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Friday, November 30, 2007

FloofyHead Friday: Teary Tiger

Floofy Head Friday Header

I decide to do something different for Friday. Since we have such a large cast of characters in this house, and since I did not want Mike the Mysterious to be the only Floofyhead around, I decided to start Floofyhead Friday and introduce you to some the Floofyheads in our house. There are a quite a few and by the time I get done with the ones we have now, I'm sure my Bean will have dragged several more home.

I had finded a blog called Stuffedster for floofyheads (or plush brothers as I usually call them) but they have not updated since 2006, so it's probably a dead project. If anyone else wants to jump in with their own Floofyheads, feel free.

So for my first Floofyhead Friday, I want to introduce you to Teary Tiger. It is pronounced like in "tearing of paper" rip or destroy. He was named for Terry, who was one of the players on our hockey team. He always demolish the other players.

Teary come to live with us about a year ago from the Greenwall Shelter. He is one of the "new" breed of floofyheads that look real. In fact, then I first see Teary sitting on my Bean's bed, I though he WAS real. So of course I growled at this new cat that came into my territories. He did not growl back though, and though I watch him intently for about 15 minutes, he not move. So he decided he wasn't threatening and did not wish to try to make kittens with me or anything like that.

After a while I sort of get used to him, but it took me a long while - several months - before I get comfortable enough to sleep with him. I still do not like sleeping with him a lot, because he's not really stable - he is a little top heavy - and tends to roll over on me.

Occupation: Bed Bug specialist
Most Proud of: Getting to stay on the bed after the rest of the floofyheads get exiled to chair
Likes: Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Bengals, Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AHL hockey team), Eye of the Tiger (song)
Favorite Celebrities: Tiger Woods, Southpaw, Ace
Favorite Movie: Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
Dislikes: Having to get up in the morning, Ray Old Shepard Dog
Dreams of: Going to a Lakeland Flying Tigers baseball game.

One thing you will notice about my floofyhead friends is that many of them are male (or plush brothers). I do not know why this is, it just is.

Note: Bean was supposed to make banner for my blog. She DID make the Floofy Head one. I was surprised I get that much out of her. Instead of sitting down, front of computer last night, she put on DVD instead. I was just about to take cat nap when I see her put DVD in, so I come galloping into the room to watch too. We watch Narnia. "See," I tell her. "All the Cats are the good side and all the wolfies are on the bad side."

"Yes, but you already knew I was one of the bad guys," she tell me.

I suppose this is true. She fancy herself big villain.

As for banner for blog, she says she will make this weekend. I say "Before or after yard sale and trip to see Santa Claws?" She not answer this.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

T-13: Holiday Safety Tips

Thirteen Holiday safety tips!

1. Watch out for candles! I have already seen some cats getting too close to their fireplaces but candles can even more dangerous as they might end up in your napping locations or favorite pathways. Make sure your humans keep these areas clear for you. Remember the bright light of the flame is pretty, but it is pretty painful if your furs catch on fire and you get burned. Don't play with fires!

2. Humans like to decorate with this "tinsel". Do not eat. Very dangerous. This can kill you. It might show up on the tree as icicles or as garland on the tree or hanging on doors and mantle places. Stay away from this. Better yet if your humans do not use it in their holiday decorating!

3. Be careful of too many table scraps, especially from rich foods like gravy covered meats, or stuffing. These can cause tummy troubles. Cooked bones are soft and might get stuck in your gums, throat or in your tummy if you chew them. Stay away from these and make sure humans dispose of these items properly, so you will not be tempted to try them later when no one looking.

4. Chocolate, coffee and alcohol are favorite drinks of human-pet, but are a no-no for Cats and other pet-beings. Chocolate for example, contains theobromine which is a heart stimulant and can cause a fatal heart attack if eaten in large amounts. Do not try to sample candy or fudge either.

5. Onions and garlic not only make your breath smell bad, but they contain thiosulphate, which is toxic. Onions are more a problem then garlic but both are dangerous. Broccoli (in large amounts) can cause tummy problems as well. Leave that for the Bunnies. Macadamia nuts are not good for either. You not a squirrel, and do not need to eat nuts.

6. Don't eat the Poinsettias! Those are those big red or white flowers humans seem to find pretty. They are pretty deadly too. Holly and mistletoe are no-nos for you as well. Trust me, they do not taste good, you don't need to sample.

7. A lot of the ornaments on trees look like Cat toys but can be hazardous. Try to leave the glass ones alone, as these will break. Non-breakable ornaments are available, but can still be dangerous if they get chewed up. Woofies generally chew more than Cats do, but if your Woofie fur-sibling leaves them around the house, don't try them. Swallowing the shiny stuff off them can get you a one way ticket over the rainbow bridge!

8. Kind of like the tree, instruct your humans to have the little ornaments up high and the big ornaments down at the bottom. This makes it harder for get off tree, but is more safe in case you get over involved in your holiday play.

9. You should not drink the water from the tree base. The humans like to put fertilizers in there which may be toxic to you. My human uses regular Sprite (not 7-Up) for our tree, which is good for the tree, but will not hurt me if I sample.

10. If you have lots of people over, make sure you have a quiet place that you can get to mapped out. When you get tired of the festivities go there and rest. Make sure your human-pets know that you wish to be left alone when you are there, especially if there are small tail grabbers around.

11. Get your humans to give you lots of suitable holiday themed toys and plenty of attention to help reduce holiday stress, not just for you, but for them too. Sometimes it is good for both parties to stop and take a play break together.

12. If there are lots of people coming and going in your house, you might want to stay away from doors. Slipping outside might seem like an adventure, but believe me when I tell you, it is no fun to be lost and on your own! I have done this, I know!

13. Holiday lights and cords can be dangerous, both if you chew them or if you get tangled up in them. If you climb the tree you might get tangled up and accidentally get hanged. Having the humans supervising your tree climbing is a good way to stay safe. I do not chew cords, but if you are a bit of chewer, or if you have bunny or woofie fur-sibs who like to chew, have your human check out for no-chew coverings to put on the electrical cords.

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!

Home 4 the Holidays 2007

Lee County Animal Services will join more than 2,000 pet shelters and adoption centers across the country for Home 4 the Holidays 2007, a national event organized to raise awareness of the joys of owning shelter-adopted pets. Organizers hope to link more than 350,000 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other companion pets with loving, adoptive families. Lee County Animal Services will launch its local campaign on December 1st and by December 31st hopes to place 300 pets from its facility in life-long homes.

