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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Romance Awareness Month


Bean was kind of wondering why many of the scrap places were releasing romance themed kits all of the sudden, but then she find out it is National Romance Month. She very our to touch with the Romantic.

Romance Awareness Month, like Valentine’s Day, serves as an important reminder to celebrate your love relationship. And although it’s common sense, it’s still not common practice.

Here are some teasing and pleasing tips to help inspire you to create your own expressions of love, and keep your relationship hot and sunny all of August and longer!

1. Escape to the outside; have an evening picnic and watch the sunset together.
2. Cozy up and share a sundae. Disney’s Lady and the Tramp made sharing fun; why not the two of you?
3. Send a virtual kiss to your sweetie’s Monday morning Inbox.
4. Slow dance in the moonlight to your favorite love songs.
5. Try something new and exciting together! Maybe go for stroller ride together or learn synchronized stretching.
6. Rediscover the magic of a shared grooming. 10 minutes minimum! This may require repeating often!
7. Take a stroll in the warm sun. Nothing is nicer then the feeling of warm sunshine on your furs.
8. Extravagant yes, but go up on the roof together. Feel what it’s really like to be on cloud nine!
9. Spend the night in the back backyard, making love under the stars the way our wild cousins do it.
10. Go for a nice long roll in the dirt together.

Remember, summer’s not over — that means HOT is the order of the day! Better still, why don’t you and your partner start your own heat wave!

Aside from Romance Awareness Month, also says it's Admit You're Happy Month, Family Fun Month, National Eye Exam Month, National Golf Month, Peach Month, Water Quality Month, National Picnic Month and one that sounds very interesting to me, National Catfish Month.

Next week, 24th August through 30th August is "Be Kind to Humankind Week" so try to be nice to your human. I know, a week is along time to have to tolerate them.

August 26th is National Dog Day - when is National Cat Day? and August 28th is Race Your Mouse Day. It doesn't say anything about not eating said mouse once you are done racing it, so have some fun with this one?

Purrhaps you and your partner can race the mouse together and enjoy sharing the snack with each other later?

So now you know. I guess I should look to see what kind of interesting things, coming up in September before month is over. Although we know 19 of September is Annual Meow like a Pirate day.


Mickey said...

Romance Awareness Month? Cool!!!!
I must tell my sweetie Miss Peach ;) heehee
((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) to you Diamond :)
Purrs Mickey

Daisy said...

I did not know it was Romance Awareness Month! I think it would be very romantic to roll in the dirts with Skeezix.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I have to be kind to my human for a while week?!