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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday


Here I am sleeping in my bean's closet. This is my favorite place to sleep, it is my little den. Domestic cats are denning animals by nature and we like to have a safe and secure place to go to sleep. I like the closet especially because it full of my bean's clothing and so it smell like her, which is also comforting to me.

She get me the stadium blanket I am sleeping on at a baseball game. I like this blanket because it has black and white colors and matches my furs. This makes me harder to see when I am sleeping on it, and provides an extra layer of security for me.

I also like to go to my closet den when we are having a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms do not frighten me, but I feel more secure there. If I am every very frightened about something, I will seek out the companionship of my human bean, as I know she will protect me.

* Tueday Tip: If you or another kitteh or woofie in your household are anxious during thunderstorms, it may not be the noise that startles you. Some animals build up static electricity in their coats when a storm front moves in that this makes for an uncomfortable time. Fortunately, this is very easy to combat.

Have your human rub you down with a sheet of Bounce or another in-the-dryer brand of fabric softener. This will remove the static from your coat (and also give you nice fresh smell).

Static cling may also build up in your coat during the winter months if you live in colder climates and must resort to artificial heat to warm your house. A good rub down every few days will solve that problem as well.


Kimberly said...

I had no Idea!
I will use this little trick of yours this winter and hope it does the trick!
(i love your 'be kind to animals - have breakfast with a hockey player' thingme...:-))

Parker said...

Thanks for the tip Diamond! I just wish it would rain here!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I doubt that I could be found! When I hide, I hide so well...

-d ma said...

that's a great tip. i'll have the boyz rub a sheet of bounce on me because i'm the one who tends to get the most anxious during storms.

Daisy said...

That's a good tip, Diamond!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

thank you for the tip! thunderstorms certainly frighten me. especially when the house shudders. i'm mancat enough to admit it.

thank you for the info on the Fall Equinox. we get pretty fall weather and colors here in Ohio. unfortunately we get cold winters too.

Lux said...

That's a good thing to know! Closets are really cool places ...

Sunny's Mommy said...

Ollie and Rascal both liked to get in the closest den. Rascal would just lay on the floor or on top of boxes. But Ollie liked to climb up to the top shelf onto the pile of clothes to sleep. You could never see her, she was so well hidden. However, they can't do that now. There's a kiddie lock on the doors. I have bad allergies and can't have them in my clothes.

They are all still allowed free reign of Daddy's basket of clean laundry though, so don't think they're too deprived ;-)

Mickey said...

Diamond,that is a very nice spot :)
I have a box in the closet I like to sleep on . I would not like static in my furs!! That happens during Winter when the air is dry :o
Purrs Mickey