Pets adopted during the month of December will go to their new homes with a special gift in addition to the services normally provided with each adoption. The adoption fee will be reduced to $50 for dogs (normally $65) and $40 for cats (normally $50). The fee includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations appropriate for each animal's age, flea treatment, worming, heartworm test for dogs six months or older, feline aids and leukemia test for cats, a county license for pets three months or older, collar, training DVD, nationally registered Microchip Pet ID, and a special gift pack that includes toys and treats. The total adoption package is valued at more than $400.

The Home 4 the Holidays adoption campaign is a departure from the traditional practice of shelters suspending pet adoptions during the holidays, which are normally very hectic. In the past it was considered a bad time to introduce a new pet into the household. However, many shelters euthanize more animals during this period due to overcrowding while missing out on the season when most people seek to add a companion animal to their family.

Adoption hours at Lee County Animal Services are 10 am to 4:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 am to 6 pm on Tuesday, and 10 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday. For more information call 239-432-2083. Pictures of pets available for adoption can be viewed online at

Note: DO NOT give pets as gifts. Ever! If you have someone that you know wants a pet, it is better to arrange for a gift or adoption certificate and allow that individual to pick out their own companion. They will be making a life-long commitment and you want to be certain they have a partner that will suit them and their lifestyle.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What I get for my Purrrthday


No, I did not get a Jaguar. Bean says I too little to drive it and where would we put it anyway.

I did get a hoodie, which I would not wear:


But ask me again in February when it get really cold out. I also get this BirdBoing toy from SmartyKat:

Bird Boing

SmartyKat make the Flitter balls I like so much and while this has the same feathers on it, and it's kind if interesting when the bird cheeps, I was not overly impressed, opting instead to put some of my new mini-mice under the sectional.

I do not MEAN for them to go under there, it's just that I like to play hide and seek with him around the edges and sometimes they go hide so far in I can't reach them with my paw.

I also get a Boogie Mat from Fat Cat Inc. I REALLY like the boogie mat and play until I suddenly fall over and need to rest.

boogie mat

There are more photos with the Boogie Mat in my photo galary.

I also get Ratatouille moovee, which only proves how out of control rats can get if you don't keep them in check. I lounge on foor and watch the rats in this moovee very intently. It better moovee then Secret of NIHM.

And of course I get lots and lots of Temptations on demand. Can't go wrong there!

Desperate Housecats

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tattle Tail Tuesday: Battle of the DVD

Where's my Moovee?
Where's my MooVee?

There is something you have to understand about my Human Bean. She is technologically challenged. She do not have a cell phone, laptop, or blackberry. She do not even have IPod, although her digital camera will hold downloaded music. Not that she's ever downloaded any.

We have a couple of old radios. The computer, while it does have a DSL line, Is probably older than I am. Seriously. She just keeps "upgrading" it, although she's starting to get to the point that she's trying to turn a toaster into a microwave and that doesn't work. Speaking of which, we don't have a dishwasher or a Microwave oven.

I'm very surprised the TeeVee does not still have vacuum tubes in it.

So, imagine my surprise when she comes home with a DVD player. Supposedly once upon a time in the distant past she had a VCR, but since I have lived with her (3 years now today) she has not had either a VCR or a DVD player. No Tivo. Heck, no cable box, we've only got regular old cable. But I did mention before, she not much of a TeeVee watcher.

While this normally would not bother me, there was a cat show on TeeVee this year. I know Miss Peach make a comment about there never being Cat Shows on TeeVee, but there was one. It was on the Game Show network. That's on Comcast channel 102. We can't get that because our TeeVee doesn't go up that high. So I could not watch Cat Show.

But back to the DVD player. Once I got over my shock, I wonder who going to hook it up for us. Well, she is, of course, right?

Oh boy.

But I get excited anyway because she organize off the couch so we can actually sit on it to watch MooVees. So I sit down on sofa to watch the epic struggle as she tries to hook up the DVD player. This took several trips to box of extra cords, before she finally gave up and went in the bedroom.

"Wait I minute," I say. Where is my moovee?"

"Tomorrow. I have to go to the store and get a converter. The DVD player has three lines running out and the TeeVee only has 2 lines running in."

Figures. The TeeVee is archaic. She probably watch the original episode of Star Trek on it when it first run.

So...she dutifully go to the store to get a cord the next day. I wish I could have gone to watch this. She go do Radio Shack, which is packed with holiday shoppers. She look around store trying to figure it out for herself, but no such luck. At least she hung out until she could find helpful sale associate. She explains that she need a cord to combine the left and the right VIDEO channels.

He laugh. Then explain it's the AUDIO channels she wants to combine. Yellow is video channel. (She have it plugged into audio jack!) Red and White are audio channels. He drag her over to basic DVD player to show her. But he gets her right cord.

She come home, after stopping at bookstore and spending $40+ on books. Notice...we just get DVD player and she buys books. Sad is it not?

After another herculean effort, she gets all the cords put together and plugged into the right jack, including the power cord which she forget and then think something is wrong with DVD player when it will not power up.

All hooked up, She put Spiderman disk on and we sit down on the sofa to watch Spiderman. Except it take her half an hour to get past the menu screen and a consultation with the DVD manual to figure out which of the buttons on the remote to push to start the DVD player.

Yeah, we get to watch MooVee!

The need to pause the moovee did not crop up until Sunday. She still has not figured that one out, although she managed to stop the moovee and then successfully go back to the sceen that was playing when she stop it.

Maybe if she read the manual? But wait! She cannot find the manual! She has organized it under the pile of stuff she move when she organize off the sofa.

So the struggle to tame the wild DVD player continues. It's almost nearly as good as the ongoing tale of the tail on Bad Kitty Cats Journal.

I simply cannot wait to watch her struggle with the cat toys she purchase me for my Purrthday today. I hope there are some good ones in those packages. I can smell the catnip already!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Myth Monday: Yule Tree

Yule Tree

I was hoping to have Festival of the Tree this weekend, but Bean said the trees have not come in from farm in Wisconsin yet. Bean like to have real tree because she says she only wants to put it up ONCE per year. It seem when she first live out on her own, she have artificial tree and the Cats that own her at the time climb it, and all the branches come out. And she end up taking it apart and having to redo it, only to have Cats climb it and take it all apart again.

