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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tabby Tale Tuesday - What's the smell?

You know, I never truly understand what poor Yao-Lin go through with Baby Mao, until I get bro-fur of my own.

tabby cat

I mean, what a stinky, smelly, cat this tabby invader is.

tabby cat

Why is it, when he use the litter box, he has to be sure the WHOLE HOUSE know?

Now, I am not saying my poop doesn't stink, it do, but it do NOT stinks anywhere near as much as his do, despite the fact we eat the same foods.

tabby cat

He go, and it just a terrible, noxious odor fill the WHOLE HOUSE.

Plus, we have two litter boxes and he use them both. I mean, it was supposed to be one for me, one for him, but he go where ever he feel like. And it NASTY.

tabby cat

And then I have to go and do my business in what smells like a toxic dump?

At least I can go outside if I need to. He on restriction, probably because bean be afraid we'd get cited for damaging the environment of she let him out.

tabby cat

He also do not drape himself all over me, like Mao-Mao does with poor Yoa-Lin. I think I would die if he do that.

Perhaps we should have stinky kitten competition, see who have the worst smelling little bro-fur.



MacVet said...

How can your hoomans not give u privacy and snap photos of you doing... erm.. private fings?!!!


-d ma said...

oh i'm sure over time you'll get used to the stinkyness and even come to enjoy it.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh my Bast. i am so glad i don't have a stinky brother like that. perhaps Yaolin can give you his cork? ha ha ha Triston doesn't mean to be stinky, maybe he just nervous cause the camera is on him?

thank you so so so much for the great picture of me!!! i am going to post it tomorrow. you are so talented and i am blushing that you chose me!

Daisy said...

I must agree, little brothers can be a bit stinky!

The Crew said...

I think the problem may be the same as our brother Max has. Sometimes he doesn't cover well enough, or doesn't cover at all, when he leaves the box.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Sigh. I really hate having to share a litter box!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Sunny is a contender for that contest. (He'd qualify as Rascal's little brother). His poopies are PUTRID, gag inducing, and he doesn't cover them!!

Mickey said...

Amazing that some kitties process food so differently!!!!! I'm lucky because my sisfurs are not overly stinky ;)
Purrs Mickey

Evie/VampyVictor said...

My big sisfur is more stinky that I iz.
But she eats different food too and has a VERY sensitive tummy.
I think all kitties just process things different like...
But I haz to say ( even thoughs I iz a little embarrassed) I haz very stinky breath..../hide

PES: great legwork there Tris! :)