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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

You know you are checking out something in your house - say the top of the bookcase - and something in the same area falls to the floor and you get blamed for it, even though you had nothing to do with the thing falling?

And, you how bent out of shape the humans get if that something breaks?

So, I just wonder, how come when like Underdog or Spiderman wrecks the whole city, nobody ever says anything to them?

Oh, I know, moovee not real, but it very unrealistic too.

I mean, we see him stealing - yes stealing - Italian food and a bagle in the movie, not to mention the sandwich he get when he crashes through the office building. Don't tell me doggie doesn't know he's stealing, doggies are the ones that are always barking to protect their property.

So, it's not okay that the humans steal jewelry, but it is okay if the beagle steals a bagle? From the police yet?

Then he apprehend "Cat" burglar - who happens to be human so I do not know why they call him "Cat" burglar, he not Cat - and drops him on the roof of the patrol car he just steal bagel from.

Who pays for breaking the hood of the patrol car? Maybe insurance cover it one or two times, but insurance company gonna start not insuring acts of superhero pretty fast if it keeps happening. Not to mention who the burglar who is the burglar going to sue for getting his back messed up? I'm sure the city will not be happy if he turns around and starts talking about use of excessive force when they catch him.

Maybe this is why superheros must wear costume and keep their identity hidden? So no one can sue them for property damage and injury?

Spiderman - you know - take out whole city blocks! Big chunks of concrete go falling down to the street, nearly crush the people.

Do you know the kind of trouble I'd be in if I was up on the roof and a chunk of the roof fall off to the ground? I mean, really! Peter Parker could go swinging around town without a mask and most people wouldn't know him - just look at the subway scene in Spiderman II. So why he wear a mask? It's probably so no one can send him a bill for the office building he destroy when fighting Doc Occ.

And James Bond in Casino Royal, he like totally destroy this one construction site while he chasing this guy. Okay, he get in trouble for storming the Nigerian Embassy, but no one say word to him about building? Do British Intelligent Agency play for the damage to building? I pretty sure Acts of James Bond not covered in insurance policy. He not God, for one thing.

You know in Spiderman that guy at the Daily Bugle that is always printing bad things about Spiderman? He should have newspaper on expose on property damage caused by Spiderman if he really want to write something bad.

Maybe that why we not have superheroes in real life? The cost of the crime fighting just too high for anyone to undertake?

So now you are say "Okay Diamond, what did you do that got you thinking about this?"


It's just that bounty hunters come back again yesterday and they park in our driveway and so Bean could not get in to park her car until they left. And they take up WHOLE driveway which you can usually fit three cars if you park close together. So she a little miffed about this.

I guess they really want this guy:

Dangerous Criminal

But she have same answer for them she give them before. She doesn't know and he still not look familiar. They leave flyer this time. They really want this guy I guess because he convicted felon, and beat up on Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). They offering $2,500 reward.

They decide to go check out Vincennes Court. She say that Vincennes Court have different number system then Vincennes Street but they can check it out if they want too. I think she just happy they get out of her drive way.

So, if having bounty hunters in her driveway get her upset, just think how she would be if Spiderman took out the front of her house!

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4. Go tell your humans to fork over the treats!

So, I want to give this award to

Mosaic Annie for coming up with Tattle Tail Tuesday

Spying Cat for keeping us guessing;

Jan and Misty at the The Poodle (and the Dog) Blog for all their informative posts;

Tigmut'hep whose name alone is very thoughtful;

And Not the Moma at Purrchance to Dream for the great work he did on the House Panther's blog.


Daisy said...

You have done a lot of thinking today! I think you must be right, the reason superheros must wear costumes is so they don't get in trouble for all the damage they cause.

Tybalt said...

That's a lot of insightful thinking, Diamond! Now I am wondering about it, too . . . why did no one say anything about the cities being destroyed? Superman and Batman always leave a lot of damage, too . . . and you will notice if it is Godzilla doing the destroying, everyone is upset.

Congratulations on your award! You deserve it. =^_^=

Mo said...

Wow, that's right about the superhero thing. We haven't seen the underdog movie, but we know stealing from the po-po can't be a good thing!
We often wondered if Mi-5 gets really big bills from all the stuff that James Bond destroys while evading & catching the bad guys in the 007 films. No wonder M is always cranky!

Thank you for the award, that was very special & meant a lot to me. I appreciate your regular posting at House Panthers!

Not The Mama

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Mommy read "Acts of Superhero" and laughed and laughed. You do make a good point. Maybe superheroes have some kind of insurance that pays when they destroy something kinda like malpractice insurance. Imagine those premiums!

Congratulations on your award!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

whoa, i totally agree with all this. perhaps you should wear a mask when you go "exploring." no cape tho, those can be dangerous.

i hope those bounty hunters find that mean bean man. it must be scary for your mommy to know he is around. stay safe Diamond!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

PS my mommy is embarrassed we havent posted on House Panthers lately and prommises to fix that soon!

Mosaic Cats said...

We are going to try not to let Mosaic Annie learn of this very prestigious award! She is already so FULL of herself and impossible to co-exist with.
How about if we accept it on her behalf and go bury it in the back yard?
Well, thanks on her behalf.
Willie, Bianca, and mostly SADIE

wildcatsthree said...

Hey Diamond!
Fritzy gets blamed for broken and chewed up things around here, so we don't usually incur mom's wrath, thank goodness. She got pretty steamed at Fritz for chewing up her speaker wires and DSL cable. We just sat back and laughed -foolish youngster that he is.
Jackie and Gidget

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Holy smokes, you have done alot of thinking this Thursday! I have never though much about superheroes, but now you have me thinking about them...mmmm...

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Hello! Very profound thoughts, insightful.

I read those articles you mentioned in your comment. It is horrific isn't it. I was just so distraught by what those horses suffered, I had to post about it. I will return to my selfish siamese self tomorrow! xx

Mickey said...

I totally agree with you Diamond! Nobody seems to care about the damage 'superheroes' do in the name of doing 'good'. Beans are not very bright sometimes ;)
Congrats for your award. You put a lot of thought into your posts and provide us with information :)
Purrs Mickey

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hmm, we never thawt about dat afore...we'll hafta ask da insurints guy if der is Superhero insurints and what kinda premiums dey has. Hope dem bounty hunter guys get dat bad bean so yoor mom don't hafta give up her parking space anymore. Oh, and so he can be punished too.

Tesla said...

I think you're very right friend! cats always get blamed for everything, dogs get away with everything!

Karen Jo said...

You have been doing a lot of thinking today, Diamond. I never really thought much about it before, but superheroes do cause a lot of damage and no one seems upset about it, but if the bad guy causes damage, everyone is up in arms about it. Congratulations on your award.

Gretchen said...

Wow, you've got a lot of stuff floating around in your head. Be careful. I don't think heros are a good idea anymore.


michico*Adan said...

Great thinking today~!!!!!
No wonder you will get this thinking award~!!!!!