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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Kitty Velcro

My Bean writes:

Plush Brother

She's been in this kitty velcro mood again where she feels the need to stay attached to me. I don't mind this, except that it's taken a turn where she doesn't want to let me sleep.

Last night, I turn off the lights....get all settled in and....


I pet her and try to get her to knock it off so I can sleep but...


And she slobbers while she's doing it.

So I boot her out of the bedroom. I get up, a little while later to find her in the bathroom, laying on a towel on the floor with this mournful look on her face because I won't let her into the bedroom. Normally, being exciled from the bedroom, she'd go sleep on the sectional but no.

Oh, okay. So I let her back into the bedroom.

I give her a little kitty cuddling, turn out the lights and...


Dear god. Go do happy feets on plush brother or something. There is a time and a place and 2:45 AM is not the time.

I finally had to kick her out of the bedroom again.

Such a cruel human, am I.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Look! How cute!

Leopard Cub

From Yahoo News Services: Persian leopard triplets born in June were presented Tuesday at the Budapest Zoo. The cubs — a male and two females — were born at the zoo on June 19 and are doing well, said zoo spokesman Zoltan Hanga.

The Persian leopard is the largest of the leopard subspecies and is native to Western Asian countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Armenia.

The leopard is endangered, however, with less than 2,000 thought to be living in the wild. An additional 74 leopards live in zoos.

The cubs born in Hungary — sisters Bella and Bara and brother Bahar — are part of a breeding program of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

Their parents — father Nadir and mother Cezi — arrived at the Budapest Zoo in mid-2003. Their first offspring, Asszir was born June 6, 2005, and is now at the Jerusalem Zoo.

The three cubs will stay in Budapest for about a year, when they will be transferred to other zoos around the world.

Reminds me of practicing my snarl when I was a kitten!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mighty Huntress

I was going crazy Saturday night. I zipped all over the house and suddenly discovered play cubes bean brought me days ago, I jumped all through them then I went like a cheeta -- zoom -- under the sink in the cabinet, in one side and out the other. I made like a Nascar in a race across the top fo the couch and flew off the end of the sofa and nearly jumped all the way from there into the bedroom onto the bed but didn't quite make it. Then I come running back through the house, swifter than Barbaro in Kentucky Derby, use the top of my litter box to launch myself onto the kitchen counter and then up from there to the hood over the stove then across the top of the fridge and down onto the breakfast bar...well...

I was excited!

I smelled a ratty! But I knew all that excitement would scare it, so I go to sleep when human does, and curl up next to her on bed. At 2:30 in the morning I get her to let me out of the bedroom, then silent as a shadow, I go hunting.

I have very sharp claws and I'm afraid I made a bit of a mess with this one, so human did not take picture. She did not think it would make nice picture. But I get that ratty. It was quite a battle. Get blood everywhere. Then I lay it out nice and artfully in front of bedroom door so human can have it for breakfast when she get up in the morning.

How rude! She did not eat it. She thank me for it, but she thew away! All that work and she does not want to eat it. Ah well. I do my job and she give me tribute of fish for doing such a good job. Then she clean up blood. Maybe she would have liked better if I had not made such a mess!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Smelly human jump in tub,
Need to take shower,
Scrub, scrub, Scrub.

Odiferous one, first give me food,
You may feed me in the nude.

Good cat at home need to eat.
Give me tuna and treat, treat, treat.

Now that hungry beast is tame,
You may go to baseball game.

Put on pants and put on shirt,
Don't stay out late and don't get hurt.

When you come home I'll expect the same.
No, my poetry is not lame!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Sarah make this for me!

So, I get up on Bean and I kneeding her...very important to kneed humans, it keeps them health...and she petting my ears and talking to me. And I thinking about all the nice things she do for me and all the treats she give me and I start salavitating all over. Cannot help it.

So she calls me Drooles the Cat and Slobberbucket, which I do not think very nice thing to say to good Cat, take time out of busy day to kneed human to keep her healthy.

She think it funny I get her shirt all wet.

Anyway, I hear her talking to someone about Dog the Bounty Hunter. I think I need to come up with new show, Cat the Bounty Hunter, bring in rats to justice. I think I will star in this and be celebricat. Good idea, right? Trixie and Snarff and Sarah-Dippy can be my posse.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kittenwar is now a book!

Oh...I see this on Kittenmaster Blog! Kittenwar is now a book!

This what say about it:

“, the massively popular Web site that pits two photographs of adorable kittens side by side and asks the viewer to vote for a winner, has entered a new battlefield: the book. This action-packed adventure has something for every kittenwarmonger, whether a grizzled veteran or a fresh-faced recruit: more than 100 claws-to-the-walls kittenwars; expert battle analysis by the creators of; a super-accurate Kittenological Personality Tester, the most comprehensive survey into cat naming ever undertaken; a guide to getting maximum cuteness from your kitten; a history of kittens in wartime and other times of great danger; and more. Filled with ridiculously cute kittens and cleverly funny text, no one can resist this call to paws. May the cutest kitten win!”

I cannot wait until human get home so I can get plastic and order Kittenwar the book. I must have it. I cannot wait....

And if you have never been to, you must go check it out RIGHT NOW!!!!

Cutest thing ever. Cuter then Daily Puppy. It's a cute as....well....KITTENS!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Much Rain

I go outside to used bathroom and it raining. I come back in when Bean get ready to go to work and she say "Pikapet is not working."

"What! What! What!" I say. I cannot believe this. Sarah-Dippy break, I just know it. Now what am I going to do all day?

It has been raining a lot. I rain last Friday for Dog Daze at Baseball Game. Human says "Lots of dogs, lightning, rain, and very little room led quickly to a Mike Vick promotion at Hammond Stadium." Yahoo.

She say they have Canine Coach out, do tricks with dogs on field and also one of the local agencies do adopt-a-dog. "Single Labby looking for long term relationship with fun loving human..." etc.

Plush Brother does not get into dog fights. Reptar also stay out of fights, but was not very happy 'bout all the rain.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Jeff-Jeff, plush brother St. Valentine of the Snows, and Bean.

However, Bean sure look like she might bite someone in this picture, don't you think?

There was discussion on it dogs and Cats have sense of humor, and I say "Of course we do. We live with humans don't we?"

I hope it stop raining so I can go camping with my scouts. That is coming up. I will have to go in car to go to campground, but even though I do not like to go in car, I look forword to camping. The Bar-B-Que my scouts will give me will almost make up for going in car just by itself!