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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scout Night

Scout night is Friday. I have Scout Night patch from 2004, but I want to earn Scout Night pin.

Patch is harder to get because you have to do sleep out. You just have to attend Scout Night in uniform to get pin. I just not go last two years because it rain, and I do not like to get wet. It okay for humans to get wet - they can change their furs and get dry again, but my furs to do not come off me. I get wet I stay wet for a while. Very miserable, sitting around in wet furs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So, I almost have new job at office where my Bean work. They have rats there now it seems, chew all the pens, take granola bars from desks and drag to file room and eat.

They chew the files too, and knock things over. Leave droppings all over building.

"Bring Diamond in," everyone say there. They know what good ratter I am. But to be effective, I would have to stay overnight, maybe stay more than one night, to track pest or pests down.

Human says it must be very big too, as it take all the flower pens from the pot on Joan-Bean's desk and drag all over floor. Those pretty heavy.

So, I do not know that I want to spend night or several nights in office by myself. Would be lonely with everyone gone.

In the end, they decide to call exterminator. But if they do not catch rats, I will go. I just worry who would protect my Bean if I am not there to take care of her.

Note: Petsplaces delete my blog entry on Reptar. This third time they delete entry I make. I will no longer blog there. I will keep profile because I like page, but I not blog there anymore. Too much censorship.

Pikapet add blog - they call updates - I will blog there now sometimes too, but Xanga still my main blog. Xanga and Petster, as no one seem to care what you blog on Petster.

I do not know what Petsplaces problem is. I blog that you should not make more kittens and that kittens that have no home should be adopted. Maybe they think kittens found under watermellons or something, and not come from cats. Or maybe they think more kittens should be made to add to overpopulation problem. I not know. I not care. I just tired of going to the trouble of posting entry if they just going to delete.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This is my boyfriend cat, Reptar. Is he not handsome? Does he not have the biggest paws?



I was going to say that Reptar is only baseball male I like, but Human say this would hurt Eli Outfielder's feelings, so I will not say that.

We do not make kittens, Reptar and I. There are too many kittens in the world already do not have good homes. Beautiful couple that we make, we think poor kittens that do not have good homes should be adopted, rather than we should make more.

There are many other things adult cats can to do amuse themselves besides making kittens.

Reptar is big baseball fan. He as been going to baseball games since he six-month old kitten.

He live with Lynn-bean, who is friend of my Bean.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fires, fires everywhere

There was a lot of smoke in the neighborhood yesterday. I worry now because I think maybe something close burning down, but human say no.

There was fire in Sar'sota (that close!) which is about 85 miles away that threaten homes and cause them close I-75 for a while. There is fire in Port Charlotte where the hurricane Charley went (that even closer!)

The fire in Lehigh that they put out started up again. One building was damaged and three homes were evacuated. Before we move that was very close to where we lived. Now it not so close, but still pretty close.

The fires in Sar'sota and and Port Charlotte are to the north of us, the one in Lehigh is to the east.

To the south there is fire in Bonita Springs, which was 400 acres on either side of Bonita Beach Road and is now contained.

The big one is in Collier county which is also to the south, with 13,000 acres burning, and the winds sent flames dangerously near some homes in the Southern Golden Gate Estates. This fire is FIVE MILES across and is in part of the Florida Panther preserve area that is set aside there for the Panthers to live!

So this is very serious situation, not just to humans, but to Feline Beans as well. Panthers very endangered anyway, do not really need to lose some of their habitat.

There are also some smaller fires for a total of 9 fires. Most of the little one are contained.

I do not think fires will come here where I live. There is much of the water around that the humans call Canals. This also why we get lots of rats.

If fires come there, they would have to get past these canals and it would make it very hard for fire to spread. We have very good firefighters here too.

All the fires do not stop the things going on here. Male Cat still trying to take over my territory. I run him off. He think he can hunt in my yard and I do not like him here. Tuxedo Cat and Calico Cat that live across street do not like him either, except when they want to make kittens.

Males are so annoying. You get rid of one and another one move in. This my territory and he need to respect that.

Our hockey team lose last night in triple overtime to Dayton Bombers in ECHL Eastern Conference finals. This was game one. I could not stay up for whole game and when to sleep. My Shantzee Panther did not play anyway.

Derek Damon, little guy Brad Zancanaro and Vince Bellissimo all score for Everblades. Game two is tomorrow night, hopefully they do better.

Friday, May 4, 2007


The moon was HUGE last night and orange. There was smoke everywhere and I thought it was on fire! But human say no, that just from fires in Lehigh. They had 1,000 acres burning all at the same time and 2 homes get destroyed. They say it is contained now and not threatening any more homes, but there still a lot of smoke from blazes within the contained area. Very bad. Human woke up coughing last night, smoke was so bad.

I do not know if crews from Estero go there to help fight blaze, so I do not know if friend Terry RedDeer out fighting fire, but if so, I hope he okay and that he stay safe.

Florida now declair state of emergency. 15 wildfires covering 1,400 acres ignited overnight and more than 90 percent of the state was experiencing drought. Lee County, where I live, is currently the second driest county in the state, according to the Florida Division of Forestry.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Bug

There was a big bug on the wall last night. I do not like when they go way up there by ceiling because then human see it and think I not doing my job. Well how am I supposed to get bug if I can't get at it?

Anyway, she sees it and gets out the spray can and sprays it. It start running round like crazy, then fly down and and run on the bed and the laundry basket and finally crawl under bed to die. You know, when it hit floor I was all about chasing it, but she still want to spray. Ick.

Then you can't even eat, no good. Spray spoils it.

What's a good Cat to do for fun?

Also, if bug can have wings, why not good Cat? Makes much more sense, I have much more use of wings than bug.

Human worn out from chasing baseball males this weekend. I think this funny, until she decide she too tired to go to store. She thinks I should go, get my own food.

What do I look like? Golden Retriever?

"Well, there was this penguin on the internet..."

You know, that oldest agreement between humans and Cats. I catch vermin and you provide tribute of fish. If you must go to store to get fish than go to store. Otherwise, take fishing pole and catch.

She finally go to store, but is grumpy about the whole thing. Foolish. However, I sit and purr on her later so she feels at least a little bit good about taking care of Cat-Godess like she supposed to.

Hockey team come home from Texas up 3-2 in series. Next game Friday. Human going golfing(?) on Friday. What is this golfing thing?

Also, where all this spam come from? I check e-mail box it loaded with spam. Most annoying. And not any offers for things for good Cat.