Trees started being grown on farms in the early 1900's due to complains by conservationist of over harvesting.

Climbing the tree is, of course, a traditional activity for Cats at this time of the year. I purrrrsonally think it is wonderful that I can have tree inside to climb, because it much more convenient than having to go outside, even though tree inside doesn't really go anyplace or have birdies in it.

It is, however, covered in Cat toys.

The humans call the trees Christmas tree or Yule tree of Tannenbaum (which is German for "fir tree"). More recently, they are being referred to as "holiday tree". While most would argue that "Christmas Tree" is the correct name, it should noted that many pre-Christian cultures claimed the evergreen tree as a symbol during the winter season.

The winter festival of Yule was celebrated at various dates in late December or early January on a date determined by the lunar calendar. It was celebrated by a sacrifice, usually of boar, which was eaten at the Yule feast and of of the burning of the Yule log. It was fixed on the date of December 25th to help with the assimilation of the Pagans into Christianity. (Resistance is futile. Ham however, is traditional.) Germanic Neopagans and Wiccans as well several secular groups currently observe the holiday on the winter solstice (Dec. 21 or 22) in the Northern Hemisphere, June 20 or 21st if you happen to be down under.

The burning of the Yule log, the decorating of Christmas trees, the eating of ham, the hanging of boughs, holly, mistletoe, etc. are all historically practices associated with Yule.

In Germany "Patron Trees" held a special significance for the Germanic tribes. The Germans felt that oak, not evergreen, trees were special with Yggdrasil being the world tree, Irminsul being the oak pillars that connected heaven and earth, and Thor's Oak being the point of worship of the Thunder God. It was located near the village of Geismar, part of the current town on Fitzlar in northern Hesse. According to Church records, Saint Boniface supposedly felled Thor's Oak and replaced it in the Germanic culture with the cone-shaped Evergreen trees because their triangular appearance suggested the belief in "trinity".

Roman mosaics show Greek God Dionysus carrying a coniferous tree in his triumphant return from India.

The modern custom of the Festival of the Tree can be traced to the 16th century. Riga, Latvia claims to have the first "New Year's Tree" in 1510. There is some debate as to if this is the actual earliest known "modern" tree, as the German monk Martin Luther was said to have decorated a small tree to inside a house to symbolize the way the stars shined at night. A reference in the Breman Guild Chronicle in Germany in 1570 reports how a small fir tree was decorated with apples, nuts dales, pretzel and paper flowers for the benefit of the guild members' children who collected the goodies on Christmas day. Another reference, this time in 1597, talks about a tailor apprentices carrying a tree around the town decorated with apples and cheeses.

Which ever is true, it is most probably that this was also the earliest known occurrence of the household Cat climbing the tree. It was also about this time that the first known complaint of the custom of the tree distracting from the word of God appears, recorded by a German priest, Johann Konrad. Obviously, the "modern commercialization" of the holiday was not so modern day was many religious groups would have you believe.

By the 18th century, the custom of trees was common in the towns of West Germany, but not out in the country side. Wax candles were used to light the trees. It was largely regarded as a Protestant custom of the Catholic church and was spread there by Prussian officials who moved into the area in 1815.

Trees became popular in among the nobility and royal courts across central Europe and as far away as Russia by the early 19th century. The first Yule tree in France was introduced in 1840 by the duchess of Orleans. The British royal family had trees as well, Queen Victoria wrote in her journal in 1832 of two trees hung with lights and sugar ornaments, and with all the presents being placed around the tree.

Several cities lay claim to the first Yule tree in the United States of America. Windsor Locks, Connecticut, claims a Hussian soldier first set up a tree in 1777 while imprisoned at the Norden-Reed House. Easton, Pennsylvania, claims that German settlers first erected a tree in 1816, while Lancaster, Pennsylvania, states they had the first recorded use of a Yule tree in 1821.

Trees were only brought in and decorated on Christmas Eve and then removed the day after Christmas, as it was considered bad luck to keep them up longer. This understandable as you were using candles to light them and between this and the household Cats climbing them, you were certainly courting fire.

Modern Commercialization of the holiday season is said to have started when shops started putting of trees in late October. (Selfridge's Christmas department is up by early September, complete with trees.) It is common tradition to up the trees up right after Thanksgiving in America and take them down after New Years. Some say that the trees are supposed to stay up until after the Feast of the Three Kings on January 7th.

Bean takes the tree down usually right after New Years because it starts shedding too much. By that time, I've pretty much also got enough pine sap in my furs and have climbed myself out, so that works for me. By solstice I am more interested in what is under the tree and how Santa Claws sneaks into my house to put it there without my knowing about it.

There is all kinds of fun facts and stuff on Yule Trees at the National Christmas Tree Association's website. They claim the tree in Riga, Latvia in 1510 as the first recorded record of a decorated Christmas Tree and also have additional history of the tree, including the first White House tree.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Matinee

I get to watch moovees this weekend!

I watch Spiderman. That Tobey McGuire, he is a cutie. He can give me skritchs anytime!

I did not watch Underworld. I cat nap through that. Bean liked that one because she is the one who chases parked cars and howls at the moon. Spiderman was fun though and it was nice to be able to watch moovees with Bean instead of going to neighbors. She makes good moovee watching chair.

So now I make up song:

Spider Cat, Spider Cat.
Does whatever a spider can't.
One by one I eats them all!
Eight legged Arachnida gonna fall.
Look out! Here comes the spider cat!

That was Friday. Yesterday we watch Transformers, today we are going to watch Harry Potter IV. There is a story to go along with the moovee watching, but I will tell that one Tattle Tail Tuesday because's a tail of rampant stupidity. Tuesday is also my Purrrrthday!

I also gets lots of Turkey and gravy this weekend. I did not like the stuffing, and would not eat. She would not give me turkey carcass either to finish off, but wrap up in plastic bag and put in new raccoon proof trash bin she buy to replace the one that gotted stealed. Something about once she bake it the bones get too soft and it's not good for me to eat. I did not like the cranberries either. I tried some last year and did not even sniff them this year. She did give me some cheese though off the pizza we had on Friday while watching the moovees. As you can see, I end up a very stuffed kitty cat from all this food!

My new sisfur Savannah has been watching over me while I sleep, so share my nip mouse with here. Bean thinks that is very sweet. Whatever!

I hope you all had nice Fangsgiving and a happy Fangsgiving weekend!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let it snow!

