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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wimpy Storm

Well, this Hurry-cane we had proved to be a pretty wimpy storm. We get more damage from some of the summer monsoon/thunderstorms. Bean do Hurry-cane preparedness level one, but didn't even need it as the power not go out. Never even flicker.

The only one the storm seem to bother was bean herself, as she has what she call "weather bones" which I guess she get from this Mr. Arthur Itis that bother her. Anyway, she in much pain because of it, have trouble walking, more so than usual. As a result, I say by her all day so that she will not hurt herself tying to find the good cat-cat.

Since I could not go outside in the storm, she make me my own virtual garden to enjoy.


Because, she say, it should always be good and sunny weather there the good cat-cat live.

Bean's pirate hunting expedition was not at all successful as the pirates stayed in Pirate City far away and did not come out to play. Can't that I blame them with big storm coming.

This weekend she is hunting Orioles and then next week she hunt Tigers. She just get done hunting Tigers and say most of them very rude, so I do not know why she want to hunt them again.

I go outside after the storm in the afternoon, but there really not much going on. Bean just want to sleep as she did not sleep much Monday night as her "weather bones" were bothering her too much.

I think the storm go to visit Zoolarty after it get done here, but I'm sure they found it just as uninteresting as I did.

Beyond that, there is not much else to report. I still have trouble with computer as I cannot get MSIE to work right, even though I get bean to download newer version. So I must use Firefox.

Meanwhile, bean find most, if not all, of her fonts, so she is happier than she was with the new computer. She still cannot find backup disk #3, whatever that means, so she still missing some files.


Parker said...

Dear Diamond,
You have a lovely singing voice!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

ZOOLATRY said...

We were glad to hear it was a non-event for all of you (since you are not far from Naples landfall...) but am afraid the Zoolatry neighborhoods did not fair quite as well as you thought they would... but the ZH managed to keep us calm and safe. Still rainy, lots... still windy, fierce!
Take care... we await... G, H, I, J, K... and so on and so forth.

ZOOLATRY said...

Ooops the ZH forgot to say she hopes the weather-bonz get a bit less achey...

catsynth said...

We're glad to hear that the storm wasn't too bad by you. Hopefully the computer "storm" is almost over, too...

Tybalt said...

I hope the weather bone achiness goes away, soon. Mommy is already getting her migraine from that storm front - so she sympathizes - and we are way up north from you in GA!

You look lovely in your virtual garden, Diamond. Purrs to you!

jan said...

We watched the weather reports and hoped you were all ok. Glad to hear good news.

Misty the alpha Poodle

PB 'n J said...

We're glad that the storm wimped out and you are both ok! Take care of your beans weather-bones.

Sunny's Mommy said...

I'm glad it wasn't too bad there. I am sorry to hear it makes your beans ache like that. I hope she'll be feeling better soon.

Mickey said...

Hi Diamond! Good to hear the hurry-cane was wimpy :)
Sorry about the 'puter problems and your bean's sore bones :(
I'll purr everything is happy and working well soon,bean & puter!
Purrs Mickey

Jimmy Joe said...

I am glad that Fay the Storm didn't harm any of you too badly! I hope you enjoyed your stay in the virtual garden, Diamond.
Your buddy,Jimmy Joe

-d ma said...

i think you should be extra nice to your bean. her arthritis cannot be fun.

Misty Whispurrs said...

I am SOOOOO glad you are back, that the Hurry cane didn't hurt you. My MamaBean has a different hurt, called fibromyalgia. She say it like having the flu, or lyme disease. when barry metric changes abruptly, she take to her bed, and i stay by her and purrrrrrrrrrrrr a lot. she has shiney new red walker thinggie for days like that. she took me for ride in rolly monster last night. I saw lotsa BIG chirps, she call See Gulz. Not sure about those. Bigger than me. Nosey rubs to you, and purrs to your Bean.