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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging # 226

As you know, it is coming up on that time of year again - the holiday known as Howl-N-Scream where the humans get dressed up and go house to house looking for candy. I would not mind the dress up part if they would give me Temptations when I go house to house, but I do not like these Snickers bars everyone seem to hand out.

I was thinking though, what should I dress up as this year if I decide to go looking for treats. reported in a recent article that the most popular costume search right now is for Michael Jackson.

Searches for the costume, which generally includes tight black pants, a leather jacket and, of course, a glittering glove, have gone up more than a 1000%, according to to the company.

Other popular dead celebrity costumes include Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and infomercial pitchman Billy Mays.

Heath Ledger-inspired Joker costumes, as well as the Dark Knight, may also reappear this year.

Meanwhile, diehard Twilight and True Blood fans have breathed new life into classic vampire attire, and reality celebs John and Kate Gosselin will likely be well represented on the trick or treat circuit.

Purrsonally, I go for more traditional costumes such as a witch or a vampire. Tabby brofur like the witches, he is afraid of vampires. So maybe I will go as vampire - but not a sparkly twilight one - because I do not like those books.

Although a Dark Knight costume maybe not be bad and would go well with my black furs. What you think?

One cat who do not lack for costumes is Daisy. She has many. Sometimes she even let them speak for her!

Anyway, I know I get late start for Weekend Cat Blogging, but at 2:00 pm on Sunday, I only have two submissions. So this going to be very short round up!

One hopes my fellow house panther, Luna, at Cat Synth is having better turn out, even though she is having computer problems. Happily, teknikal support send over nice bi-color cat to fix. So Luna can take all important cat nap!

Cat of Nine Tales did not submit this post, but it is the story of Snafu and it is a good one. If you have not read, you should certainly do so.

I am having snafu at my house too, as I need to have good brushing but we cannot find my furminator. Tabby brofur not like the furmintor...I think he hide it! My bean have combed me, but it not the same as a good furminating!

Another thing I like is a good roll in the dirt. So does Meowza. Of course, once you do that, you have to give yourself a good grooming.

Vincent is doing some rolling around over at Judi Mind Over Matter

Patchouli, the daredevil kitty is up high over at Sidewalk Shoes!

The Island Cats are not so enterprising, as they take it Easy on Sunday.

Oh No! Most terrible news! Sam Black and Mr. Tigger have run away from home. Please send lots of purrs and purrayers that they will find there way back soon! I do hope they not trying to come and visit me! That is long trip from Texas!

That pretty much do it for Weekend Cat Blogging #226. We not get lot of submissions, very sad. If you need more cats, Luna has the big Ferris Wheel turning for Carnival of the Cats, while Sam Black and Mr. Tigger are hosting Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos - and boy are they ever bad kitty cats today!

Also I wish to remind you that earlier this week, I report on the HAPPY Bill. This very impurrtant bill in the House would allow pet caregivers to take a credit on their tackes, much like the child care credit. We wish to urge all humans to write to their representative in support of this very impurrtant bill!

1 comment:

Judi said...

Great roundup! Thanks!