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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Miss Diamond, Domestic Violence Awareness Tag

You have probably heard by now about the tragic case of Norman, the orange tabby who was killed by little known actor Joseph Petcka.

Petcka is on trial in New York after Norman was found dead in his caretaker's apartment with broken teeth, broken ribs, a broken leg, a torn tongue, massive internal injuries including bruised lungs, and a bruised liver and a chest cavity filled with blood.

He died a very painful death.

The 37-year old bit part actor who has bit roles in "Sex and the City" is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Norman was not the victim of cruelty to animals. He was the victim of Domestic Violence.

Norman was killed because Petcka believed that Lisa Altobelli loved Norman more than she loved him. This is probably the case, given the way this man acted. He left the broken body of Altobelli's beloved pet in the apartment for Altobelli to find. Aside from the physical abuse inflicted upon poor Norman, Altobelli was the target of psychological domestic violence, which is just as painful and devastating as were the injuries to Norman.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and Norman may as well be the feline poster child for this cause.

I too have had my life touched by Domestic Violence. When I live with Loretta-Bean, her husband would become angry and belligerent. He would slap her and threaten her as well as threaten injury to me, although I hide under the bed when he get angry so I never get hurt.

But finally one night, he punch her and so she have to have the police to come and get him. It was then that she knew she had to move away because once he get out of jail he would come to kill her. So she move to live with her friend that have pit bull that could protect her, but I could not go because the pit bull would have savaged me.

So that how I come to be with my current bean. I was not happy at the time, because I very much love Loretta-bean, she very good to me, but I am now very happy in my current home and could not ask for a better place to live or a better companion.

My story have a happy ending, although maybe not so happy for Loretta-bean. But not all stories do as is the case of Norman.

To this day though, I remain afraid of many male humans, and will not go by them. Their voices frighten me.

While domestic violence is often the lot of women and their children in a relationship, there are cases where the man is focus of domestic violence. My bean has seen this first hand as one of her co-workers was in an abusive relationship. And of course, it occurs in same sex relationships as well.

The first Monday in October, This year it will be October 6th, is set aside as the Day of Unity against domestic violence. You can visit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence at the link I have provide above.

I have also created a badge which you may put on your website. The image is shown in large size above, but I have resize it to 200x200 pixels for use on your blog. Here is the code for the badge which you may cut and paste to place the badge on your blog.

<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Domestic Violence Awareness badge" width="200" border="0" height="200" /></a></center>

I hope you will join me in helping raise awareness against Domestic Violence during the month of October. It is too late for Norman, but purrhaps we can stop this from happening to other animals, children, and humans.

If Petcka is convicted, he will face just two years in prison. This is not much punishment for ending the live of a kind and loving feline as Norman in such a cold and brutal way. As of Friday, the jury was still deadlocked after five days of deliberations.

There is a online petition you may sign asking the judge to give Petcka the maximum sentence. The goal is 1,000 signatures, they have just over 500 right now. Please consider helping by signing the petition as well. Thank you.


Forever Foster said...

This was a very well written post about an awful issue that will somehow affect every one of us at some stage. Our shelter has a program, Pets in Crisis, where a person or family wanting to escape a domestic violence situation can board their pets for a minimal amount, done through a local crisis centre. So far it has been able to help some people who didn't want to leave their pets behind.

Kaz's Cats said...

Thanks for another informative post - it's so sad that some people think it's okay to hit out at others who can't fight back, animal or human. We're glad that you found a new home (and a new brother now, hehehe),


Gypsy & Tasha

Mickey said...

That is a great post Diamond. Having heard about Norman,I hope that bad man if found guilty!
It is so sad that some beans must hurt one another. It is even more sad that animals suffer too.
Stop the Violence!!
Purrs Mickey

Purrageous Pirates said...

Mommy used to work in a battered women's shelter. She went to court with the ladies, helped them to gather their things under the eyes of police, played with their children in the shelter who always had such haunted eyes, went to the ER and the hospital to soothe women who returned to their abuser one night and were in ICU the next. It was hard to watch and very hard on Mommy. Often the abusers hurt the pets first as a way to control and threaten their human victims. Its just awful and we will be happy to raise awareness with you. Good post Diamond and we are glad that your human got herself and you out!!

Daisy said...

You are very, very good to raise awareness about such an important cause. I am so sad about Norman. And I am very glad that you are safe now.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is very important Diamond and thank you for sharing. We've been in an emotionally abusive situation and the Woman moved because she feared it was escalating and she couldn't live if the other person had harmed one of her cats. This is a very trying issue and a hard one to solve.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

This is a very important issue and we're glad you've posted on it and are helping to raise awareness of the problem.

We'll be glad to join the cause!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We're so there!

Brownie said...

Hi Diamond,
I think your Idea is the greatest, and we'll cheer you, we'll try to change our colors, but it will be difficult, but we'll try :)

Parker said...

You can count us in Diamond.

HotMBC said...

Domestic Violence is always so sad, wither it's toward cats, humans, or other creatures. Thanks for your post. And thanks for joining Weekend Cat Blogging this weekend.

Team Tabby said...

Thanks for bringing domestic violence to our notice with your post. We are also sad about Norman, but we are glad to hear that you are safe and have a great forever home. We wish every human and pet could be safe from this violence.

Mindy & Moe

The Meezers said...

awesome idea Diamond!!! and a great post. we snagged the code and will put it on our blog right now!

catsynth said...

It is really sad what people do to each other and to animals. Norman's story is very sad, and we hope that the "bad man" who did that is found guilty. We're really sorry to hear about Diamond's story story, too. At least her story has a happy ending with a loving home. We wish that was true for everyone who suffered from domestic violence.

We will post the badge in October.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

That is such a heartbreaking, tragic story.

People who hurt animals should be locked up and put to sleep.

MaoMao said...

Thank you for an excellent and informative post, Diamond. It made Mom cry buckets. We Ballicai agree with Yao-lin about people who hurt animals. We have put the code on all our blogs -- the Ballicus Blog, Marilyn's blog, and Mom's two writing blogs.

(((((((((hugs))))))))) to you. I am so glad you are safe. And our hearts are breaking for precious Norman.


The Ballicai and the Ballicus Mom.

THE ZOO said...

Can you believe that "jerk" is on t\Today show actually defending himslef saying self defense. owr sissy wants to "eye for eye" him and kill him. shes so angry. i once popped sissy on her eyeball and she didnt even get mad at me for it. this man is evil.

Dianna said...

Self defense from a declawed cat? Oh please. Being put to sleep is too good for the guy. He should be beaten to death.