LOL Dogs

This picture remind me....when I first came to live with this Bean, she had just bought something that come in box with those white foam blocks to they use to pack the things in. Not peanuts. And there were two of them.

Anyway, she went to work and leave me alone in the apartment all my myself and I was kind of bored....

When she come home, she open the door and said "OMG, it DOES snow in Florida. And indoors yet."

That was fun! I chewed those all up and chase them around the apartment making drifts all over the place! Needless to say, she does not leave those things, or the peanuts either, in a place where I can get at them.

Special Note: I have finded Santa's Magical Golden Cat on the web and he is looking for pictures of felines in their Holiday best. Send your picture in and make sure you tell him what a Good Cat-Cat you've been so you'll get plenty of holiday presents!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wondering Wednesday - Cat Show

Sleeping with Sisfur

Rocky the Gutter Cat make a comment on his blog that "I'm a no-papers mixed breed frum the pownd hoo can't enter Cat shows."

Well, Rocky, I hate to tell you, but you CAN be a show Cat. Almost any Cat could be a prize winning show Cat. There is a special class called the Household Pet class that any Cat can enter, even a no-papers mixed breed from the pound.

Now, I'm no show Cat, but I do know a little bit about them. If there are show Cats out there and I get something wrong, please let me know.

First of all there are two major sanctioning organizations for the Cat Shows. The first and the oldest is the CFA or Cat Fanciers Association. However, the CFA tends to be a little conservative when it comes to letting new breeds into their registry. So, The International Cat Association, or TICA, was formed. Both organizations have Household Pet classes and the CFA has added new Feline Agility Competitions which mixed breed Cats may enter as well.

There are some rules that all Cats, purebred or not must follow. You must have your claws clipped and you must have test negative for infectious diseases and you must have all your vaccines. This is to protect you, of course, as all sorts of nasties might get passed about at a show where there are a lot of Cats if precautions aren't taken. If you are over 8-months old and are entering the Household Pet class, you have to be "fixed" so that you can not make kittens. There is also a purebred category called "Alter" ("Premier" in CFA) for purebred Cats who cannot make kittens. (The other Categories are Kittens and Adults. Kittens must be at least 4 months old to enter a CFA Cat show, 3 month old to enter a TICA Cat show.) Note that you will have to provide proof, like a paper from your V-E-T, that you are indeed fixed so that you can't make kittens before you can enter the show.

In Household Pet class, your coat and eye colors do not matter. The rules I am going to blog about now are TICA rules so they may be a little different for CFA. The most important part of Household Pet is "Condition". Out of a possible 100 points, your excellent condition can earn you 50 points. Your coat must be clean and free of any mats or parasites and you must be well groomed. Your ears, eyes, nose, mouth and claws must be clean and well kept. The judge will not examine you too closely, especially around the ears, because many rescue Cats have had ear problems in the past and are sensitive about their ears. He will look in your mouth though (I hate that).

Of those 50 points, having your coat cleaned and groomed is worth 20 points, your Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth and Claws are worth 15 points. Your balance and proportion make up the other 15 points. You should display overall proportion, not have too big or too small head. (Froot-bat ears don't matter.) You should not be either overweight or underweight, and have a good muscle tone. Some allowances will be made for Geezers, don't worry. We can't expect a 15 year old to go up against 5 year old without a bit of a sliding scale. CFA requires that Cats not be declawed. TICA rules state that "Cats that have been declawed shall not be penalized".

The CFA states that "entries must have all of their physical properties" which I think means you have to have all four legs, couple of eyes, etc. TICA rules state that "A Cat not having all physical properties, such as eyes, ears, legs, tail (except as specified in breed standards), are ineligible for entry except in the alter classes or household pet classes."

Your personality is worth 30 points. You should be friendly, alert and easy to handle. If you are a little nervous, your handler (like your human mom) can take you from the benching cage and place you on the judging table but then you must allow the judge to examine you. It's not like the vet, he won't push anything in your back end. However, you can not bite. If you bite, you get disqualified. This is why I would not make good show Cat, I do not like being picked up and would probably bite the judge.

Finally your beauty is worth another 20 points and that means a nice coat pattern, pleasing overall markings, colors and patterns and overall grace. This is a pretty arbitrary category as each judge has a different idea of what is beautiful.

Things that would normally cause you to be disqualified in a purebred class, like too many toes, torn or missing ears, kinked tails, etc., are perfectly fine in the Household Pet class unless it appears that the problem is on on-going one indicating lack of care.

Cats that look like purebreds but are unpapered are judged exactly the same way that all other Cats are judged in this class, so that things that might disqualify you in a purebred class, like having inappropriate eye color to match your coat or crossed eyes, or too many toes or blindness will not count against you in Household Pet class. Household Pet kittens are all judged together as a group. In TICA shows adults are split into two groups, short haired and long haired. (In CFA, they are all judged together.) If your coat hair is of 1 1/2 inches in length or more and fluffy, then you are in the long haired group. If not, you go in the short haired group.

Aside from biting, displaying aggressive behavior of any kind will get you disqualified. You may exhibit fear, seek to flee, or scream to your heart's content but you may not hiss or growl at the judge, or try to scratch or bite. They do not like this. Also, no awards will made to a Cat that is in obviously dirty or poor condition.

Some thing to consider before you decide to enter a Cat Show. You will have to put up with a bath with REAL water, and extensive grooming by your human to get you ready for the show. You will have to have your claws clipped. Shows can be noisy, busy, places, so if your kind of timid and skittish, being in a Cat show may not be for you. You will have to spend most of the time at the Cat show in your cage. Most of the cages are very posh, and you will probably have blankets, curtains, a hammock or bed and litter box, plus your toys in the cage with you, but a cage is still a cage. If you disliked being cramped up, long time, might want to skip showing.

Obviously, your human will need to agree to take you the show and will have to stay with you for the weekend. He or she will have to take you from your cage to the judging ring and back again. You don't want to be stepped on! They will also have to give up some of those green folding papers they so prize as an entry fee.

TICA I think gives out the same sort of awards (ribbons) that the purebreds get. You must have earned 300 points (1st place is worth 25 points, 5th place is 5 points) plus one final award to qualify for the title of "Master" which is similar to "Champion" in purebred class. Click here to see TICAs 2006 winners! The CFA flyer I have says "each Household Pet reflecting good health and vitality receives a Merit Award (Red/White).

