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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurry-cane preparedness

A few days ago, it look like Hurry-cane Ike was going to come to visit Southwest Florida. Now this Hurry-cane has change it's mind and is traveling along the island of Cuba and up into the Gulf, where it appears to be aiming for the Texas/Louisiana coast.

Ike tracking

Hurry-canes are way of life at this time of the year in and around the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast line. Florida have been very lucky except for getting hit by hurry-cane Fay four times.

There are some shelters in Southwest Florida where I live, but space is limited. If a big storm is coming your way and your humans should find a need to evacuate, you will want to go with them. Being left at home during a hurricane should be the absolutely last resort for anyone - dog or cat - that live with human. If you stay behind, you stand a good chance of getting hurt or killed during the storm or you might get lost if the home you are in is damaged and you have to get out.

Additionally there are other risks that you might not be able to handle, like flooding, wind damage, and flying debris. Many dogs and cats can sense the bad weather coming and may become scared, so it is best that their humans not leave them alone. Besides, it is good to be with your human to comfort them if they become scared as well.

If you live in a area there there are many hurry-canes during the summer month, you should put together a pet ID kit. You will need this in orger to be allowed into a shelter with your human, or in case you get lost so your humans can find you again. Make sure you store your ID kit in a waterproof container, and make to label everything in permanent ink.

Things for your kit:

* A recent photo of you with your humans.
* County licensing paperwork.
* Vaccination and medical records.
* Microchip information including the name of the company that do the micro chipping.
* Any special care instructions.

Things you will need to take with you when you evacuate:

* Leash and collar or harness, a muzzle if necessary for aggressive type woofies, and current rabies tag.
* A cage or carrier, one for each of you. It should be large enough to stand up in and turn around in. Help if there room for little litter box too.
* Minimum 7-day supply of food and water per pet.
* A non-electric can opener.
* Kitty litter, paper bags and paper towels for waste disposal.
* Medications and special care instructions.
* Comfort items such as toys or blankets.
* Bowls for your food or water.

Don't count on being able to get into a shelter either. Make a lest of pet-friendly hotels, vets and boarding facilities that are close to the interstate or along your evacuation route. Also make sure your human have plans for your transportation if they cannot take you in a car.

Also put together a list of important phone numbers. These should include:

* Your Veterinarian, including their full name and address.
* Microchip Company and the chip number for you and your fur-sibs.
* Local Animal Control
* Local Human Society
* Nearest emergency animal hospital
* Local law enforcement agency
* Local Red Cross chapter
* Animal Poison Control center
* Pharmacy for Pet Medications.

To find a list of pet friendly hotels, try

Anyway, I hope you find this information helpful. Even if you do not live in area where hurry-canes come, not a bad idea to have ID kit and phone number list made up for emergency situations (like fires).


ZOOLATRY said...

Diamond, you are one smart kitty! Very Important Information you've shared... our bean says she'd neverever leave us thankfully. Where she goes, we go!

Parker said...

That's a very important post with excellent information. My beans said that wherever they go, I go, it isn't negotiable!

Forty Paws said...

Wonderful information! Be furry kirful if it comes your way, ok?

Luf, Us

Daisy said...

We are so relieved that Ike moved away from Florida. But thanks for the important information!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Being prepared is very important. Those are good lists, Diamond!