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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Won't Go Wednesday

My Bean bringing in her hunting from the car, and I help. I jump up in the car and lay down in the window in the back seat. This is where I like to ride when I have to ride in the car.

"Let's go for a ride," I meow.

"Where do you want to go?" she say.

I don't know. Somewhere. I a cat. I never go anywhere, so I don't know where we should go. But I all ready for a ride, so I think we should go for a ride.

"Silly baby kitty," she tell me. "You don't know where you want to go."

So she take me out of the car and carry me into the house and give me dinner instead.

So no car rides.

Here is a funny video of a little kitty that not get his way either...

If the video thing doesn't work, you can click HERE to see it!


catsynth said...

Interesting. Luna wants nothing to do with the car or going places in it (and our car is black).

Tybalt said...

Unfair! I say if you want a car ride, you should get a car ride . . . it's the feline way.

-d ma said...

count your blessings... my boyz got to go for a ride this morning and they were none too happy with not only the ride, but also the destination...

Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Maverick said...

Mr. Tigger likes to get in the car, but only when it is not going anywhere!! We think you should be able to go for a ride if you want!
Your FL furiends,

The Creek Cats said...

We no likes the car!

How upset was that kitty when the bird flew away!!

Sweet Praline said...

That video was hilarious! Too bad for the kitty.

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Poor kitty in the video. Lost it's birdy, then they all laughed.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Hahaha! That was a very funny video :-D