While Cat shows were originally established to help set the qualifications of the various breeds, Household Pet is designed to show responsible pet care and ownership, and help people realize that ANY and ALL Cats have a very special beauty. You will see often at the shows where the local rescue organizations with have booths set up and may even bring some Cats or Kittens along that are hoping to find a Furr-ever home with some of the Cat loving humans at the show. The shows DO NOT support or encourage "puppy mill" (or would that be "kitten mill"?) operations, nor are they cruel to the animals that participate like some overenthusiastic but ill-informed "Animal Ethics Societies" would have you believe.

I have put links in for both the CFA and TICA in this post, and you can find out more about Cat shows at those sites as well as shows in your area. (The link about Feline Agility is well worth reading! Putting their humans through their paces! Hah! That I would want to see!) It would probably be a good idea to send your humans out to observe the goings on at shows before you enter one, so that they will be able to prepare you for the show and for what you will have to do there. Humans do have their uses after all.

I hope you have find this article helpful. I have finded that Cat Shows are often misunderstood by many Cats and their humans, who seem to think they are held for different reasons than they are.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Copy Cat

Since E-furry-one else is doing this:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Royal Highness Diamond the Superficial of Bumswick by the Hole
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I wish to point out that my real title is

Queen Empress of the Universe and Slayer of Fowl Beasties.

Bow down to me!

Tattle Tail Tuesday

I was asked to join in this and I was kind of concerned about doing so because, you know, the holidays are coming and if I'm not a good Cat-Cat, Santa Claws won't leave me a Solstice Gift. But then...I think...I've been such a good Cat-Cat all year long and after all, I would be telling the truth, right?


Bean has this mantra which she ways a lot, usually when she's tearing the house apart looking for something.

"I really must get organized one of these days!"

The "one of these days" part is the catch, or course. She's always getting....




Organized, as near as I can tell, usually means taking everything and putting it another room when company comes over and shutting the door. That also seems to count as "cleaning this mess up" although if you don't actually put anything way, how have you cleaned?

Then of course, if she needs to go into the room she's "organized" everything into while the guests are over, she behaves as though she is keeping a real live leopard in the room.

Beware of the Leopard

I will occasionally, if I am in the room, lend credence to this belief by knocking things over, causing crashing sounds which I'm sure disturbs the guests. If only I could roar like a leopard...

The leopard in the picture is my new plush sisfur, Savannah. We just get adopt her from the Greenwall Shelter. I guess she is okay, as I sleep next to her all of last night.

Next week I will talk about her being a were-creature. Can you guess what her alternate form is? I'll give you a has something to do with the organizing!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Myth Monday: Bast


This is my shrine for Bast, the Goddess of Cats (who is also called Bastet, Baset, Ubasti and Pasht). This is where I offer up my preyers for when my furrriends are sick or hurt. Sometimes human must help me, because I can't work lighter and so she needs to light incense for me, or candles, if I want to have candles.

Bast was originally viewed as a protector Goddess of Lower Egypt and was seen as the defender of the Pharoah and later of Ra, the Sun God, earning her the titles of Lady of Flame and Eye of Ra. She was often depicted as a fierce lioness and her name means devourer (perhaps this is why we, her children, eat so much).

Originally viewed as a Goddess of the sun, she would later become a Goddess of the moon to the Greeks, who also called her Aelurus (which means Cat in Greek).

The was also known as Goddess of the Ointment Jar or the Perfumed Protector, which is a play on the name Bastet. The "et" is an additional feminine suffix, but in adding it the meaning of the name was also changed.

During Egypts Middle Kingdom, she started to be depicted as a female domestic cat, whichrepresentation we still see of her today. Sometimes she wouldbe shown holding a lioness mask and other times, she would be accompanied by kittens. Because Cats are so prolific (although no where near so as rats are) she became known as a fertility Godess as well. Human women who wanted to children would wear an amulet of Bast and the number of kittens on the amulet would indicate the human woman's desired number of children.

Cats were held in extreme reverence in Egypt because they killed rats would would eat the food supplies if left unchecked and because they had the ability to fight and kill snakes, especially cobras. ("Ah," Bean says. "This is why you keep bringing me snakes. You're protecting me from cobras!" But of course.)

The main temple to Bast was located in Per-Bast and mummified cats would be brought there after so they could rest with the holy Goddess. More then 300,000 mummified cats were discovered when the temple was excavated. After a family cat died, their body would be mummified and then displayed outside of the home as a sign of respect for the feline member of their family. The body would later be taken to the Goddess' shrine in Per-Bast.

She is believed to have given birth to the Lion God Maahes of Nubia in the New Kingdom, although in the Upper Kingdom, her name as Sekhmet. Wadjet-Bast and Nekhbet were also names used for her at this time. Later all of these identities were combined and absorbed into the worship of the Goddess Mut, whose cult had risen to power with that of Amun (Amun-Ra, again a God of the sun).

Mut however is considered to be a moon Goddess and was depicted as a White Vulture and not as a Cat.

Bast remains popular in modern literature today and she was the subject of two separate comic book series (both called Bast).

As you can see, I have most recently offered Bast a feather-butt mousie and one of my favorite krinkle ball toys. Once she has played with them, she will return them and I will find new suitable offerings for her, perhaps a mini-mouse which are quite fun. I cannot find catnip scented incense so I must use other smells, but I do no think she minds, as being the Perfumed Protector, she is probably fond of most scents.

Many humans these days seem to think Bast is not real, but I know otherwise. Humans get like this because they want to feel superior to Cats, and seem to forget that we are Demi-Gods as proclaimed by Pharoah. We have never forgotten this simple fact and we never will. Humans will just have to get over their insufferable superiority complexes.

Bast now maintains a temple in the Beastlands on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge where all Cats may go to wait for their loved ones to join them and to be bask in the holy light of our beautiful Cat Goddess.

Bast is not a difficult Goddess to worship. She does not require long services, or live sacrfices or anything like that. She doesn't even care if you want to go lay out in the sun for a while and worship Ra. She is not jealous. She just askes that you protect your home and nuture your family, which is something that all Cats are pretty good at doing anyway.

And if you want to light some incense for her....well, that's nice too!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Special Power Saturday

LOL Cats

As you probably know, or maybe you don't, all Cats have some special powers. Some Cats have different special powers then other Cats. For example, Baby Mao has the special power of "Poo". I do not.

