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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tabby Wars - Day Two

"Steve" would not come out from under the bed at all despite the fact that Miss Diamond had gone outside all day Tuesday and left him the run of the house. The stand off seemed to be that she was not going back into the house and he wasn't coming out from under the bed. That changed when I mentioned dinner to her, of course, so she was back in the house in a heartbeat.

While she was eating I went into the bedroom and coaxed "Steve" out from under the bed. He's very long and lanky and while I tamed him down I decided at least part of his name needed to be "Tabby Longtail" because he does have a VERY long tail. I got him to eat a few Temptations but despite the fact that he hasn't eaten since Monday sometime, he didn't seem very hungry as he'd eaten neither the Purina Pro dry or the Fancy Feast I'd left him. He was however, quite interesting in getting petted and in the catnip. I'll I've to try to get a video of him with the nip tonight, it was pretty entertaining. I also started calling him T.C. which is short for Tabby Cat, among other things.

He'd slept all day and so around midnight he woke up and wanted to play again. I did some rearranging and when I opened the outside door, Miss Diamond went bounding out. I know some of you don't approve of her going out, but she's an adult cat and quite capable of taking care of herself. Besides, she rarely goes anyplace beside the front yard or the veranda. She will visit the neighbors during the day to torment their little yip dogs, but never at night.

This let me put T.C. out in the living room so I could get some rest, which was good until about 4 AM when I had to get up to use the bathroom. He came back to bed with me. Diamond doesn't usually sleep with me, so I was quite stiff at 6:15 am when I got up for work as I'm not used to sleeping with a bed mate anymore. I took him out to try to get him to eat...he did eat a little, and by this time Miss Diamond was pounding on the door to be let back in. I opened the door, she saw him, he hissed, she yowled and gave chase...but not very far. He darted into the kitchen and took refuge in the cabinets under the sink. I tried to get him out but he wouldn't come. Meanwhile, Miss Diamond hopped up on the table, groomed herself and curled up for cat nap. After it had quited down, I got T.C. out from under the sink and put him back in the bedroom and went to work.

I went home at lunch, let Diamond out for an afternoon of birdwatching and got T.C. out of the bedroom. He tried to hide under the sink. I got him out from under there, latched all the cabinets and put immovable objects in front of the two that don't latch, and shut the bedroom door. So he's stuck out in the living room/kitchen/office area - territory of the frightening banshee from hell - for the remainder of the afternoon. Hopefully that will get him to loosen up a bit, and give him something to do besides sleep the rest of the afternoon. Lots of places to explore out there.

She doesn't seem to have any animosity toward him, she's just trying to establish herself as the alpha cat. He's terrified to death of her however, despite the fact that she's not really attacked him at all, just yowled at him. For the most part, she just sits there and watches him when he's out.

I was also trying out names that sort of went with the T.C. initials, when I remembered we used to call Tristan "T.C." So I looked up at one point and said "Tristan?" and he said "Yowww!" I don't if he likes the name or is just responding to my voice, but I'm thinking he shall be named Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail. Well, at least it's a valorous name, even if he's a coward.


PB 'n J said...

Well, we're glad TC is eating at least. It's a start! We'll keep our paws crossed for smoother sailing (we like your Meow like a Pirate theme :-)

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

we're glad TC came out from the bed for food! it will take a while for TC to get comfy and Diamond to get used to him.

we think things will settle down in a few weeks. the first time they play it'll all be good!

Jewelgirl said...

The new kitty TC is always suspect,
when Diamond gives the stare down
and says, "This is my house and who are you?" It takes awhile to get along together. Time will tell.
Ah we do have a fish and yes the
fish bowl has a cover now... Aniwa had her paws in the fish bowl too!!!!
ha ha splish splash!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Well TC, you are eating and sometimes you come out. That's all good! I bet you will slowly get used to your new home.

Mickey said...

Tristan sounds neat!! I hope he will settle down soon,but it may take a while. Sooner or later ;) He just needs to accept that he is not going to be attacked ;)
Purrs Mickey

Jimmy Joe said...

Aw, poor li'l Tristan. Well, it's best that he learns that Diamond is In Charge sooner rather than later. She's a tough old gal!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Karen Jo said...

I really like the name Tristan. I hope that he starts eating better soon. I hope that he figures out that Diamond really doesn't mean him any harm soon and stops being so afraid of her.