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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 Wonderful Holly Day Cat-ditions

Get me outta this mess

Do you have favorite holly day traditions you celebrate with your humans? Many of us do. Cats are an important part of the family and many of us are included in holly day plans. In some cases, cats are an integral part of the holly day.

I'd like to share some holly day traditions with you and even learn about some of your favorite traditions so that we can share them with other cats that are developing their own traditions.

1.Hang Cat Stockings. Why not? If your human has a stocking, you should too. Many of the cats I know have stocking each year that are proudly displayed in their homes. Most pet stores sell some adorable designs.

2.Go See Santa. How about a photo of you and your human with Santa? This also makes a great holly day card. This works with cats that do well with going out.

3.Blessing of the Animals. Find out if there is a local event in your area. Check your local paper or pet store bulletin board.

4.Make Some Cat Treats. Help your humans make some cat treats! You get to snoopervise and be master sampler as well. Make extras to share with your cat friends.

5.Quiet Time. Spend a little quiet time with your human. Even an evening when you helping to decorate the tree or just listen to some holly day music is often a welcome time for you to enjoy your human's company.

6.Bandana. Some cats like to be dressed (most don't) but most will tolerate a simple holly day bandana. How about dressing up with a special holly day-themed bandana?

7.Plan Something Special. A very sweet tradition for many Cats is to do something nice for people that have been nice to you. That may be sending a special card or buy a small gift with your mouse money.

8.A Little Eggnog. Maybe while your human is enjoying some wonderful holly day eggnog, you can be treated to some cat-approved creamer. There are different manufactures of products such as "CatSip".

And don't forget to look under the tree on Christmas Day, especially if you have been a good cat as Santa Claws will leave a present for you!

Now it's time for your holly day tradition. Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any holly day traditions you like to share with your humans!


Southbay Girl said...

our holiday tradition is driving cross country to see grandma and gramps in Tennessee...we sun ourselves in the car!

kodak, 3 perf and blossom

The Creek Cats said...

We love catsip!!

Daisy said...

Every Christmas Eve, we get to pick ONE song from the Jingle Cats CD and listen to the whole song! We love it.