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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

black cat,Diamond,Cute Cat
Click on image to enlarge

Kellie the Orange Cat say "Your Mum is very talented, oh wait, was it you or your Mum that did the digital scrapbooking?"

It is my Bean that do the scrapbooking but I snoopervise most of the time by sitting on her mouse hand. If I not like what she doing, I will nip at her hand so she will do something else.

This is especially true when she is making layouts of my furriends. They must be of suitable quality, you know?

The above piece is a "doodle" we do last night where we work with the pieces of a kit, in this case "Flowers for Mom" so she get a feel for things. We have to do card to send to O Hi O to her mom for Mother's Day so she is trying to get an idea of what she want to do.

I will still have to pose for pictures because her Mom like me in the pink boa, so I will wear that.

I should also note that I know many cats and or woofies refer to their human caretakers as their Mum or Mom or mommy. I do not. As near as I can tell, she is not a mom, as no one ever call her that. When people say "where is your mommy" I get confused, because I think the are refering to people I used to live with, who are not here now.

I do not actually associate a name to this Human, because she live alone and I never hear anyone call her anything often enough to figure out what her call word is. I do know my call word (name) and a lot of other words, but not the word for her. But she is my Human Bean and so that is how I think of her, Bean.

She is my friend and my companion. She take very good care of me. She respect my space and let me make my own decisions about things like staying inside or going outside. I have food when I want it and do not have to ask. She groom me and pet me. I purr and I kneed her. I catch the rats and the bugs that come in the house. When I find something wrong, I tell her. We friends.

When I first some to live with her I not happy bout it, because I live with Loretta-Bean and like it there. But she say I cannot stay there and must go with this Bean. I do not know then how this Bean will treat me, but I think she do excellent job. So I am very happy here with this Bean.

Anyway, I could not come up with something for T-13 today, and besides, there birds in my tree and I want to go check them out.

So I go do that now and Bean go to day hunting.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I do not refer to my human as Mom either. I am proud not to be related to her. Staff and such I can always fire if I get too annoyed.

Gemini has a totally different take on things but that's just her.

Tybalt said...

I totally respect that your Bean is not your mom. I think me and my sisters call Mommy that because we were all three too little to be away from our kitty moms when she adopted us, so she had to be our mommy. We all still follow her around from room to room whenever she is home and whap each other over who gets to sit on her and groom. Mommy says some kitties in the past have just thought of her as a bean, and some have thought of her as a sisfur, and when she was little some thought of her as their kit. We are the first ones she has ever been a mommy to.

Artsy Catsy said...

I completely understand, Diamond. I usually refer to my "mom" as my human artist because, after all, she is my staff member.

Thank you for your advice with the Rothrock cat rescue. The city is being completely unreasonable, which isn't surprising because it's run by humans.


Daisy said...

You mean my Mommie did not give birth to me? This must mean I was adopted. I do not remember being borned, so I do not know who my real Mommie is.

jan said...

When your bean goes day hunting does she ever catch anything? Or is she as inept as hunting as most bean are?

Misty the alpha Poodle

PB & J said...

I was so very tiny when my Mommy found me that I've never known anything else. And the kittens and George call her Mommy because that's what I call her. She has been "the girl" and a "bean sister" before nwo, so I guess it depends on the animal.

In any case, it sounds as though you have a wonderful relationship with your Bean and that's all that matters. Oh and she is very talented!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Ooopsie! Sorry, I did not mean to "label" your bean as a Mum.

I have always called my Mum - Mum and sometimes I get carried away and think that everyone does.

Anyhoo, your bean does some terrific digital scrapbooking. I am sure your Grandma - ha, ha, ha....just pulling your leg - your beans Mom will love a card with you on it.

Tesla said...

i hope dat mommeh will learn to make dem great picshures of mez da way yoor staff makes picshures of yoo.

-d ma said...

Sounds like you have a very good relationship with your current bean. I once read that cats view the one who feeds them as their mom. And as much as I am pro-Mom, I think I'd be offended if the boyz thought of me as their mom.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We just call mom and dad dat acuz dey took care of us when our real cat mom's couldn't...also, dey give us food and groom us so dey is kinda like a cat mom. We think dad would get a little grumpy if we called him mom tho.

Mickey said...

I call my bean Mom because I think we all want a Mom :0
It's just a name.
I like the scrapbook pages :) You two do them vert well
Purrs Mickey

Parker said...

Bean is good! I call Mommy and Daddy Mommy and Daddy 'cause that's how I look at them. I guess it doesn't matter what I call them as long as we love each other, right? :)

Sunny's Mommy said...

Your beans does a good job scrapbooking and you do a good job snoopervising her work. Quality control is very important aspect!

I like the card so far you're making for bean's mom's Mother's Day. I can't wait to see the final product!