One special power all Cats seem to share is lazer eyes. This is what humans mean when they say "If looks could kill". Our looks can. When fully charged, our lazer eyes can vaporize things. You must be very careful when using this power because you don't accidentally want to vaporize your favorite mousie toy. The reason that Cats have this special power and humans don't is that humans would have vaporized the planet already.

Most Cats are very good with the special power of "Cute". Cute can be used to get many things off the humans including toys and treats. Be careful with this power though if you do not like getting picked up and hugged, because Cute also seems to cause humans to want to pick you up and hug you.

There is the special power of "Pitiful". This is an active power that you must work at. It involves a piteous cry and mournful eyes turned toward the offending human. Piteous will nearly always cause them collapse and do whatever you want - such as move the sofa so you can get at all your favorite toys that have somehow gotten stuck in the space continuum you built under there. Piteous can also get you toys, treats, specially delicious foods and other goodies off even the biggest tightwad human.

"Cold Shoulder" is a passive power. You really don't have to do anything to make this one work except ignore you human. Hiding under the bed all day, not spending time on their laps, or leaving the room when they walk in are all part of the "Cold Shoulder" special power. Sometimes humans are dense, so it may take them a while to notice you utilizing this special power.

All Cats tend to think vertically, so it should be no wonder that we special power of "Levitation". Humans call this jump, but how else can you explain how we get all the way up to the top of bookcase where we have no business being. We Levitate. I'd like to see humans "jump" up there, they could not. This is a good special power for outdoor kitties as you can levitate to roof to avoid confrontation with marauding woofie who might happen to enter your territories.

One of my favorite special powers is "Invisibility" which as known as the power to "Hide in plain sight". I love watching the human look all over the house for me, when I'm sitting right there in front of her. It very amusing special power.

Some Cats can use "mind control" on their humans. This allows you to make them do things, like walk hunt for Cat toys when the go hunting or cause them to forget to bring home brofur or sisfur you do not want. "Mind Control" is very powerful and I enjoy using this. If you have power of "Mind Control" you will probably also have special power of "Nightmares" which allows you to send them disturbing dreams when they displease you. Sadly some humans are too thick skulled for these powers to work on, I do not know why. They work on my human though.

The ultimate special power we have is power of "Bubonic Plague". We last used this power in the middle ages when humans were trying to wipe out Cats as a species. So we use our special power of Bubonic plague to nearly wipe them out. Fair is fair. This special power, like that of lazer eyes, should never be used casually because once it gets going it's very hard to stop, and you really don't want to punish the neighbors for something you human do to you. Although sometimes I threaten to use it when I she try to dress me up, I really would never do that.

These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. "See in Dark" is also a special power, we use this one a lot. Do have any special powers outside the ones I have outlined. What are they? How to do they work? Let us know, so that we may all try them out!

Friday, November 16, 2007


The human and I had a disagreement about the bed last night. I wanted to sleep in the same space she wanted to place her feet. So we sort of compromised for a little while, but then she woke because her legs were all cramped, only to find out I'd taken over the coveted spot on the bed while she has snoozing.

So I got banished to the sectional.


And it was a furry cold night too! That's okay though. She had to go to work, and I'm taking over the coveted spot on the bed for the rest of the day. Meanwhile she has to go to work and to see HER V-E-T. What could possibly be worse than that?

Besides that, I used my powers of "Nightmares" to give her night terrors. Before that she was dreaming of ABC (A Black Cat - which would be me).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where do you want to travel most in the world?

No. Where. I am a cat. I do not like to travel. I would rather stay home.

That being said, this is my new PTU*:


Bean seems to think this will be a lot of fun because she can put me in and take me the ArtShow, the Christmas Tree Lighting and a Baseball Game. "Wouldn't you like to go to the baseball game with Reptar?" she asks. No. Not really.

The PTU* is made of faux pink alligator hide. I have never seen a faux pink alligator, have you? It also comes with a matching pink collar that attaches to a restraining device. Bean says she is replacing the pink color with my escape prooved cat harness and that when we get to where we're going - like the aforementioned baseball game - I will be able to come out of the PTU* and walk around on my leash. Or at least be carried arround because usually, when you put my leash and harness on me, I lay down and will not go anywhere unless you pick me up and carry me.

The nice thing about this PTU* is that my head can be out the front so I can see what is going on. The bad thing is...there is no place to turn around and lay down in it, or to curl up and sleep or to hide. This is NOT going to make me feel secure, restraining device or not.
She also is thinking of getting me another harness, something along the lines of the one my NMSSF Tony is wearing in this picture:

Tony the Irish Pug

She thinks this would be harder for me to get out of. And of course, it would not come with a corney tie.

That is the other thing she says. "You could to go PugFest! Wouldn't that be wonderful!"

No. Not really. Instead of having one pug slobber all over me I could have a have a couple hundred of them doing that? What's so wonderful about that. She has a really strange definition of the word "wonderful".

So... I would like to travel to the back yard. Or maybe across the street over by the canal. I've been to the Dog Bakery once. That's about as far as I'd like to travel, thank you very much.

Speaking of travel, my Bean say her boss' cat Cocoa has gone over Rainbow Bridge. She was 15 years old, and suffered a heart attack. She died in the car on the way to the vet. Very sad. They have a 10-month old kitten and are thinking of adopting a older cat. She has refered them to, which is the no-kill organization in Cape Coral.

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

*Prisoner Transport Device a.k.a. carrier

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wondering Wednesday (and Meme)

TamaraMaew was wondering what the blue box is.

Blue box

It is a Cedar Box and Bean is using it for a lamp table because the had nothing else on that side of room to set the lamp on, the all the other outlets are full. She has a picture of her grandmother on it, who pass over rainbow bridge before I was born, a bobcat curio, a candle and a vase with roses in it on there beside the lamp. The roses are made of feathers and I have to admit to attacking them now and again, which is why some of the feathers are laying loose on the box.

Under the box is a little blue throw rug. Inside the box, Bean stores the extra bed linens and the throws and fleecies when they are not in use:

snowman throw

The cedar keeps the insects out of them - we gets lots of spiders - and gives them a pleasant smell.

Next to the box is a baseball case which is actually supposed to be hanging on the wall. We have CBS house, which is really good if hurricane comes, but which makes it hard to hang things. She has to borrow the noisy, drilling machine from the neighbor to hang things, so sometimes it takes her a while to get around to it. When it gets put up, it will look something like this:

baseball case

Next to that is a really nice painting of leopards that needs to go and get reframed because it fall off the wall and glass break. I should note that sometimes, even after using the noisy drilling machine, things will fall off the wall for no good and apparent reason because the cements crumbles or something.


