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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tail Talk Tuesday

Once again, I have more "tales" that people believe about cats. Are they true or not?

1. Cats should have a litter before they are spayed.

This is not true. Cats that have a litter before they are spayed are not better for it in any way. In fact, spayed cats are healthier and have eliminated the risk for life-threatening uterine infections.

2. Street cats are always healthier than purebred cats.

This is not true. Both purebred and "street" cats can be unhealthy. Both can have diseases, however, many mixed breed "domestic" cats do not have many of the genetic diseases common in purebred lines.

3. All cats prefer canned food.

Some cats do but some cats will only eat dry food. I purr-fur canned myself, and so does tabby brofur!

4. Cats cannot be trained.

This is not true. Cats are very smart and can be trained to do tricks.

If you do not believe me, watch this crew of performing cats down at sunset in Key West...

Not to mention, look at how well they have that human trained to do stupid tricks!

5. Cats like tasty food.

Cats have poor taste buds and eat primarily based on their sense of smell. Trust me, if we had good sense of taste, grooming would probably not be so pleasant for us!

6. Cats will let you know when they are sick.

This is not true. We generally are very good at hiding that we are sick. This is a survival instinct, as we do not wish appear vulnerable to "prey". Often by the time we show you that we are sick, our disease or condition is quite advanced.

7. Cats don't need heartworm prevention.

This is not true. Cats can get heartworm disease, even indoor cats. Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes, which can come inside.

8. Cats don't need litter box trained – they naturally know where to go.

There is a natural instinct for many cats; however, not all cats understand the litter box concept. Usually a mama cat will teach her kittens. A feral cat, that has never used litter box before, might need to be shown how to use it.

9. Cats are happier and healthier when they are outdoors.

This is not necessarily true. Many cats - myself included - are happy being outside at certain times, especially when the weather is good. However during bad weather – we would all prefer to be inside. But cats are defiantly usually not healthier when outdoors. The average lifespan of strictly outdoor cats is estimated to be approximately 1 year of age; indoor-outdoor cats about 3 – 6 years and indoor only cats have an average lifespan closer to 13 – 15 years.

I am indoor-outdoor cat but I am very street wise and and have lived much, much longer than average indoor-outdoor cat.


-d ma said...

good info. i just have one question: how do you show a cat who doesn't know how to use a litter box how to use one? All mine came pre-trained.

Daisy said...

My Mommie and Daddie saw that cat show when they went to Key West! It was very amazing.

I, myself, learned how to do High Five using a clicker. Now, whenever there are treats, I try doing a High Five because I learned that I get treats when I do it.

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

We is all indoor kittiez. Alla' us were found outside in horrible placez so our momma sayz dat we can't go outside any more☺

MoMo said...

You always give such good and interesting info. I am an indoor/outdoor kitty and I am at least 11 years old. That's pretty good, uh? I was feral but soon learnt to use the litter, not that I really need to because I almost always do my business in the garden.