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Friday, October 10, 2008

Special Guest Saturday

Daisy the Curly Cat was having some problems wearing her cat crown yesterday. I did not know she wish to be Princess. If I had, I would have made her Princess much earlier.

She makes a lovely Princess, don't you think?

Cornish Rex Cat,Fantasy

I do not think being Princess all it cracked up to be. You can have a unicorn, if you want one, but then you have to muck out stall and take care of it. It it really kind of big, have to be grooming it all the time, to keep it snow white.

This is me with my unicorn that live in magical garden:

Miss Diamond,Tag

The other downside to being Princess is that if you are Princess, then that would make your brofur a Prince. Could you see that smelly beast I live with as a Prince?

So since I make Daisy a Princess, I make Harley a Prince.

Domestic Cat,Fantasy

Of course, he very young, so he more likea prince-in-training. He cannot have a unicorn. I think he get a battle steed or something when it becomes full time Prince. Don't know. Never checked it out.

Anyway, my crowns less likely to fall down in your eyes then the one Daisy wear yesterday. I think Harley have the right of it - take crown and rip up fev-vers - much more fun.

Some of you might prefer get dressed up in Photoshop instead of in Real Life like Daisy. If you do and you looking for Princess costume, or maybe just costume for Halloween, or wigs or hats, try visit They have all sorts of clip arts for photoshop and it is free, for the most part. Good place to find costume for Halloween Floof Contest.

Speaking of Photoshop. don't forget to visit Zoolatry today for Spooky Saturdays! Now through the end of October! (Also check out their new header - very funny!)

If you are looking for Halloween graphics for your blog, my bean have some on her Blog (Digicats) that you can use. Just click the image to go to Photobucket and get the code for it.

I hope you all have a nice weekend!


Brownie said...

Diamond, Daisy will always be a princess, even with that defetous crown ;) And Harley, well, Harley wanted to be prince yesterday, so he stole Daisy's crown, I think many cats didn't understood it :)

Evie/VampyVictor said...

She does make a beautiful Princess, specially with a crown that sparkles as it should :)
Even Harley makes a good prince, Princes are always cheeky and self assured, beside he suits his little crown you gave-ed him.

I think you just looks amazing Miss Diamond laying there with your Unicorn in the garden.. you iz very ethereal :)
(pes: I agree cleaning the stalls is not worth it) :P


Daisy said...

Thank you ever so much for helping me to wear a proper crown so I can be a real princess! I feel very happy inside. I have decided that I do not wish to have a unicorn, because they are too much responsibility for me. Unless I can get Harley to become his stall keeper.

Cats said...

What beautiful pictures and blog background!

ZOOLATRY said...

Once again, great presentations, and we specially like Harley... cool stuff.

Parker said...

Diamond - those are lovely!

Fin said...

Hi Diamond, your blog looks lovely and you really have a way with Photoshop, now want it too but I doubt we will be able to make anything as lovely as you. You Daisy photo is... well the cat's meow!

The Island Cats said...

Great guests! Daisy and Harley are purrfect princess and prince!

Mickey said...

Oh ,I think you made Daisy very happy!! Those are lovely pictures that you made!!!!!!1
Purrs Mickey

Sunny's Mommy said...

Those are wonderful graphics you made of Daisy as a Princess and Harley as a Prince :-)