It is an original oil painting on canvas, but Bean did not paint it, she is pretty good artist, but not that good. Behind that is her Derek Jeter trophy pelt that also needs to go on the wall:

Jeter Jersey

Yes, I know. It amaze me that she get close enough to get the pelt off one of them too.

Vine Line

I’ve been tagged by Black Cat for the 7-facts meme, which I have done before, but which I will do again. Here are the rules:

* Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog;

* Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself;

* Tag 7 random people at the end of your post & include links to their blogs;

* Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random and/or Weird Facts About Me!

1. Despite the fact that I am a Florida Kitty, I HAVE seen snow. It comes in a big truck and they dump in the parking lot of the Publix SuperHunting Grounds where my Bean hunts. It stays there for maybe 2 or 3 days before it melts. Bean take me to see it last year. It is cold and wet and I think it is really overrated stuff.

2. I do not like to eat beef. Have you ever seen a cat kill a cow? Well then...

3. I have an escape proved cat harness. I have proved that I can escape it in under 5 seconds.

4. I will have lived with my Bean for three years on November 27th, which is also when I celebrate my Puuurrrthday. We will have lived in our house for 2 years in December, but the post office still have hard time find us to deliver our mail.

5. When I was learning to use the computer, I open a bunch of my Beans files and edit them while she was at work. Happily - for her - I had not learned how to save them yet.

6. I do not cough up hairballs much. I am shorthaired cat and my Bean brushes me regularly.

7. These are my kittens:


The last ones I had I groomed so much they fall apart. Bean bring these home, but she put them on shelf where I can't get at them!!! How I supposed to take care of them???

Just about everyone has done this me-me before, I but I would like to see my Xanga friends Pepper the Cheetah, Misty Whispurrs, B.J. & Little Bit, Tinkerbell, and Putter do it. And anyone else who want to do it too.

Tummy Rub Tuesday


Yes, you may pet the tummy! Just don't tickle!

vine cat line

I sorry I not blog. Bean has been hogging the computer to listen to Mr. Shaggy and some of her other friends play in baseball tournament in China. I do not know where this is, but I suspect is it under my litter pan because she always ask if I am trying to dig a hole to China when I scratch in there too much.

vine cat line

You can get a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for Purina One Wholesome Entrees foods. Click here to go to a survey you need to fill out in order to down load the coupon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thoughtful Thursday

I have a questions that's been bothering me and maybe some of the puddins at CatBlogSphere know the answer...

Is Santa Claws sleigh pulled by 8 Vishus Reindeers?

Because if so....I think I am going to hide under the bed until he's gone!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tail talk Tuesday


When I am sitting with my tail curled around me, like in the above picture, it means I am content, but that I do not wish to be bothered. It does not mean my feets are cold, although a tail is usefull for warming feets as well. Sometimes the humans miss that. They think if I'm sitting there looking pretty, I'm fair game for petting. I'm not. I just wish to sit by you but not be touched.

Since I am sitting on warm laundry in this picture, my feets would not be cold anyway, would they?

Our tails say much about our moods. When I am angry, I lash my tail back and forth. The human of course, knows what that means. She will then attempt to placate me with treats or toys, but such distractions do not always work, if I am very angry. I will usually then go under the bed, where she cannot go, because I do not wish to be bothered further.

However, sometimes I swish my tail about, which does not mean the same thing. I swish my tail about when I am intrigued by something, perhaps a bird, or something on the TV or the hands on the clock. I also swish my tail when I'm trying to make up my mind about inside or outside.

I usually try to warn the human though before I get to tail lashing. I will hold the tip of my tail up, and that means that I am a little ticked off and to leave me lone. If she continues to bother me I tip will start going back and forth, which is usually a warning before I will pounce on her paw and take a nip out of her. She really should pay more attention, don't you think?

Most humans know that if my tail is straight up, and all poofed out, that I'm in an agressive mood. This is usually accompanied by all my furs being poofed out too, and is generally reserved for other Cats or for maurading dogs or thunderstorms that come into my territories.

When my tail is held up though, with a bit of a curve in it, and is not all poofed out, it means I am happy to see the human. This is my way of saying hello. All that talking I'm doing is not saying hello, it's telling you how may day went and is also a request that dinner be served promptly. Usually if I'm scolding my human however, my tail will down and the tip sort of curved under or twitching. This usually happens when she is unusually late coming home.

When I am exceedingly please with her, my tail will be straight up however. This is of course is the positional all humans should strive to keep our tails in!

However, do not get this position confused with the marking of territories, which usually happens when my tail is straight up, sort of quivering. I'm usually backing up to something too, and that is how I leave my scent marks around outside so that other Cats will know not to come in my territories, that I have claimed them. Man Cats that have not been nuetered so they can no longer make kittens love to do this and their scent is usually very strong. The humans also find it unpleasant. A "snipped" Man Cat will not do this, especially if they are kept inside. I do not mark my inside territories this way, only around the outside of my territories. Scent marking inside is usually much more subtle and is done my rubbing my head on things.

If my tail is straight up and the tip is going back and forth, it means I'm excited about something, like dinner or cat nip. This is a good way for my tail to be too.

I just wish the human would get it into her head that just because I'm sitting there does not automatically mean you should put your human germs all over me. I take a long time to groom myself just right, and I do not want you messing me up after I get finished.

MoMo writes in her blog that human researches think we spend 15% of our time on grooming. We probably would not take so long if they'd keep their human paws to themselves!

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

I read in Cat Fancy Magazine where November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

Launched in November of 2005 by Veterinary Pet Insurance, it's goal has been to raise the awareness about cancer in pets.

Cancer is not only a leading cause of death in humans in the United States, but it is also the leading cause of death in Cats.

According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, Cats are 13 times more likely to develop cancer than humans. Cats develop many of the same types of cancers that affect humans, such as mammary cancers, lymphoma, leukemia and skin cancers.

If detected early, cancer often can be more treatable than other geriatric diseases such as renal disease, diabites and cardiac disease.

The key to fighting cancer is early diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Warning Signs:

Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow.

Sores that do not heal.

Weight Loss.

Loss of appetite.

Bleeding or discharge from any body opening.

Offensive Odor.

Difficulty eating or swallowing.

Hesitation to excersise or loss of stamina.

