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Friday, July 27, 2007

No strolling please!

Bean had gone to Cat show and while she there she see one of the pet strollers they have. She been thinking about getting one so that she can take me places with her. I not sure I like that idea because I do not like going in car. And besides, where would we go that I would be happy sitting in hot stroller? Wasn't that why she got photobook anyway? So she can take me places without me actually being there?

Anyway, while she there, she see feline fantasy land but did not buy because she still attached to having "fur"niture in the living room and say she did not want to chuck in favor of feline fantasy land. Some kind and caring Bean I have, think couch more important than me. But she not buy stroller either because she could not think of any places she would want to take me just then.

Well, today she remember because today is Dog Daze at her baseball game and she say "Darn, if only I'd thought about it before hand..." That okay. I do not really want to go to baseball game. If baseball players want to come here and pet good Cat then that is no problem, I hold court and you come to me, not other way around. I Queen Empress of the Universe and Slayer of Fowl Beasties anyway, not dog to take to baseball game. (Reptar will go to baseball game, but he like that. )

So good. She go to game, I stay home and make sure all things in my domain stay good and proper and correct and then take catnap. She decide to take plush brother St. Valentine of the Snow. He Saint Bernard. He will much enjoy the game better because he know commands lay down and stay. Those only thing he does anyway, except for roll over sometimes when you push him. Plush siblings not really much fun and two move into one of my beds. I say what! what! what! but Bean say I not sleep in that bed in long time, what do I care. Not the point. That my bed.

So fine. She take plush brother to Dog Daze at ballgame, I take catnap. Work out in everyone's favor. And maybe while she gone, I will evict plush brothers from bed and push them onto floor where they can play dead. Sounds like a plan to me.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Underdog Contest!

For my canine furrrriends...

Super canine Underdog is looking for a sidekick!

Is he Super Cute? Is She Super Tricky? Super Talented?

Submit your most creative, original photo of your dog dressed in a super costume for your chance to WIN an Underdog Prize Pack!


Hurry! You don't have much time!

Contest begins July 20, 2007 and ends July 31, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think maybe I dress as one of Thundercats from movie and enter, even though I SuperFeline and not Canine.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pikapet is back!

Pikapet is Back! So now I can have pet fun again! Also maybe I have chance of winning poppet for human still. Auction close on Monday at 9 pm, must be sure to check for any last minute bids.

What I do while Pikapet down:

I find new website: I enter picture in sleeping contest.

I update my Petsplaces profile.

I make new club on Petsplaces called Pikapet Orphans, but stupid PetsPlaces take it down. I am very angry at them again. I no longer blog at PetsPlaces because they delete my blogs.

I make new club on Petster called Pikapet Orphans. It still up. If you are on Petster please join us even though Pikapet is back. Petster never delete anything. Join it here!

I keep human safe from big thunderstorm last night. She very scared of loud thunders. I sit on top of her and purr and so she know she safe and big thunders not get her. I Pikadate Snarf and he thundercat, so I know thunders will not hurt me.

I catched some bugs and eated them.

I take long catnaps.

I get new furrriends on Petster. I have 110 Petster furrrriends.

I read my furrriends blogs at Xanga.

I play with my Yahoo! 360 page. I have to write reviews of petstores in area, but I not do that yet. I also think about making new website at Yahoo with Hello Kitty theme. Human make here websites at Yahoo. I not sure I like Freewebs. Too hard to update.

I have to write new article on cat talk, but I not do that yet. Maybe tonight. Now I take another catnap I think.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stupid Petsplaces

So I make group for Pikapet Orphans at Petsplaces and they remove it. All this is for is for those of us who had Pikapet profiles before site close to be together and chat and to wonder what happen to Pikapet.

My Furrriends this this is a good idea, but the stupid humans that run Petsplaces to do not agree. They think it take away from their service because we talk about another pet service that no long exist. So I only have club at Petster.

Feel free to complain to Petsplaces if you want but it will not do any good.

Here is my profile on Sleeping Beasts. What I do not get is I see pets not sleeping but how do you get to their profile to click not sleeping button? Oh well, anyway.

So if my Pikapet furriends are looking for me, I will be on Petster more than Petsplaces since I cannot seem to do anything right on stupid Petsplaces.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pikapet and contests

Where is Pikapet? It seems to have gone away for good. It has been down for many days now. I guess this means I will not win poppet I was trying to win for human to cheer her up. Oh well...what can a little cat do?

I look it up and it says it hosted by They say before that they are having problems with their server, but their hosting company appears to be up and running. So I do not know. I send mail to admin address, see if I get any response.

So, I start group on Petsplaces for Pikapet orphans. I think I will do that on Petster too. If you a Pikapet Orphan on either of those services, please come and join my groups. And if you not a Pikapet Orphan you can join my groups anyway.

Meanwhile, I find new site for contests called It kind of like one huge catnap contest. So I submit my picture but I not get my approval back yet. But check it out and submit your picture too.

For my weasel friends I find you will want to sign up to be rated.

If you know of other contests sites, let me know so I can enter!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Black Friday

Today is another Special Black Cat Holiday, a day when Black Cats get special treats and toys and pets and loves from their humans to make up for the atrocities visited upon Black Cats in the past.

Even though this Special Black Cat Holiday, all Cats, even though they not be black, can enjoy the day and get presents and treats too.

Humans call this day Black Friday. There are many beliefs for Black Friday and they say bad events surround it, but I think that is nonsense like many human beliefs. There is nothing more bad about one day than the other. But as they want to call it Black, I make it Special Black Cat Holiday.

