human however, my tail will down and the tip sort of curved under or twitching. This usually happens when she is unusually late coming home.

When I am exceedingly please with her, my tail will be straight up however. This is of course is the positional all humans should strive to keep our tails in!

However, do not get this position confused with the marking of territories, which usually happens when my tail is straight up, sort of quivering. I'm usually backing up to something too, and that is how I leave my scent marks around outside so that other Cats will know not to come in my territories, that I have claimed them. Man Cats that have not been nuetered so they can no longer make kittens love to do this and their scent is usually very strong. The humans also find it unpleasant. A "snipped" Man Cat will not do this, especially if they are kept inside. I do not mark my inside territories this way, only around the outside of my territories. Scent marking inside is usually much more subtle and is done my rubbing my head on things.

If my tail is straight up and the tip is going back and forth, it means I'm excited about something, like dinner or cat nip. This is a good way for my tail to be too.

I just wish the human would get it into her head that just because I'm sitting there does not automatically mean you should put your human germs all over me. I take a long time to groom myself just right, and I do not want you messing me up after I get finished.

MoMo writes in her blog that human researches think we spend 15% of our time on grooming. We probably would not take so long if they'd keep their human paws to themselves!


jan said...

I have noticed that my cat's bathing routines seem to take place after our touchy-feely times. Coincidence. I think not.

MoMo said...

Yeah, you give it to them. These humans definitely need a good talking to and educating. Excavating business? That's a good suggestion. Maybe if I dig bigger holes SS will take me along to help in her next dig. On second thought, maybe not.

Team Tabby said...

Thanks for 'xplain'n it all, we will show this to our beans.

Moe & Mindy

PS thanks for thinking about us - California had it a LOT worse than we did recently!

Gemini said...

Oh yes, Momma often interferes with my grooming!

PB & J said...

When our Mom and Dad come home we come to the door with our "question mark" tails - we're happy to see them and they're happy to see us!

Parker said...

Here you are! I can comment here! Hi Diamond!

The Furry Fighter said...

thank you for this post - i have referred my Human to it! when will they learn eh? almost 12 years we have spent together and she still burys her head into my stomach and kisses it when it is quite clear i wish to lay by myself.

thank you for yesterday's post too - i was not aware of Pet Cancer Awareness Week - I shall refer to it on my blog! xxxx