Persistant lameness or stiffness.

Difficulty in breathing, urinating or defecating.

These are just some common signs and if you notice any of them, you should have your human take you to a vet for consultation. This list is not comprehensive and the symptoms are not exculusive for cancer. For more information visit the Veterinary Cancer Society at

Monday, November 5, 2007


I wish to get my human something to thank her for all the nice things she get me at Pet Fest, 2007. Unfortunately, selection of appropriate thank you gifts was limited. So I get her this:

I did not munch on it this time, I wanted her to enjoy the whole thing by herself.

Is this not thoughtful of me?

Kitty Limericks

How exciting! Kitty Limericks has written a Limericks about me! This was a surprise as I was not expecting it. Only thing is, she put down I am American Shorthair, which is incorrect. I am Domestic Shorthair. American Shorthair is an actual CFA registered breed of cat.

This is a furry common mistake though, even among "cat" people.

According to "The Complete Book of the Cat", the first registered American Shorthair was a British import named Belle of Bradford, an orange tabby male. The second was also an import, Pretty Correct, a silver tabby male. Because they are a registered breed, there are conformation guidelines and acceptable coat and eye colors and combinations outlined by the Cat Fancier's Association.

American Shorthairs are still American Shorthairs irregardless of whether you find them in America, Great Britain or China.

Anyway, Kitty Limericks is up for Best Pet Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards, although it is doing up against some big ones like The Daily Puppy, Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger. You can cast your vote for Kitty Limericks HERE.

I have been known to write some poetry from time to time, but I am no where near as good as Kitty Limericks is!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pet Fest 2007

Bean go to Pet Fest 2007 yesterday. It over on 6-Mile Cypress. I do not go, because I do not like to go in car.

However, I send her and she bring me many nice things back including TREATS! That always best thing to bring back.

I also get a fluffy collar to wear for the holidays (but not outside, I not want to get it dirty), a nice blue scarf, a catnip ravioli, a little feather-butt mouse, a DVD and 2 Florida Feline Magazines.

She says that I would not have liked it anyway as there were many woofies there and no furry-purries. She was unhappy with this. Cats are the most common human companion these days, we greatly out number dogs in American Households, but most of the events all seem to be dog-centric.

Granted it did say "pet costume contest" and if no Cats enter that is not the fault of the event staff, but in terms of vendors, there were very few for cats.

Specifically there was Cat's Paw Designs, which is a new store that open here, and Florida Feline Magazine. No cat rescue places although there were about six different breed specific rescue organization for woofies. Even places that rescue cats all bring dogs with them to event. They have "Puppy Hugs" station. Could just as easily have brought out some Kittens that need good home, you know?

And isn't a Kitten a little bit easier to get someone to adopt then a full grown woofie the size of a small pony?

Even places like Pet Supermarket, which was there, have bunch of samples for dogs and only one for cats. That not really fair, is it?

The stand she get fluffy collar at ask her when she buy collar "Well, where's your pooch?" She explain collar is for me to wear. It even have a cat face on the packaging. "Oh," the lady exclaimed. "I never even thought to put that on one my cats!" Maybe she should look at the packaging?

I like the scarf, but it a little small for me. However, Bean fix it so it can slip onto my collar and I can wear it that way. I think I look most beautiful in it!

She also get cat stickers from Human Society Naples, some information from a place called Petlane to Host a Pet PAWty, and a flyer on getting my picture taken with Santa Claws next month. He will be at Animal Angels in Lehigh. (You will notice most of their things is for woofies too.)

She also talk to people at CROW Wildlife Hospital. That get started because they have a sign that says "What most often causes injury to wildlife?" which caused Bean to hazard a guess of " Cat?" No. I do not injure. I kill. Anyway, they give her fridge magnate in information in case I should bring in something that I have not actually terminated yet.

She also get issue of Naples Dog magazine. (She want to include this because she knows some of you have woofie brofurs and sisfurs and might be interested.)

Also I am supposed to remind everypet that November 4th through the 11th is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. If you come from a shelter or know someone who did, make sure the humans in their life give something back to the shelter with a donation of time, food, money or supplies.

I should note that I think Bean buy some other things for me, because I see her hiding things in car when she come home. My Purrrthday IS at the end of this month you know. So I'm quite certain she has something up her sleeve. (Not to mention the junk in the trunk.)

Also I find in this stuff what I want for Solstice gift. It called Cat Fish:


It is a lot like my little tent, and I spend a much of last night curled up in my little tent because the weather has turned cooler and my little tent keep me warm. I really like that little tent.

Anyway, I want to go play with my new toys now and try to get more treats out of the human. I will purrs at you later. can see some of the woofies at Pet Fest Here. She did not do a very good job taking pictures at this event.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I catched a snake. It was kind of disappointing because it not very big - not even a gizzy long - and not very fat. I sample it, and it wasn't as tasty as I thought it was going to be either. So I leave it for Bean.

She take picture but it did not download right to computer.

She also thank me for snake, but say she wasn't hungry because she already have pizza for lunch. How rude! She have pizza for lunch and not bring me any? After I share my snake with her too.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

T13 - Hurricane

Thirteen things to do during Hurricane

The weather radar shows that Tropical Storm Noel is going out into Atlantic ocean. Evidently it doesn't even want any of Daisy's lizard stew as it will not be stopping by her house either.

I have lived through several hurricanes now, including Hurricane Charlie. Here are 13 things to do if Hurricane comes to visit:

1. Catnap
2. Check the storm tracking on the computer.
3. Eat a snack.
4. Watch lights flicker and go out.
5. Catnap
6. Watch human trip over things as she tries to light candles, find flashlight in dark.
7. Listen to wind howl and moan. Check to make sure roof is still on. It it's not, evacuate to under the bed.
8. Find an unshuttered window so you can look outside and watch the rain outside fall sideways.
9. See if the neighbors are doing anything weird, like tying themselves to the front of their trucks.*
10. Catnap
11. Try to get human to open can of food for you so you can have dinner. Humans are so useless once power goes out.
12. Check to make sure no water is coming in house. If it is, evacuate to top shelf of closet.
13. Catnap

* I was living in North Fort Myers when Hurricane Charlie came. One of the neighbors in the apartments put his linemen harness on, and chained himself to the front of his pick up truck. He stand there through the storm, getting picked up by the wind and tossed around going "Yahoo! Yahoo!" Humans are VERY weird.

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