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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tattle Tail Tuesday

I was asked to join in this and I was kind of concerned about doing so because, you know, the holidays are coming and if I'm not a good Cat-Cat, Santa Claws won't leave me a Solstice Gift. But then...I think...I've been such a good Cat-Cat all year long and after all, I would be telling the truth, right?


Bean has this mantra which she ways a lot, usually when she's tearing the house apart looking for something.

"I really must get organized one of these days!"

The "one of these days" part is the catch, or course. She's always getting....




Organized, as near as I can tell, usually means taking everything and putting it another room when company comes over and shutting the door. That also seems to count as "cleaning this mess up" although if you don't actually put anything way, how have you cleaned?

Then of course, if she needs to go into the room she's "organized" everything into while the guests are over, she behaves as though she is keeping a real live leopard in the room.

Beware of the Leopard

I will occasionally, if I am in the room, lend credence to this belief by knocking things over, causing crashing sounds which I'm sure disturbs the guests. If only I could roar like a leopard...

The leopard in the picture is my new plush sisfur, Savannah. We just get adopt her from the Greenwall Shelter. I guess she is okay, as I sleep next to her all of last night.

Next week I will talk about her being a were-creature. Can you guess what her alternate form is? I'll give you a has something to do with the organizing!


Eric and Flynn said...

Haha yer mum looks about as organised as our mum. We fought that wuz what orgernizing meant when yoo put efurryfing in anuvver room.

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Oh this is an extra-juicy tattle! Just the type I love to wake up to. And your super-secret surveillance photos are superb.
I sense you will have no shortage of Tuesday material.
I, myself, have enough to work with through 2012.
Good Show!

Chase said...

Nice to meet you. My mom got the harness off of ebay and paid maybe 13 bucks with shipping. So you can go there and search for angel pet harness. They have baby blue or pink ones.My mom looked for you for devil or bat ones. They don't have any...
Mew Mew

Parker said...

Diamond, I think a lot of humans are suffering from the can't get organized disease. We have it here too!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Our dad is organized like dat. Everytime mom starts cleaning up his mess he has a 'fit'. Mom sez he is a 'pack-rat' but we sniffed him and he still smells like daddy to us, not ratty at all.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Your mommy and mine are the same, she always says that she need to organize stuff too.

We're still waiting....



MoMo said...

So nice to see that other moms have this 'getting-organized' malady. I thought it was a SS special until I saw your pictures.

Gretchen said...

Hee, hee, my mom bean does a lot organizing. You have a fluffhead leopard...way cool


Mickey said...

Yup,same here!!Definately a bean characteristic!!