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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wet & Cold Wednesday

The new year start out wet and cold. I go out the front door, and it is raining yesterday. So I try the backdoor. It was raining there as well. I complain to the slave but she shrugged, like she have nothing to do with it. I go out anyway when she go hunting. When she come back, I on neighbors porch. "You can defect to the other side," she says, "but it's still going to rain." I give up at that point and go back inside.

Today it get very cold now, 46 F/ 8 C. So I stay inside where it warmer, even if she not leave cat heater on for me. I have fleecy to curl up with at least and mousies to play with.

We have not heard anything from family in O Hi O. Bean try to reach them last two days, not answer on land line or cell phone and they have moved sister from hospital room she was in. She will try to find out more today.

So we start off new year watching bad movies: Snakes on a Plane. Very funny. Terrible acting. Snakes not even look real sometimes. I do not know. If I had been on plane, I'd have kicked some snake butt!


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Well, 8C isn't very cold, but I guess it depends what you are used to. My humans say that it isn't really cold until it gets below -10C. Since my brother and I are indoor-only cats, the rain and cold doesn't affect us.

Stay safe and warm!


Captain Jack and Dante said...

It's cold here too but thankfully not raining. If it were it would be snowing and brrrr, that stuff is cold!!

wildcatsthree said...

Hope you a had a peaceful New Years Eve. Sorry to hear about your bean's sister and hope she is doing better. We hate rain and cold too, and are looking forward to Spring...only 3 months away...seems like forever.
Jackie, Gidget and Fritz

jan said...

Our rains are out every door but I always have to keep checking.

Taki the cat

Daisy said...

It is very cold here, too. We did not get rain, but it's WINDY! I do not like wind very much.

-d said...

it was minus 2 fahren blippin heit here this morning.

i loved snakes on a plane.

Chance said...

Sownds lyke yoo has a tuff day. Curl up unner da blankies and nappy till it gets bettur. Maybe wen yoo get up, it willna be rainin. But iff yoo tink itz cold were yoo arr, dunna cum here. It's 10°F heer. Mommie sez it's freeeezin, but I no lyke owtsyde so I dunno.

Oh and dat wasnna tuna juice, hehehe it wuz Mommies Ice Teas.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I found Snakes on a Plane Disturbing after the Siamese was killed right off the bat... Sigh.

Tybalt said...

It is very cold today! Stay warm and dry and snuggled.

My mommy hasn't let us watch Snakes on a Plane yet. I bet we kitties could have managed better than the beans in that movie did.

I will be purring for the relatives in O Hi O.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Ha, ha, ha.....8 Celsius - cold!? That is so funny! You should come visit me sometime!

It is good that you stay inside though, if you are not used to the cold, I guess 8 C could be chilly.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Look on the bright side. Snakes on a Plane might have been a terrible movie, but it was responsible for a bunch of parodies.

Cats on a Plane, Skeezix on a Plane, and a host of others. Visit YouTube and search for "on a plane" for hours of humor, some of it even intentional.

Mickey said...

Indoors is the most comfy place to be when it is cold. It's pretty cold here.
I hope your Mom gets some news soon about her sister. I hope it is good news.
Purrs Mickey

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

If I were not sitting her typing this, I would think that was ME on your post! We look so much alike, now that I am a full-figured panther girl. Even our floofy and wide tails!
Do you know it is going to be ONE degree here tonight? This is the coldest it's been here forever. I am so so glad I am not living outdoors like I was this time last year! yet I continue to sleep on my window perch. ML can not understand why I do that since it is so cold by the window, but I like to retain my wild roots a little bit.

We watched Dream Girls, Hairspray, and a docu on Dr. Bronner on Sundance channel. All better than snakes on a plane!
We are thinking of your relative! and the poor woofies.

Tesla said...

Its always nice and warm where i live, but that could be because i nevers gos outsides.... and if its really colds outs, momma lines my softy bed with her hoodies to makes sures i can snuggle real good.

Therese, said...

Hiya Diamond, stay warm! And I hope your Bean's sister is ok.

Pablo said...

Ohhh. 8C is cold for me!! you can come down here and share some of my sun, if you like. Hope things work out with your bean's sister... what a tough situation! Purrs to you and your family.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

It was -5C here and Zippy still went outside! She's pretty tuff like yoo. 'Cept she din't spend da day out der she camed in after 20 minits.

Team Tabby said...

We hope you hear some good news about your mom's sister soon. It is -8C here tonight, but the sky is clear. We just have some flurries off of da bay. We haven't seen Snakes on a Plane though. We did sit wif her thru 'Breach' the other night. She likes dose 'based on a true story' movies.
Stay inside and keep warm.
Mindy & Moe

PB & J said...

Ooh - it's way colder here! Mom won't let us out, cause the snow is super deep. It's been snowing for ages...

michico*Adan said...

46 F/ 8 C is very cold.
We are just exactly this temprature as well~!!!
I am hiding in michico's bed all day~!!!