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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tattle Tail Tuesday: Battle of the DVD

Where's my Moovee?
Where's my MooVee?

There is something you have to understand about my Human Bean. She is technologically challenged. She do not have a cell phone, laptop, or blackberry. She do not even have IPod, although her digital camera will hold downloaded music. Not that she's ever downloaded any.

We have a couple of old radios. The computer, while it does have a DSL line, Is probably older than I am. Seriously. She just keeps "upgrading" it, although she's starting to get to the point that she's trying to turn a toaster into a microwave and that doesn't work. Speaking of which, we don't have a dishwasher or a Microwave oven.

I'm very surprised the TeeVee does not still have vacuum tubes in it.

So, imagine my surprise when she comes home with a DVD player. Supposedly once upon a time in the distant past she had a VCR, but since I have lived with her (3 years now today) she has not had either a VCR or a DVD player. No Tivo. Heck, no cable box, we've only got regular old cable. But I did mention before, she not much of a TeeVee watcher.

While this normally would not bother me, there was a cat show on TeeVee this year. I know Miss Peach make a comment about there never being Cat Shows on TeeVee, but there was one. It was on the Game Show network. That's on Comcast channel 102. We can't get that because our TeeVee doesn't go up that high. So I could not watch Cat Show.

But back to the DVD player. Once I got over my shock, I wonder who going to hook it up for us. Well, she is, of course, right?

Oh boy.

But I get excited anyway because she organize off the couch so we can actually sit on it to watch MooVees. So I sit down on sofa to watch the epic struggle as she tries to hook up the DVD player. This took several trips to box of extra cords, before she finally gave up and went in the bedroom.

"Wait I minute," I say. Where is my moovee?"

"Tomorrow. I have to go to the store and get a converter. The DVD player has three lines running out and the TeeVee only has 2 lines running in."

Figures. The TeeVee is archaic. She probably watch the original episode of Star Trek on it when it first run.

So...she dutifully go to the store to get a cord the next day. I wish I could have gone to watch this. She go do Radio Shack, which is packed with holiday shoppers. She look around store trying to figure it out for herself, but no such luck. At least she hung out until she could find helpful sale associate. She explains that she need a cord to combine the left and the right VIDEO channels.

He laugh. Then explain it's the AUDIO channels she wants to combine. Yellow is video channel. (She have it plugged into audio jack!) Red and White are audio channels. He drag her over to basic DVD player to show her. But he gets her right cord.

She come home, after stopping at bookstore and spending $40+ on books. Notice...we just get DVD player and she buys books. Sad is it not?

After another herculean effort, she gets all the cords put together and plugged into the right jack, including the power cord which she forget and then think something is wrong with DVD player when it will not power up.

All hooked up, She put Spiderman disk on and we sit down on the sofa to watch Spiderman. Except it take her half an hour to get past the menu screen and a consultation with the DVD manual to figure out which of the buttons on the remote to push to start the DVD player.

Yeah, we get to watch MooVee!

The need to pause the moovee did not crop up until Sunday. She still has not figured that one out, although she managed to stop the moovee and then successfully go back to the sceen that was playing when she stop it.

Maybe if she read the manual? But wait! She cannot find the manual! She has organized it under the pile of stuff she move when she organize off the sofa.

So the struggle to tame the wild DVD player continues. It's almost nearly as good as the ongoing tale of the tail on Bad Kitty Cats Journal.

I simply cannot wait to watch her struggle with the cat toys she purchase me for my Purrthday today. I hope there are some good ones in those packages. I can smell the catnip already!


jan said...

Ha ha. Your Bean sounds so much like our Mommy. Anything more complicated than a light switch has her baffled. She says she is a Luddite. We must look that up sometime.

Misty the alpha Poodle

PB & J said...

Happy Purrthday Diamond! Hopefully the presents will be easier - but our mom says almost anything is easier to put together than a VCR!

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Happy Purrthday Diamond! We hope you get good stuffs. And Mommy says thanks for sharing the DVD battle. She is as bad as your Mommy when it comes to technical stuff so she can understand the pain she says. Beans are weird!

Tyler said...

Hi there Diamond!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to say seeing your picture is like looking in the mirror. I have to admit you're quite handsome, no, I mean, pretty. I'm glad you finally got to see Spiderman. Beans are so funny sometimes. Have a great day!

Rascal said...

Hahahahaha! I have to admit that your bean is a real trooper though. My humans don't go in for a lot of electronics either, though they aren't as bad as yours. Happy Birthday!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

If the human were more reliable the comment we thought we left here too would have shown up. She is a strange one. I will say please know you are welcome to that tail. Of course it may get confiscated in the mail post.

Again,we hope you had a fantastic birthday. Our human finally allowed us to get cable. Of course we heard rumors she did not even have a tv for about 7 years. We also hear her tell the teen people to put movies in for her. Either she is lazy or she is lacking in that department. No worries! We Kitty Cats are here to save the day!

Purrs and Headbumps!