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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wondering Wednesday

Miss Diamond,Gothic,House Panther

I make the comment yesterday that Tristan, my Tabby brofur, cannot make kittens anymore. However, Tristan, on his blog report about his exploits at Playcat Club and so Zoolatry wonder what the truth is.

We wonder too.

We know for a fact he has been neutered. Aside from the physical evidence, we do have all his vet records from the time he was a kitten and so we also know which vet do the deed, so to speak.

However, Tristan still tend to run around and act very Tomcatish, wanting to be out all night, and getting into fights over lady cats, At least he does not spray all over the house to mark his territory, like a real Tomcat would.

We can only assume that he like to engage in certain activities for the entertainment value, much like humans. Beyond that, we don't know. He does not form any lasting relationships though, that we know of, and still only have laser eyes for T'Abby Normal when he home.

We have not run across this before, except in cases of Toms that were neutered when they were older, which is not the case with Tristan, as he had not reached maturity at the time he went in for his procedure.

If anyone can shed any light on the subject, please do. At least he come home though now, and not drive my poor bean crazy with worry by staying out for days on end.


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We can do other themed pictures as well, like "Pirate Lord" or "Cute Kitty Cat" if you wish.


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If you do not know what a Carnival is, I have written a Beginners Guide to Carnivals and Synchroblogging, which I'm sure you'll find useful. I hope to see you ALL at the Carnival!

Also, much thanks to Miz Mog for stepping in and taking over the weekly running of the Carnival of the Cats, including the procuring of huckster's to host the Carnival Editions.

Now I must wander off in search of some Temptations!


Evie/VampyVictor said...

Miss Diamond I feel Tris's pain, I am no longer able to leave my seed, but I try and try, I do not mark either (Momma says luckily) but I act in all ways like a little Tom would.. I use Mommas arm quite regularly, I do not "finish" I just like to go through the motions and make lots of noise and fuss about it.
Momma is not sure but I think some vets do the make procedure differently.
Friends of ours in the Americas haz a man cat and they said they did not even know he woz a man cat because he had nothing, just like a girl down there where as I has little balls, there is nothing in them so they are not as big as my fur dadda who is a stud and has all his bits, but I still haves them just not the bits that "produce".
Maybee it might be something to do with that?
Otherwise Momma and I have discussed it and would love to know too :)
PES: I woz done as soon as I woz old enough too :)


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Our Orange cat was something of a Tomcat although he was neutered. However, he was a fatherly fellow.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Sunny was neutered as soon as we could have it done. He was 7 weeks old when we got him 10 years ago so it wasn't done as early as vets do it now. Ollie came indoors to live with us when she was 3 months old. Once Ollie got a little bit bigger he tried to mount her, a lot. She wasn't showing signs of being in heat, either. Once we had Ollie fixed, he quit doing that. I was so relieved! Sunny had never attempted that behavior with Rascal (who was much older and fixed).

He's never sprayed and being an indoors only cat since we got him at 7 weeks, has no idea of what it's like out there and has no interest in it. Except for watching from windows.