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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birdie Song

With Bean at the ball park all of the time, I have been going outside a lot and do much hunting.

Actually, after last present I leave her she has been insisting I go outside when she go to baseball game.

I am a mighty huntress, but trying to catch the winged things is really hard. So I make up a song about it.

(With appologies to K.C. and the Sunshine band)

Birdie, Birdie, I want to meet you, anytime, anywhere.
When we...get together, my chance of eating you is fair.

Stalk, stalk, stalk, hunt, hunt, hunt,
Kill the birdie! Kill the birdie!
Stalk, stalk, stalk, hunt, hunt, hunt,
Kill the birdie! Kill the birdie!

Birdie, Birdie, I see you, up there, in the air,
When you land, I'll be waiting, you won't be going anywhere!

Stalk, stalk, stalk, hunt, hunt, hunt,
Kill the birdie! Kill the birdie!
Stalk, stalk, stalk, hunt, hunt, hunt,
Kill the birdie! Kill the birdie!

Stalk, stalk, stalk, pounce, pounce, pounce!
I kill the birdie! I kill the birdie!
Stalk, stalk, stalk, pounce, pounce, POUNCE!
I kill the birdie! I kill the birdie!

(No birdies were actually harmed in the writing of this song.
Not that I didn't TRY...)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dazed and Confused

Fort Myers Miracle

My Bean go to see her human vet today, but she confused. Her appointment not until tomorrow. She not happy about this as it mess up her schedule tomorrow, but she need to go see her vet. She have some health issues, seems to be getting worse.

She is probably about as bad as going to vet as I am, but she go much more often than I do. Humans are a very fragile species and get sick much more often than felines it seems.

Happily though, the winds have shifted some and we did not get all the smoke from the fire that we get before, so at least she can breath okay. I hope that Zoolatry and all our Furriends that are in the area with the fires stay safe.

Tonight is Dog Daze of Summer #1 (of 3) at the baseball park. All dogs may go to the baseball game for free as long as they are accompanied by a paying humans. Cats may go as well but not too many cats are inclined to go to baseball game. Much better to watch on TV than to leave your territories.

Baseball Clubhouse Magazine

One cat that do go to baseball games if my furriend cat Reptar. He is now seven years old and has been going to baseball games since he was six-month old kitten. He is something of a local Celebri-cat for braving all the woofies to go to the baseball game.

He is however, not the only four-foot in Fort Myers that go to games every year. The woofies in the upper right hand corner of the Dog Daze layout, my Bean call the "Ham-burglars" and she have pictures of them at the games all the way to back to 2003. She call them ham-burglars because the first game she remember seeing them at, they were trying to steal her hamburger.

While she is a cat person, she also like woofies, so she is very excited to go to game tonight and see all the woofies. I have declined to go with her, but she is taking the Book of the Cute Cat with her, so that - she says - I will be at the game with her, at least in spirit.

In actuality, I will likely be taking a cat nap.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordy Wednesday: Fires and Coyotes

Lil Devil

I do not know which is more important story - the fires in Palm Bay or the abduction of Ollie the Malti-Poo by Coyotes.

While the fires are far away on other side of state, or so my Bean tell me, the smoke has been blowing over the state. Last night it so smokey that my Bean end up coughing horribly from it. She says she has to remember to turn the air filter on when she comes home from day hunting this evening, so it can get a head start on the smoke.

Very bad fires. 17,000 acres of land are currently burning in 108 fires in Florida, In Palm Bay, 71 homes have been destroyed and maybe as many as 50 more damaged in the blaze. Over $9.6 million in damages have been sustained by the city of Palm Bay.

The police think maybe the fires were deliberately set because they began within hours of each other in separate locations. The have a reward posted for information leading the arrest and conviction any anyone who start the fire. (Click here to see pictures of the fires)

But this is also our fire season, so drought conditions and high winds are responsible for the blazes being as bad as they are.

Governor Charlie Crist has issued a state of emergency for Florida because of the fires.