This does not mean they may shoot off Black Cat fireworks on it, because they shoot off enough fireworks on Big Boom day last week.

Big Boom day does not bother me, although I some of my Cats and Dogs furrrriends do not like it because it noisy. I do not mind the sky booms. Sky booms are no worse than thunderstorm or when shuttle come in.

I do not like the noises though that these "firecrackers" make though because these are on the ground and close to my territories. Sometimes they are in my territories and I do not like when they are there. Aslo Sky Booms not hurt anyone, but sometime, bad humans do things with firecrackers, like tie them cat or dogs tail and think this funny. Sometimes they blow off their own hand with him, but not seem to think that funny.

My Bean concerned about Sky Booms because they may sent fires because it be so dry, but so far, no one has burned anything down with either the sky booms or the firecrackers.

Anyway, all Cats enjoy your Special Black Cat Holiday and all dogs well...go get your own holiday.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ninja Chipmunk

Either this cat not very hungry, or it do not know how to hunt very well...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Looking out

I like to look out the window about 2:30 in the morning. This is when things get interesting outside with all the strays that live there, and the racoons and the other night animals.

Human does not like me batting at the shades to see out the bedroom window, so I wake her up so she will let me go sit by the big window in the front of the house. Only bad thing is, I can't see what is going on around the other sides of the houses.

I have back window, but it looks at the room where the hot water monster lives and so I can not see the back yard. Sometimes some of the other animals come into the alcove there and sit on the outside of the Air machine and then I can see them. Sometimes I see the racoons!

Anyway, today I surprise human. She put me in living room so I can look at window, but at 5:30 I open door to bedroom. Then I go in and I do happy feets on her. She not really happy with this cause it wake her up and she say it not time for her to get up yet. I think 5:30 good time to get up. Early cat gets the early bird for breakfast!

She also get me Feline Greenies to eat last night. I not have Greenies in more than a week, they one of my favorite treats. Greenie, like my eyes! They also good treats for my teeth.

I sorry I still do not have video of my playing with remote control mouse. We working on that one still! I do not like what we have gotten on video yet so far. It not show me off to my best advantage.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cool Cat

Human want me to go outside today, but I elect to stay in so I can use computer and type to you, my furrriends.

She has been out of work for long weekend through Big Boom Day yesterday and keep coming in being very smelly. That bad thing about humans, they can get quite stinky.

Happily, they do usually groom themselves, although why they want to get all wet to do that, I do not understand.

But...when it get very hot, like it has been outside, they do this thing with their skins which they call "sweat". It cools them off, just like panting cools off dogs and Cats.

Dogs and Cats do not do this sweat and Cats, being naturally fascidious beings do not normally get smelly. We also very good at staying in cool places, instead of running around barking like fool dogs, so you do not see us pant much either.

But Cats do get hot just like humans and dogs. There are some ways to stay cool in the heat.

One way is to get human to put ice cubes in your water dish so you have cool water to drink. But you should never eat the ice directly, as this will cause your tongue to freeze and then you cannot pant and cool off. This could cause serious harm to you, including brain damage, so only put the ice cubes in the water dish and then drink the water.

I know we like ice creams too, but you should not get ice creams unless you have otherway to stay cool so that you do not have to pant.

Another way to stay cool is to lay in front of a fan. Fans are very nice contraptions human come up with. Mostly they just blow the hot air around, but laying right in front of the fan is very cool. It nice breeze. So this will help you keep cool.

Staying inside in the "air" is the best way to stay cool of course, but not all Cats and dogs are luck enough to be able to do this.

You can also lay down on cool surfaces, like tile floors or in the sink or the bathtub. Be careful human not turn water on you when you in sink or bathtub. On the tile right in front of toilet is usually very cool place in house to lay.

Many Cats and dogs will not eat as much in the summer either, so if we do not seem hungry, humans should not worry too much. Even though we like to sleep in the sun, we also like to have shady spots to lie down in to help keep us cool. If you outside Cat or dog or know of an outside Cat or dog, make sure their humans give them shady spot and not - especially in case of dog - chain them up in sun with no place to go to cool off.

We still needs exercise in the summer too, but keep play periods short - no more than 15 minutes so as not to overheat yourself or your human.

If you must travel, either by car or plane or some other such non-sensible human way, have your travel scheduled for the mornings or evenings when it is not too hot. It very important too that human does not forget you in that carry cage so make sure to Meow very loudly if they ignoring you.

Make sure you stay cool this summer my furrriends and stay healthy and happy. Purrs to you!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm an American Cat

I write this song to try to help poor homeless kittens and cats find good furr-ever home like I have.

(Meowed to tune of "We're an American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad)

Living on the street ain't where it's at
I want to be a pampered, pampered pet
I need to find me, some place to call home
With some nice humans to make my own
You take me in and show me some love
It's going to be like a hand in a glove
You may not know it, but I'll tell you true...
I am the perfect companion for you!

I'm an American Cat
I'm an American Cat
I'm coming to your home, I'm gonna make it my own
I'm an American Cat

I come from shelter in Omaha
Or down the street from the Brooklyn Zoo
Some times I'm black, sometimes I'm white
Tabby or Tuxedo is quite alright
Now these nice kittens, they have a clue
They going to smooze right on up to you
You're gonna say "This one is so cute!"
Next thing you know he'll be a purring for you!

I'm an American Cat
I'm an American Cat
I'm coming to your home, I'm gonna make it my own
I'm an American Cat

(Repeat chorus 3 times)

I'm an American Cat, Mee-oow
I'm an American Cat, Mee-oow
I'm an American Cat, Mee-oow