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Thursday, May 21, 2009

World's Smallest Cat?

Itsy Bitsy, a full grown stray cat in Florida, may be the record holder for being the world's smallest cat. She is only 1.5 lbs. The current record holder, that lives in Louisiana is 3 lbs, but is a little bit shorter than Bitsy.

Watch the Video on Yahoo today at

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Woofie Wednesday

What a fun story for Woofie Wednesday!

She's the world's oldest pooch, with 21 years under her collar, but she never learned how to beg.

"She's independent. If she didn't want to do something, she had a look she would give, and she usually got her way," Long Islander Denice Shaughnessy joked of her aging dachshund, Chanel, whose 147th birthday -- in people years -- is today.

You can see pictures of the senior wiener and read the whole story in the New York Post.

Chanel is named as the world's oldest dog in the Guiness Book of World Records. The previous title holder what a 28-year-old Beagle from Virginia who died last spring.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Most popular breed of cat!

According to the CFA, the Currently the top 5 Most Popular cat Breeds are:

The most popular cat on the planet. Undeniably beautiful, elegant and regal. Learn more about the Persian

Maine Coon
This made-in-America breed is prized for its large size, sweet personality and silky all-weather coat. Learn more about the Main Coon

Sometimes called the lazy person's Persian, the exotic has the same body and head type as the Persian but with a short, easy-care coat. Learn more about the Exotic

Siamese are sleek, vocal cats with big baby-blue eyes and striking pointed patterns. Learn more about the Siamese

The Abyssinian is popular with cat lovers who enjoy busy, active, playful cats. Life with the "Aby" is never boring. Learn more about the Abyssinian

This is very nice, but I think it is wrong. The CFA does not register Domestic Cat and I think that if every cat was registered, we would discover that my breed - Domestic Shorthair Cat - is the most popular breed on the planet! In fact, I think there are more Domestic Shorthair Cat than their are Persians, Maine Coon, Exotic, Siamese and Abyssinians all put together. Hah!

And let us not forget that if it was not for Domestic Cat, that none of those breeds would exist in the first place! All those so call purebred cats all started out, many, many, many sleeps ago as Domestic Cat.

So, let us here it for Domestic Cat - the most Popular Breed of Cat of all!

(P.S. And a Happy Cinco de Mayo to you as well!)