Right now the closest fires to us are the annual bush fires in Bonita Springs and Bonita Beach. These are bad enough but they are not threatening homes just at the moment.

Our friend Terry is a fire fighter in the Estero/Bonita Area and as always, we wish him the best in battling these terrible blazes and hope that he return home safe to his family and friends.

The second story involves the coyotes in the South Fort Myers area. The coyotes live in the same protected area out near the Southwest Florida Airport as the Florida Panthers do, but they are less afraid of people and more likely to come into inhabited areas than the Panthers are.

Evidently one coyote was brave enough to get within fifteen feet of human. Ollie the malti-poo was on an extended lead about 15 feet from his human when a coyote came up, grabbed him, snapped the lead and took off. The human was understandably upset, but there are a couple of interesting pieces in the story.

For one thing, what was the woofie doing on extended lead if they knew coyotes in the area? That just dumb. Second, the man that was walking Ollie see a coyote sized dog come up to his dog and he think it is neighbors dog. Why would neighbor's woofie be walking around loose? There is a law against that. Wouldn't he think maybe he should haul Ollie back from strange woofie? Or charge strange woofie and try to frighten it off before it grab Ollie?

Then they call fish and wildlife commission who said they can't do anything. Trapping is ineffective as the bitches just bear bigger litters to make up for the numbers that are trapped. Also they cannot trap on preserve as they may inadvertently get Panther, which is protected species.

Finally, the landlord who own the property do not maintain the walls and fence that face the preserve, and so the coyotes have no trouble getting into the trailer park compound where humans live. A spokesman for the property owner say they would look into getting the boundary fence repaired. Lot of good that doing Ollie now.

Ollie is the second dog to have been reported abducted by Coyotes; a pug was allegedly taken and killed by the predators as well.

Again I will point out that the Coyotes are not where I live in Cape Coral. Here there is a belief that cats may have been attacked and eaten by Nile Monitors, but the local wildlife experts think this is unlikely and the creatures are very skittish and would probably not attack most felines.

In other news our house get pressure wash yesterday. This scare me at first, because I think it a monster and that it growling at me. But it just get cleaned. Today it getting painted so it look pretty. Much grooming for the house.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Eli Tintor

I have think long and hard on this and I have come to conclusion that my Bean is not very good hunter. And I will tell you why.

Baseball males are currently in season and she has been spending much time at the baseball park hunting them. So far, so good. If you are going to hunt a specific prey, you should always make sure they are in season and - if their range does not cross your territories - you should go to proper area to hunt them.

For example, if I wish to hunt the elusive grouper fish, I much go to canal and hunt there. Can not hunt fish in backyard as they do not go on the land.

But this is where she fails. For all the hunting she do, she never come home with one.

Saturday she go out hunting baseball males as always, She go early in morining - like 9 AM and come back in afternoon about 4 PM. No baseball males.

She does bring back smell of Eli Niphead Outfielder, but he tame baseball male and it pointless to hunt him because he let himself be caught. In fact, he probably walk right up and say "Here I am, catch me." Not very bright Baseball Male either.

But other baseball males?

I know she is not very fast, so I think that hiding and waiting for her prey is best bet, she wish to catch. I do not know what kind of cover there is at baseball park, but certainly she can find tree or building to hide behind. Then she must wait until baseball male pass, jump out and pounce on prey.

I also know she not have much in the way of natural weaponry, like fangs and claws. So I think she should take additional weapon with her like hockey stick or baseball bat. That is what they used for right? Hunting of baseball or hockey males?

So when they walk by she jump out of her hiding spot, swing her weapon and hit baseball male. This much like pouncing on rat. If she do it right it will not kill them, only confuse them for while. They she can play with them until she get tired or they break all the way.

(That problem with rat as toy - it break too soon.)

And I think once she has caught one or two, she will grow tired of all the hunting and stay home if the good cat-cat and help her hunt elusive grouper fish in canal. Hunting grouper fish work better I find if you can use the pole with the long string on it. Unfortunately, I can not hold in my paws.